A good barber booking app for Michael the Barber [Barbershop Software]

Do barbers need to know more about appointment scheduling, text reminders, client management and financial reports? Is there a good barber app or a barbershop software? The answer is positive and very encouraging. There are options as there are more and more great barbers who are ready to drop their old pen and paper appointment book, trading it for much more efficient and comfortable tools.

This article will look at the tasks barbers do on any normal day, analyzing what part of the daily routine can be made more efficient, with even less effort than doing it the old way. There are better ways as a scheduling app like Appointfix becomes the barbers’ new best friend. Appointments are great and being fully booked is the objective, but when cancellations or multiple no-shows happen, we need to see what can be improved in the process.

Meet Michael, the barber.

Michael, or Mike as the boys call him, is a great barber. He is a really cool guy, hard working man. He just wants to earn a decent living and provide for his family, by doing what he loves the most: cutting hair and trimming beards.

You don’t ever ask a barber whether you need a haircut.

That’s attributed to Warren Buffet. He said that “you don’t ever ask a barber whether you need a haircut.” They love perfection as you know and your hair is never right on point, unless you’re just stepping out of the barber shop. So yes, you do need a haircut pretty much always. So let Michael help you.

Our barber, Michael, loves his job. He’s passionate about cutting hair, perfecting bears and making men feel as they can pose for the cover of GQ as they walk out of his barber shop. The tasks that Michael does every day involve cutting, trimming, shampooing and styling hair, as well as trimming beards and giving perfect shaves.

Men love the visits to Michael’s Barber Shop ’cause Mike’s the man for the job! Clients leave the shop feeling handsome, super manly and attractive with their fresh haircuts and perfect beards.

Casual talk about sports, women and cars.

What does Michael talk about with his clients? One thing he surely loves is talking about sports. Which one in particular you may wonder. Well, he’s more into football and hockey, but he can talk to you about pretty much any sport.

If you’re on his chair today for your usual three-week haircut or your weekly beard trim, he’s going to talk to you enthusiastically about soccer. And soccer only. Why soccer? The reason is that our man is so excited to share about last night’s victory with team USA winning the Women’s World Cup 2019 in France. Yey, go USA!

We won’t go in this post about other conversation topics in the barber shop. We just can’t. The reason: “there’s things people say in the barbershop they won’t even say in their own living room, because it’s just one of those zones where nobody’s going to judge you too much about your dumb opinion.” (Ice Cube) That means some conversations are better than others, and the barber hears a lot about everything and pretty much about anyone in the neighborhood.

Be aware of the old barber, they say.

I guess it’s the same with hairstylists, nail artists and other beauty industry professionals whom people open their hearts to. The barbers know a lot too. Without even asking most of the time. Clients just feel like filling them in with the latest crazy updates happening in their personal lives. Why do clients do that? Because they feel pampered would be my hypothesize. I guess listening to their clients on a multitude of topics is part of the job description for barbers.

On any normal day…

In order to provide a good service to their clients, on any normal day, barbers need to clean and sterilize all the scissors, combs, clippers, and other instruments. They also need to book and write down appointments in their appointment book. That means they also take phone calls and text messages all day while working on their clients’ hair and beards.

Then they have to open their paper appointment book, write down the date, time and details of the client who booked an appointment. Then sometimes they receive another call from the same client who has an appointment booked, asking our barber to move the existing appointment to a different day and/or at a different time. Then Mike our barber, has to use an eraser to get rid of the previously written appointment or he’ll just cross out the appointment in his book.

Don’t use an eraser, it’s not helping you.

When a few of those appointment changes and cancellations happen, the appointment book starts looking messy and quite disorganized, making it more difficult for our barber Mike to see who’s coming in next, at what time and for what service exactly.

A messy appointment book makes it more complicated for Mike to see with ease the bigger picture of his daily, weekly and monthly schedule. Calculating the time for each service is also important for barbers. Plus other similar details which can get lost when using old booking methods only.

The hardest part of a barber’s job, is not what you think.

Which is the hardest part of the job for a barber? Would it be too many cancellations, crazy hours, nasty clients? Having a messy pen and paper appointment book is not ideal either and may not make the job more efficient, but probably the most difficult part of a barber’s job is: working weekends.

Standing up all day is not the easiest thing, but being at work on Saturdays when people are out chillin’ is the hardest for many barbers and their families. I’m mentioning it for those of you reading this, who are not barbers. So you appreciate and respect your barber even more.

What was Michael hoping to do as a barber when he started his career at 16 years old? To cut hair! But he does so much more than that on a day to day basis.

If you listen to the stories of the barbers you know, I think there’s interesting stuff to find out about why they chose this profession. Some had to support themselves from a very young age due to some family difficulties, others just had this talent and they wanted to do something they love. Albert’s story is a beautiful one, talking about his life and a day in the life of a barber. There are many different and very interesting life stories out there.

Barbers need loyal friends.

That is why Appointfix app is the barbers’ new best friend. A very professional and loyal friend. The app is successfully used by thousands of barbers in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and other countries. Why do barbers seem to love Appointfix so much, I wondered.

Instead of trying to guess their answers, I decided to talk directly with them. So I just grabbed the phone and started calling a few of our clients who are barbers and see why they like using Appointfix for booking their appointments.

Hello, is that Carlos’ Barber Shop?

One answer to my “Why Appointfix app?” question was: “It makes my life better, so why not use it. I can write the appointments when I’m still on the phone with the client, and he will get his text reminder”, said our barber Mike.

He continued: “it makes me look professional to my clients and they don’t miss their appointments anymore. Let me tell you this, a client who loves receiving the reminders (he was quite busy and forgetful with his appointments before), keeps calling me “his high tech barber”, since I started using the app a year ago. High tech barber, haha! That just cracks me up every time.” 🙂

Carlos, another barber said: “Boy, this app makes me feel like I have a secretary doing the booking work for me. And there are no barbers having secretaries. What barber would afford that, right? But I feel Appointfix is my secretary, as it does the work beautifully.”

“It’s a cool app, you know”, he continued. “‘Cause it’s straight forward. I can use it easily, you know, even if I’m not a tech guy at all. I don’t even have Facebook on my phone. That gives you an idea of how technologically useless I am. Haha! But Appointfix I do have it on my phone ‘cause it’s easy to use and the no-shows are gone now. Clients don’t forget about their booked appointments anymore. Cause AppointmentFix (he meant to say Appointfix, but we forgive him:) sends my clients those reminders. It’s like saying to them “dude, you better be here tomorrow, or else” haha! They have no excuse now, because they got their reminders.”

Complex, but not complicated.

Appointfix is a mobile app that does everything a barber needs when it comes to scheduling appointments, managing clients and sending automated text message reminders to your clients. It’s for small business owners and independent professionals working with appointments. The best thing about this mobile app is that it is very intuitive and user friendly. Its purpose is to make your life easier, not to complicate it by making you learn a confusing piece of technology. Appointfix is a complex scheduling app – meaning that it has everything you need in it-  but it’s not complicated at all. It’s very easy to use and extremely helpful.

No pen, no eraser and no paper needed anymore. Everything you need is online, on your phone in your pocket all the time, plus on your tablet at the barber shop or at home. The process is very simple. You download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Then you open Appointfix and fill in some very brief profile details, like the name of your barber shop, the services you offer and you choose a message to be sent to your clients using the app templates or just writing your message from scratch as creative and funny as you like.

Haircuts, apps and perfect beards.

Having to keep up with the phone calls and text messages for appointments, there’s extra work for a barber on top of just cutting hair and perfecting beards. Being very skilled at their trade and having a sense of humor, are great traits that many barbers possess. Being more organized and using a better tool for managing appointments and clients is what an increased number of barbers are starting to see more value in. It’s about not losing money anymore due to no-shows and having happier and more loyal clients.

That extra admin work can be made more efficiently using an online scheduling app, a barbershop appointment booking software or reminders sending app. However you want to call it, just know that there’s a better way of doing things. We grow daily being willing to invest in ourselves, learning new things or doing tasks more efficiently, saving time, energy and money.

Mike is super happy for having switched to Appointfix app and he recommends it to all the fellow barbers out there. “It’s a good tool, bro’! Download it, use it, and you’ll thank me. Word. Have a good one, gang!”

Emilia is Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at emilia.pustan@appointfix.com.