7 effective ideas to create the spectacular social media content that resonates with your clients

In a previous article, we looked at the main reasons why your followers love sharing online, and the content they expect from your social media channels. Now let’s see some tips and ideas about how to create high quality social media content for your small business online channels. If you’re a small business owner using Appointfix, you work in a business based on appointments, be it as a hairstylist, barber, make up artists, nail tech, lash artist, fitness trainer, counselor, dentist, nutritionist, etc. So how can you make your social media content interesting for your followers and potential clients? What would make your content valuable and shareable? 

Will they share it with their friends?

The posts you share on your small business Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin channels must have that something which will make your followers share your posts with their friends. In this article we found out the reasons why people share online, with number one being: to bring valuable and entertaining content to others, to enrich the lives of those around us. Self-fulfillment is another important reason. People share in order to feel valuable, and also to define themselves to others are being passionate about certain things. 

From your social media experience so far with your small business channels, do you provide that kind of interesting and valuable information that adds value to people’s lives, so that they interact with it and share it? If your content adds value to people’s lives they will share it. That might mean you having to research your topics and posts. 

Ask for opinion and feedback 

As you well know, people love to give their opinion. Even more, they feel appreciated when they are asked for their opinion. So go ahead and ask for it! “What do you guys think about…?” and you can end the sentence with whatever is relevant for your audience. It can be a before and after picture. Or a hair product, or a new fashion trend, a crazy hair style, or just a change you’re considering doing in order to serve your clients better. 

Asking good questions is a wonderful way to conquer social media and get more interaction on your business channels. You can even ask on your social media what would people be interested in seeing there. This question goes best with options, so that people can choose from. Otherwise it might seem like too much of a homework for your followers. And they aren’t usually on social media to think too hard. More for entertaining purposes, and for consuming information. 

Your followers and potential clients can produce valuable information for you on social media, giving you valuable business insight and feedback. But you need to think about the right questions to ask, and how best to obtain this information from them. That is the type of information and feedback that will help you produce more valuable material for your social channels. Until you get it though, trial and error is the way as you find out what type of content resonates best with your followers. 

Post about trendy topics

Whether a pet groomer, makeup artist, nail tech or hair stylist, you should always be up to date about the latest in your field. Follow the news and use them to create great content for your social media channels. For example: what’s the latest when it comes to haircuts this new year (for hairstylists), or the spring nail trends for 2020 if you’re a nail tech. 

These days you can share about the Fashion Week trends, giving your opinion on your favorites from animal prints to updated french manicures. You can even promote one of the brand new trendy designs, as your favorite and as an invitation for your clients to book an appointment and get their nails done with the latest 2020 trendy designs you’re starting to offer. Thinking about Valentines designs from now, and mentioning them on your social media channels is a good idea to get more bookings.   

Be funny 

There’s enough tragedy in the world, so make your online content light hearted. You’re running a very serious business, but you can have a very jovial and funny tone when you post on social media. Funny content gets appreciated and shared. People love funny stuff and they love their social media. For example: “In case of fire, get out of the building before tweeting about it.” This reminds me of a great bumper sticker on someone’s car yesterday: “The best tweets come from birds”. It had a farmer’s sticker on the other side, so they were true to their words, but the tweets sticker was quite funny. 

What kind of jokes people make in your field? You can share something funny, or just say a normal thing in a funny way. I read this dentist/hairstylist joke the other day: Dentist: “I need to see how sensitive you are”. Me: OK. Dentist: “You have a stupid haircut.” Me: *lip starts trembling*. Dentist: “I see.”

Or the one about the hairstyle and the lie: Husband “I taught the dog to bark when someone lies”. Wife: “I don’t care about that, do you like my haircut?” Husband: slowly covers the dog’s ears. 

Use video if possible

Video is the preferred form of communication for social media channels. It wins in the algorithm of different platforms and makes your content spread more to your possible clients. Have you ever tried to do a live while coloring your client’s hair, explaining how you’re gonna go about it, mentioning the products you’re using? It takes courage to do a live video as you have to be the most real you, but it also brings you a lot of influence. 

Video goes viral quicker than photos and text. So if you have the possibility to do a live every now and then, or post other video materials on your page, you can get more of your followers attention and engagement. Video ideas could come from interesting questions you clients have, to giving them different tips, or showing the products you’re using if you’re a hairstylist, or cutting your client’s hair live if you’re a barber , etc. 

Actually there are a number of great barbers out there sharing live. There’s something special when you let your online audience get into your salon or barber shop. The feel closer to your brand and interact more with your content. I remember one of the first live videos I watched of a barbershop, being one of our Appointfix users. As the barber was cutting his client’s hair, you could hear the music they were listening to, laugh at their conversation and funny jokes and just appreciate a really chill atmosphere. 

Correct grammar for Pete’s sake

As mentioned in a previous article, please make sure the wonderful photos you post on your social media channels have a good, interesting and grammatically correct text to go with them. If you’re not sure about the spelling of a word, Google is right there to help you write it perfectly. 

Proof reading your posts before they are published should be a form of good practice and always the norm. You don’t want to be that nail tech who writes “New gel color pedicuring and beutiful stonies designsu” next to a picture with your beautiful nail art. Checking your spelling and grammar is a must, and a way of showing respect towards your followers. 

Please remember that auto-correct on your device is not always your friend. Most times than not, it can act like your enemy. You write “dear X” and for some unknown reason it can correct it to “dork X”. The internet if full of screenshots of conversation when autocorrect interfered (for example that one with one person texting: “grandma is in the grave”. And the absolute shock of the other person. “What grave???? What are you talking about????” “I mean garage. Grandma is in the garage. I hate autocorrect.” So yes, we’re all in a hurry, but please check every word in you post before you publish it online. 

Contests, giveaways and free stuff

Everyone loves free stuff. In order to get your content shared and make your social media channels more active, you can have a giveaway or a contest. You know how this goes. In order to participate in the drawing, people have to like, share and follow your page. It’s a great way to have your brand known. An important mention here would be to check what kind of contest you organize so that it’s according to the official rules of Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Cause emotional reactions

Humans are emotional beings, and marketing appeals to people’s emotions. In order to create content that people interact with, you’re on the winning side when you trigger emotions. Either positive or negative, when people feel something, they’ll remember it. Here we gave some examples of supporting an animal shelter and sharing some of their work on your pet grooming business social media channels. 

Stir emotion, but be authentic. Your followers will appreciate your authenticity. The big brands use emotion in almost every commercial. Probably among the best out there would be this ad. It can serve as an example of how emotion can work. 

If there’s a cause or an organization you support, some charity work you feel a connection with, you can share about it not only on Giving Tuesday by any other moments too. This way you’re being more real and personal. Community involvement is always appreciated by your followers. You might be supporting an organization for single moms, a cancer research center, a sports organization, a church, children’s book club, etc. The idea is that you want your followers to feel connected to your brand (hair salon, barber shop, pet grooming business, fitness business, etc.) and you also want to generate positive vibes about giving back to the community. 

The right time

As you have your great content ideas for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn channels, remember there’s something more to keep in mind. And that is the best times for small businesses to post on Social Media, as that’s part of your social media success, and your great content getting shared.  

If you’re a small business owner who is just starting to work on your social media presence, check out the right steps to create an effective social media strategy as a small business owner

A great example of an Instagram communicator 

The highly visual content is fundamental in general on social media channels, but even more if your main social channel is Instagram. There it’s all about the color schemes, high quality photos and best ways to organize your information. Think about choosing a theme, like for example all of the pictures having a certain effect on them. For Instagram, creating very interesting and engaging stories assures you the attention and success you’re looking for. 

While talking about nail artists above, if you’d like to see how successful social media should be done, here’s our recommendation is to check out Betina R. Goldstein Instagram channel. Her work is outstanding and she’s a great social media communicator. 

Always be aware of what you’re sharing 

You are the owner of your small business and you know your clients best. Social media is another instrument to contribute to your success, a tool that can be used great for amazing results. But it’s still a tool. Like a hammer. It’s great for putting nails on the wall. But if you’re not paying enough attention, it can also hurt your thumb.

So here’s a last piece of advice. If you’re determined to win the social media game, you should always be aware of what you’re sharing. Everything you say has to be positive, professional and kind. Because words travel faaaast online. As someone said, “don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it” (Erin Bury, community manager). We guess that sums it up pretty well. Creating valuable social media content is in your power, so choose one or a few of the ideas above and let us know how they worked for you. You’ve got this! 

Emilia is Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at emilia.pustan@appointfix.com.