How Personal Trainers Can Save Time & Manage Appointments

According to a recent study from over 1,000 working professionals, 45% of workers feel they don’t have enough free time; their job is colonizing their entire day, not just 9 through 5. Personal trainers are no exception to this, so let’s look at what can be done about it.

1) Use a mobile app to manage your appointments

Instead of relying on the old-school pen and paper or on a desktop solution that keeps you tied to your desk, choose to manage your appointments using a mobile app. Once such an app is Appointfix, which presents itself like a calendar so it’s extremely easy to use. Additionally you can create your services and include them in the appointment. Writing notes for certain appointments is also something our users have found helpful.

2) Use an app that automatically sends text reminders to your clients

How frustrated are you when someone forgets about her/his appointment? According to statistics, in most businesses that depend on appointments, up to 20% of clients fail to show. Instead of sending reminders manually, Appointfix can help you send reminders automatically at the time set by you (1, 2, 3, 4, 24, 48, and 72 hours before appointment).

3) Use an app that is synced with your personal calendar

Juggling with multiple apps can be tiring and overlapping a business appointment with a personal event is not a pleasant thing, that’s why we integrated Appointfix with Google Calendar, so you can easily spot your personal events in Appointfix.

Here’s what a few personal trainers that use Appointfix have to say about their experience:

Christine Keefer – Independent Personal Trainer/Christine Keefer IFPA/NGA Pro

Christine Keefer

“I have been a trainer for 10 years and have tracked all my client scheduling the old school way; using the old ‘pencil in’ method onto a paper calendar book. I liked being able to write notes and see the week schedule laid out in front of me so I knew what my week looked like. To meet the needs of my clients, and to keep up with the demands of the 21 st century I knew I needed to automate the process while still retaining the ability to document specific notes for each client and view the calendar on a weekly basis.

After reviewing several apps, and not finding one that meet all my requirements I was ready to give up and stick to my old ‘penciling in’ method. Luckily for me I came across Appointfix and decided to give it a try. Initially I was reluctant to let go of my paper calendar but after just one week of using both the app and my calendar (as backup), I was able to let my old method go. Appointfix provided everything I needed in an appointment app plus more!

It is simple and easy to use, syncing to my contact list, thus making client scheduling effortless. It also syncs to my Google Calendar and any events I have stored in google are also displayed in Appointfix. So double booking with a doctor’s appointment or my daughters school activities is not possible.

Additionally I was able to create my own pricing for each service I provide as a trainer and coach. When scheduling a client the price sheet is displayed as a drop down menu allowing me to choose one or multiple services at the time of booking an appointment. Appointfix sends automatic reminders to each of my clients regarding their appointment up to 24 hours in advance. This is a major feature for me, being that prior to using Appointfix I would manually send text reminders the night before the following work day.

Another advantage provided by Appointfix is that it includes a ‘note’ section for each appointment made. The other apps I reviewed did not provide this. I cannot tell you the number of notes I used to write using my old ‘pencil in’ method. So having this option is very important to me. Appointfix lets you choose which day to start your work week and also lets you choose whether you want to show only working days or the full week. You can choose between calendar time slots for example if you want 30 min segments or 60 min segments. Another added benefit of using Appointfix is being able to look up clients by name and seeing their history of appointments for invoicing purposes.

If you are looking for an app to help keep you stay on track with your clients and schedule I would highly recommend using Appointfix!”

Kyle Liston­ – Personal Trainer & Owner at Tactical Fitness

“Appointfix is amazing. I have used many other appointment setting apps and nothing compares to Appointfix. As a business owner in the fitness world I live by my calendar. I love the preset appointment feature that allows you to create and save custom appointment settings for easy future use. There’s nothing out there that compares to the ease-of-use you get with this app. Another terrific feature is that you can sync the appointments with your personal calendar to be sure you’re not missing something in your personal life as well. Most importantly is Appointfix’s customer service. When I had a question about something they are very quick and very helpful. I recommend this app to everyone in the fitness industry!”

Jordan Comtois – Owner of Évolution Preparation Physique

“Being a personal trainer who does skype training, home private training and at the gym, I don’t always have the time to send personal reminder to all my customers. I really find Appointfix useful because I can plan my client next training and when they will receive the reminder.”

If you feel the need to save time, don’t hesitate and give Appointfix a try today.

Flavius Saracut

Chief Product Officer at Appointfix


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