9 key benefits of Appointfix Ultimate that will make you more productive and professional

Our goal at Appointfix is to make your life easier when it comes to managing your schedule. And our Basic (free) plan is a good place to start. But if you’re serious about saving time by automating certain tasks (like sending appointment reminders), then you should definitely consider the Ultimate plan. 

Under the Basic and Premium plans, the messages to your clients (instant booking notifications, reminders, follow-ups) are sent via your device and carrier. However, due to restrictions from the iOS and Android operating systems, a tap is required for each reminder to be sent. This means lost time and a small probability to forget about sending the messages, even though we send you a push notification when it’s time to act on them. 

For those of you who want to save even more time and increase productivity, we have built the Ultimate plan. With Ultimate, the reminders are sent via cloud using our SMS system and are fully automated. It doesn’t matter on what device you’re using the app, we make sure your appointment reminders are always sent out.

Even though automated messages are one of the main key benefits of the Ultimate plan, please check out below a list with 9 reasons why you should consider upgrading to Ultimate. By the way, this Black Friday is coming with the best deal we ever offered, 50% OFF in the first 12 months.

FULLY AUTOMATED MESSAGES SENT VIA OUR SYSTEM: Ultimate uses a robust SMS delivery system with a nearly 100% delivery rate. Because Ultimate uses our own SMS system, we are paying for the messages sent. That’s why Ultimate costs a bit more and that is also the reason why we can’t grant unlimited messages. As an Ultimate subscriber, you get 500 FREE messages each month. If you use them up, you can simply buy extra messages, from 50 messages (US$1.99) up to 500 messages (US$14.99). Unused extra messages are carried over to the next usage cycle, after which they will expire.

Under the Ultimate plan, the text messages will come from a generic number. E.g. the phone # in the USA: +1 (888) 502 2560, and for each country we have a local number.

Your clients can reply and their messages will be redirected to your mobile number. Depending on the length of the reply, a certain number of messages will be consumed out of your monthly message quota. For more information on reminders under the Ultimate plan, please check this article.

SYNC ACROSS UNLIMITED DEVICES: Start managing your appointment calendar on all your smartphones and tablets, no matter how many devices you use. Start working on one device and then move on to another without any stress.

UNLIMITED APPOINTMENTS: Work without worrying about the 100 appointments monthly limit from the Basic (free) plan. Are you ready to grow your business?

REPORTS: Easily see how your business is performing with simple reports on revenue, services, and clients. Your total sales for any day, week, month or year are just a tap away. You’ll be able to easily view how your business performed in a given period of time compared with previous times. And you can even export your reports as PDF and CSV for accounting purposes.

RECURRING APPOINTMENTS: Save time by setting up a series of appointments that repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or following a custom pattern. You can create from a simple repeat pattern like “Repeats every 2 weeks” to more complex ones, like “Repeats every week on Friday; 6 times”. 

GROUP APPOINTMENTS: Simply add as many clients as you like to an appointment and everyone will be reminded. These are ideal for classes or group sessions. 

MULTIPLE TEMPLATES FOR MESSAGES: Define and use different messages depending on the time of sending (instantly, before or after the appointment), or depending on the purpose of the message.

You can use a template when you create the appointment:

Instant booking notification
Your appointment with Lisa/Butterfly Studio on DATE at START TIME has been successfully booked. To reschedule, please call (917) 478-3387.

Then you can send a different message when the appointment is coming up:

Just a reminder from Lisa/Butterfly Studio about your appointment on DATE at START TIME. To reschedule, please call (917) 478-3387.

And lastly, you can send a Thank you note or special instructions after the appointment:

It was great seeing you yesterday. Thank you for choosing us! Lisa/Butterfly Studio

If you need more inspiration, we’ve posted here 35 reminder templates and thank you messages to help you as you set your friendly text message reminders for your salon clients. Also in this article, there are more templates with appointment reminders from various industries and business fields.

MESSAGES WITHOUT OUR BRANDING: The messages that get sent out won’t include the signature “Sent via Appointfix.” So your messages will look more personal. 

PRIORITY SUPPORT: Helping our clients is one of the main aspects we’re building our business on. And we cherish all our users, however, when it comes to responding to support emails unless it’s something urgent, we prioritize the requests from our Premium and Ultimate users.   

Appointfix Ultimate normally costs $19.99/month or $199.99/years (2 months free), but this Black Friday we’ll be offering a great discount, 50% OFF in the first 12 months. The campaign will run between November 28th and December 2nd, so stay tuned! Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Flavius is Co-founder & CMO of Appointfix, a mobile app allowing professionals and small businesses to easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated SMS reminders. Feel free to drop him an email at flavius@appointfix.com.