53 appointment reminders for your clients during COVID-19


Have you set an automated text message reminder to inform your clients about your business’ modified schedule and policy at this time? It can be useful and very appreciated, as we’re navigating these alarming times with coronavirus lockdowns. Here’s some inspiration for hairstylists, nail techs, aestheticians, lash artists, pet groomers, spa techs, doctors, dentists, counsellors, fitness trainers, massage therapists, etc.  

As a small business owner you absolutely love communicating with your clients. In these challenging times, communication plays an even greater role. You are forced to cancel a ton of booked appointments, huh? We’re all sad about it… Cancelling also brings inconvenience to your clients. What can you do about it? Inform them professionally and with empathy. If you’re an Appointfix scheduling app user, your clients are already familiarized with professional text message reminders and excellent communication. You have a great digital tool for managing your clients’ appointments.

You’re such a Pro at sending automated reminders to confirm client appointments, plus sending another reminder a day or a couple hours before their appointments. You even use a nice “thank you for choosing us” message a day after the appointment, to thrill your loyal clients even more. Well done, champ! No surprise your clients love you.

Bellow is some inspiration for you, if you want to adapt your automated message reminders during the COVID-19 pandemic. The typical messages can be short like, “The shop is closed. Contact me to rebook and please be safe!” Or you can simply mention, “Due to the current situation, your appointment is pushed off until further notice”.

Let’s see more message reminder options you can get inspired from. Check them out, as some might be a better fit for your business and personality type. 

COVID-19 notice: I have unfortunately made the incredibly difficult decision to close the salon until the end of May, 2020 (starting on March 18). A reassessment will be done at that time. Please contact me to reschedule your appointment. Thank you so much for your business! Flor Beauty

Appointment cancellation! [Client’s first name], your appointment for tomorrow [Date] at [Start time] has been cancelled as Soft Hair Salon remains closed due to COVID-19. We will be in touch to reschedule once we have reopened. Stay well! Heidi

Hello Lovely! This is a reminder from Laura at Beauty Nest about your appointment tomorrow at [Start time]. Due to the government requesting social distancing, I must do my duty to comply and not take any clients currently. We’ll reschedule as soon as we can open again.

A reminder from Fit Fitness about your appointment on [Date] at [Start time]. Reply YES to confirm or NO to change or reschedule. As a COVID-19 precaution, please wash your hands both BEFORE and AFTER your session. Cancel appointment if you are not feeling well.

A reminder from Dino’s Piercings about your appointment on [Date] at [Start time]. Please note that we will be taking only one person at a time to come inside the building due to COVID-19. Note: ID required. Thanks.

Hi! I AM WORKING FROM HOME. Please bring a mask or one will be provided for you. Important: one customer at a time! 777 East Palm Ave, Miami FL Appointment [Date], STARTS at [Start time] PRICES: Haircut $30.

A reminder for your appointment [Date] at [Start time] [Services]. Please do let me know if you are unwell or feel you have been put at risk of COVID-19. Oliver The Barber

COVID-19: Connie’s Nail Salon is closed until further notice. We will contact you as soon as we have reopened to reschedule your appointment. Stay safe!

Dear [Client’s first name], this is a reminder from Athletics Massage about your appointment on [Date] from [Start time] till [End time]. If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or contact with others who have it, please cancel your appointment immediately. Thanks.

Style Cosmetics is sorry to have to cancel your appointment on [Date] at [Start time] due to Coronavirus. To reschedule, please call 777-777-777. Thanks.

Safety comes first! Due to the pandemic of Coronavirus we are temporarily closed. We will reopen as soon as possible. Stay Safe! Angel Hair

I am saddened to inform you that all salons have been required by the Governor to close shop. I will be rescheduling each person in order that they have been cancelled. The closure will remain until further notice. Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you soon!

[Client’s first name] your appointment with Hair Trim on [Date] at [Start time] has been booked. Due to Covid-19 I ask you to please wear a mask during the haircut. Thank you!

See you at Full Body Massage [Date], [Start time]. If you have any flu-like symptoms we kindly ask you to contact us to rebook: 777-777-777.

Your appointment with Sarah Lashes on [Date] at [Start time] has been successfully booked. If you are unwell before your appointment, please call me to reschedule. I’m doing all I can to keep you safe, please do the same for me. Thank you!

Just a reminder from Jim about your appointment on [Date] at [Start time]. To reschedule, please call or text 777-777-777. Important! If you feel ill for any reason, regardless of whether you were tested or not for COVID-19, PLEASE cancel your appointment. Let’s keep everyone healthy!

Dear [Client’s first name], this is a reminder from Soles about your nail appointment on [Date] at [Start time]. Due to COVID-19, I am taking extra precautions for the safety of my family. Please make sure you are not sick, wash your hands and wear a mask when you come to your appointment. Gracias!

Verify or cancel your appointment! During Coronavirus there are some restrictions. Your appointment is on [Date] at [Start time]. This message is an automated text. I do not receive messages returned. RESPOND ONLY TO 777-777-777. FABuLASHes

PLEASE READ! Just a reminder from Jimmy the Barber about your appointment on [Date] at [Start time]. 777-777-777. If you are experiencing the following symptoms : runny nose, cough, sore throat, fever, or difficulty breathing, please cancel your appointment. Stay healthy!

**This is an automated message** Below would have been your next appointment. As soon as I am allowed to work again, I will be reaching out to each and every one of you to hopefully bring you back in and get on track with your lashes. Thank you and stay healthy! Longitude Lashes

Due to COVID-19 concerns, we will be canceling all appointments through May 10, 2020. We will send you another message when we are available to reschedule. Please check out our Facebook page for any additional updates or respond with questions. Tom’s Car Fix

Kevin Plumbers: If you are under any restrictions due to coronavirus, we can only attend the property after your isolation period has ended. Please inform us if you are self-isolating. Thank you!

***Please read**** I am asking everyone if they have: come back from holiday, self isolating, been in contact with a person with covid-19, or have any form of cold or cough to please, please rebook. My weak immune system needs it. Thanks and stay healthy!

Beauty Corner appt reminder [Date] at [Start time]. Please respond YES to confirm or NO to cancel. Please note a strict Covid-19 policy in place, so please wear a mask when coming in. If you have any form of cold, please reschedule at 777-777-777.

Postponement of your appointment at Doggie Dog Grooming on [Date] at [Start time]. Following government advice, we are temporarily closed. We will get in touch to reschedule once a reopening time can be confirmed. Alyssa

Hi! Your massage is on [Date]at [Start time] 24 hrs notice to avoid cancellation fee. No credit cards please. Press C to confirm. Text/Call 777-777-777 to cancel if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.

Hi beautiful! Just a reminder from Ashley Lash and Brow about your appointment on [Date] at [Start time]. If you have a cold or any coronavirus symptoms, please reschedule 777-777-777. Thanks!

A reminder from Dr Jim Slips, Consultant Psychologist, about your appointment on [Date] at [Start time]. Due to coronavirus, please call 777-777-777 ASAP if you have any form of cold and you are unable to keep this appointment.

Hey Gorgeous! A reminder from Susan that your appointment is on [Date] at [Start time]. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, if you feel ill, please let me know to reschedule 777-777-777. Thanks and stay healthy!

Reminder from Titus at Super Tattoos about your appointment on [Date] at [Start time]. CASH ONLY. No debit or visa available. *IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY SYMPTOMS OF BEING SICK, PLEASE REBOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT. To reschedule, please call 777-777-777. Thanks!

Hi doll! Just a reminder from Tatiana about your hair appointment on [Date] at [Start time]. Due to coronavirus, I am working with a very limited number of clients from home only [include home address]. If you feel sick or have a cold, please reschedule 777-777-777.

In a world of so many choices and options, THANK YOU for choosing us! 💕Looking forward to serving you again, as soon as the salon shutdown is lifted. Please stay healthy! Your Beauty Salon

Regrettably our cIinic is CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE & your appointment on [Date] at [Start time] has been cancelled. We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please take good care of yourself & loved ones during these unusual times. Stay healthy! Beauty Clinic & Spa

WORKING FROM HOME ONLY because of covid-19 restrictions. If you have a cold, please cancel your booking. This is a reminder from Wonderful Nails about your appointment on [Date] at [Start time]. Cash is preferred. Thank you!

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE TEXT MESSAGE. This is Key Wellness reminding you of your appointment on [Date] at [Start time]. When you arrive please stay in your car and message Camila. She will text you when to come into the clinic. If you feel sick or need to reschedule, we perfectly understand it. Thank you for following the government covid-19 recommendations.

Hey Gorgeous! You are on the Secret List! Your appointment on [Date] at [Time] is still on. Please don’t share with anyone about me working from home. I am trying to keep the least traffic in and out of my house as possible! Also remember CASH ONLY. If you have any symptoms of being sick, please call and cancel. Thanks.

Hi [Client’s first name]👋 Sorry that we are closed at this time due to covid-19. To support our small business, you can buy a gift card today and receive 15% off on future hair appointments. Check out our facebook page, call us 777-777-777 or reply to this message. Thanks! Cinderella Hair & Beauty

REMINDER from Cutie Pet Groomer: At this time all Appointments have been cancelled until further notice due to the Covid-19. Sorry for any inconvenience. Stay healthy!

Due to the coronavirus the state governor has required Hair By Cathy to close. You will be contacted about rescheduling when our salon gets the OK to open. Thanks.

Attention! Your appointment with Tammy Hair Studio on [Date] at [Start time] has been canceled due to the Covid-19. As of right now we are planning to return 1 May, 2020, but there’s no guarantee. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please take care!

I am canceling all therapy sessions scheduled for this week, until it is environmentally safe to continue. Please text me so I know that you have received this text 777-777-777. So sorry about the disruption to your well being. Stay safe! Andrew Physiotherapy

ATTN: Reminder of your hair appointment for [DATE] at [START TIME]. If you have been around sick people, or feel sick, please reschedule your appointment! The front doors will be locked, so please park in the back of the salon. Thank you for your understanding. BEAUTIFUL HAIR SALON

MUST REPLY: This is a reminder from Larissa Lashes about your appointment on [Date] at [Start time] for [Services]. [Total price] Please arrive with clean lashes & no eye makeup. If you are sick or were around sick family members or friends, please cancel your appointment!

Your [Services] on [Date] at [Start time] with Tasha Hair has been canceled due to lockdown. Stay positive and share the love with your family. We will reschedule soon.

*Alert Clients* Governor ordering all non essential businesses to close due to the COVID-19 outbreak. I will reschedule soon. Stay healthy & safe! Tammy, Skin Glam Boutique

Perfect Esthetics Salon appointment on [Date] at [Start time] is canceled. Due to the coronavirus outbreak we are closed at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience. For more information please call 777-777-777. Stay safe and look forward to seeing you soon!

Important! If you are feeling sick for any reasons like flu, cold, coronavirus, alliens attack, etc. we will do our best to accommodate you. Please call us immediately and we will tell you how we can handle the appointment virtually. Thank you! John’s Office

With our Prime Minister announcement putting the country now in lockdown, our company is moving to video based appointments. Our admin team will be in contact with you a day or 2 before your scheduled appointment with our Counselling Services on [Date] at [Start time].

This is a reminder that you had an appointment with New Skin Aesthetics. Unfortunately we are unable to treat you due to COVID-19. We hope you can reschedule your appointment when this is all over. Thank you and stay safe!

Dear [Client’s first name] a friendly reminder of your appointment at Winning Counselling on [Date] at [Start time]. Please let me know if you are unable to attend. With covid-19 can I ask that you don’t enter our office until 5 mins before your appointment. Thank you for your cooperation.

Dear [Client’s first name], due to COVID-19 Pet Fun Spa is temporarily closed. You will be contacted to reschedule your appointment when we reopen. Thank you for your understanding. Good health and peace to you!

Emilia Yeago

Marketing Director at Appointfix


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