Apple launches new services: Apple TV+, Apple Card, Apple News+

In the world of technology and apps, there are some big news which we’re sharing below. A quick note before that: about half of our users are running Appointfix app on Apple devices, many of them being super passionate fans of the bitten apple products, so they’ll be excited to read more details here.

This article is not about our app and how you can manage your appointments and send automated text reminders to your clients from your cool iOS devices. Though if you’re an iOS user and this is the first time reading us, if you’re looking for a useful digital scheduling tool, you should absolutely check out Appointifix app – digital appointment book for small business owners.

Getting back to the point, every year there are a number of fancy Apple events that make the news. These events are expected with excitement and suspense by a very large number of fans and iOS users around the world. What is the next device Apple is going to launch is always the question? Apple products keep having that unique sense of coolness and status, generating strong emotions and excitement for the very loyal clients of the brand.

When does Apple communicate their updates? According to, Apple’s big announcements tend to happen four times annually:

  • March, or spring (education and creativity themes, often includes iPads)
  • June (WWDC – mostly software, sometimes high-end hardware)
  • September (iPhones and Apple Watches)
  • October (iPads and sometimes consumer-focused Macs)

The first Apple event of the year took place this week, on March 25, 2019, at the Steve Jobs Theater, Apple Park in Cupertino California. In an event packed with TV stars, Apple revealed their new services. It wasn’t about new devices this time, but about services only. And what were the new services announced by Apple? The company disclosed that it would be launching: a new streaming platform called Apple TV+, a credit card, a gaming portal and an enhanced news app called Apple News+.

Apple TV+
In the summer of 2017 the tech giant announced that it’s spending $1 billion on original programming, and this week Apple finally unveiled that original shows and movies will be available on it’s new streaming service called AppleTV+. Apple’s original video subscription service will launch in the autumn and will give users access to exclusive original shows, movies and documentaries. Steven Spielberg made the announcement at the special event. The platform will include shows from existing services like Hulu and HBO. It will be ad-free, on-demand and available both streaming online and downloadable. Prices were not mentioned yet, they will be announced this fall.

According to the company, Apple TV+ will have “just the premium channels you want, over 100,000 movies to buy or rent, popular streaming services, the biggest cable TV providers, and original shows and movies. Personalized and expertly curated, it’s all in one place, on all your screens. The new Apple TV app might be the ultimate way to watch TV.” A few more details about it here.

Apple Card
The Apple credit card will launch in the US this summer. There will be both an iPhone and physical version of the card, with a cashback incentive on every purchase. The physical version of the card is made of titanium and does not have a card number or signature space on it. It has been created with the help of Goldman Sachs and MasterCard, and it is going to be optimized for Apple Pay, but will still work like a traditional credit card for all of your transactions. There is no cost for the card and there is no fee associated with replacing it if you lose it. Apple says there are absolutely no fees: no annual fees, international fees, fees for making a late payment or fees for exceeding your credit limit. And no hidden fees the company claims.

Apple News+
Apple has also announced at the event this week, a new magazine subscription service called Apple News+ which will include over 300 magazine titles. Built on top of its acquisition last year of Texture, Apple’s news stand will offer the digital versions of print magazines and newspapers like National Geographic, New Yorker, Marie Clarie, GQ, Wired, Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal. The service also includes a number of digital-only publications, and it builds on Apple’s free news content, which aggregates content from online publications like Forbes and The Atlantic. Apple News+ will cost $9.99 (£7.50) per month and is available immediately in the US and Canada. It will come to Europe later in the year. Unlike TV+, the news platform will only be available on Apple devices.

After this special event launching the new services, Apple plans to continue surprising their loyal clients with new product launches this year. Here and here are some predictions about next events and Apple’s new 2019 devices.

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