After Black Friday & Cyber Monday Comes Travel Tuesday

The shopping event which includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday doesn’t end yet. Since last year, Travel Deal Tuesday is been officially added to the pack. Travel Tuesday deals may not be super advertised, but you should look for them. The phenomenon started initially with #TravelTuesday, a hashtag in Twitter and Instagram. Have you made your travel plans for next year? Travel with no regret because adventure is worthwhile. As Tolkien said: “Not all those who wander are lost.”

The history of Travel Tuesday according to SkyScanner tells us that #TravelTuesday first mentions were used to caption inspirational quotes and images on Instagram, as well as tangible advice and information shared on Twitter. The oldest 800,000+ Instagram posts with this tag go back several years, then a #TravelTuesday peak happened within the past year.

According to Forbes most recent article, the best day to score a flight deal this year is November 27, which has been nicknamed Travel Deal Tuesday. There couldn’t be a better time for you to book your trips to nice destinations for the year ahead. People spend their money on bigger, nicer things on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Either a bigger TV screen, a new refrigerator and all sorts of material stuff. There are also those who value experiences more than things. Personally, I believe that life is made of experiences. If that’s your philosophy as well, then Travel Deal Tuesday is for you. You’re one of those who doesn’t listen to what they say, but you just go there and see it for yourself. It’s better to see something once, than to hear about it a million times, right?

We’d love our Appointfix users to benefit from this day of airfare discounts, therefore we’ve researched some tools to help our readers land the best deals on Travel Tuesday.

Hopper is a mobile app that uses big data to predict and analyze airfare, providing travelers with information to get the best deals on flights, notifying them when prices for their flights drop. This tool helps people  make smart travel choices backed by data and quantitative analysis.

Hopper collects 10 to 15 billion airfare price quotes every day and has built a huge historical archive of trillions of prices over the past several years. The company analyzed its historical flight pricing data and found that the Tuesday following Thanksgiving has consistently offered the most significant volume of fare sales that week. The company states that in 2017 they sent more deal notifications on Travel Deal Tuesday than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

A few of the best Travel Tuesday deals from last year included flights to:

  • Lima, Peru with a $310 average savings
  • Zurich, Switzerland with a $260 average savings
  • Auckland, New Zealand with a $250 average savings
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates with a $210 average savings
  • Hong Kong, China with a $200 average savings

This year, Hopper is forecasting deals to wonderful destinations like London (41% off), Paris (32% off), Barcelona (36% off), Hong Kong (32% off), and Turks & Caicos (42%), among many others. The app claims to predict future flight prices with 95% accuracy, so it’s definitely worth checking these days. They warn us that the amazing deals are expected to pop up throughout the day, so there’s no perfect time to find the best possible deal. For this reason Hopper recommends using its app to set your preferences (destination, preferred month of travel, trip length etc.) and they will alert you about the incredible flights deals, which should probably be about 40% cheaper than average.

Other ways to find the best deals and set free price trackers are: Google Flights, Kayak, Hipmunk, Cheap Flights Finder, Momondo, etc.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”― Mark Twain

Do you have a travel saving strategy? Today is a good day to start having one. As someone said: life if short and the world is wide. So once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before. Hopefully the tips in this article help you find the best deal for your destination. Happy Travel Deal Tuesday and happy travels! 🙂

Emilia is Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at