New feature: Accept payments and deposits with Appointfix


You asked for it, we brought it. Starting today, you can use the Appointfix app to accept payments and deposits for your appointments.

This is big. Why? Appointfix is your trusty booking and scheduling partner. And now, we’re here to help you grow your sales and make sure you get paid for your hard work. With Appointfix Payments, you can request deposits in advance, receive tips, process refunds, send thank-you notes to clients… and much more. Let’s dig in.

How Appointfix Payments will help you grow your sales


Growing your sales is a lot easier when you have the right tools in place to automate and cut out the hassle. Since you’re already using Appointfix for appointment scheduling, management, and maintenance, Appointfix Payments helps you take your business to the next level. Here’s how:

  • Request deposits in advance (take that, no-shows! 👊)
  • Accept payments and deposits via card or cash
  • Receive tips for your services
  • Process refunds – quickly and easily 
  • See reports for your payments and appointments
  • Check appointment statuses that get updated automatically
  • Manage deposits, payments, and tips for your entire staff
  • Send and automate customizable thank-you messages to clients

Who can use Appointfix Payments?

Anyone on our Ultimate and Staff subscriptions in participating countries can start accepting payments with Appointfix.

Check here to see if it’s available in your country. This feature will only be available in US, UK and Canada later this year.

 You can also register here to get notified when payments is available in your country.

Because this option is brand new, make sure you upgrade your plan to be able to access it!

How to set up Appointfix Payments

Ready to set up payments? Here’s how: 

  1. Find the payments integration in the left menu bar of your app. To activate it, go to Menu > Payments > Tap on the “Set up payment processing” button.
  1. Your device’s browser will open, and you will be prompted to set up an account with Stripe. Once the account is set up, you will receive an email confirmation.
  1. After the payment processing is enabled, the “Set up payment processing” button will be replaced by a “Balance” button. The “Balance” button will open the Stripe dashboard, where you’ll see the deposits/payments received.

Side note: To disable processing payments, open Appointfix and go to Menu > Settings > Payments > Disable the “Process clients payments” option. You can find more information about turning off payment processing here

There are two ways to take payments from a client in Appointfix: 1) Requiring a deposit or 2) Not requiring a deposit. Simple enough, right? 

The benefit of requiring a deposit is it protects you from no-shows because you’ll get paid even if you have a last-minute cancelation. Ultimately, it’s up to you. Your business, your way.

If you’d like to require a deposit, the default amount is 25%. You can change that by going to Menu > Settings > Payments > Deposits. 

If you don’t want to have a deposit fee on your online booking page, go to Menu > Settings > Payments > Deposits > Tap on “Don’t require clients to pay a deposit” to disable it.

You can find more information on requiring deposits in our guide

Setting your appointment status to take payments from clients easily


After you set up Appointfix Payments, you will have five appointment status options to choose from:

  • Upcoming
  • Confirmed
  • Canceled
  • No-show
  • Completed

Once an appointment is moved to canceled/no-show, the status cannot be changed back to upcoming/confirmed/completed.

You can choose to process payments from clients via two payment methods:

  • Send payment link to the client (the client will receive a link and can pay online)
  • Cash (the client will pay cash and you can write the amount in the app).

If needed, you can issue your clients a refund. Next to the payment that was already received, tap on the blue “Refund” button. You can choose to process the refund via card, if the client’s information is already saved in the app, or using cash. Read more about refunds here


Adding your business payment and deposit policy


You will be able to set up your business payment policy in Menu > Settings > Payments > Tap on the “Policy and terms” button. After adding your content, don’t forget to tap on the “Save” button. This policy will be displayed to clients on the online booking page. To set up your deposit policy, go to  Menu > Settings > Payments > Deposits. By default, it’s set at a 25% deposit fee.

To learn more about the payment integration, you can visit our guide on how to get started with payments in Appointfix.

P.S., don’t forget to make sure you’re using the latest app version

Let us know how you like the new feature… and what you’d like to see next! Your feedback is what inspired us to create Appointfix Payments — we can’t wait to hear what you come up with next. 

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix

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