Appointfix 2.0 is here. Android users get Free Premium

We’re excited to announce that in the next few days we’ll be releasing the new Appointfix. The release on Android will be done in stages so not everyone will be getting the update at once. We spent hundreds of hours listening to your suggestions on what could make Appointfix better, over a year developing the new version, and 2 months in beta testing.

The update will be available as usual through Google Play and upon installing it, you’ll need to create your account, as the old app didn’t have user accounts. All existing users will be automatically upgraded to the Free Premium plan, no charges will occur. The only thing that is not included in Free Premium is the removal of “Sent via Appointfix” signature from reminders. However you will be able to unlock this feature from the app in exchange of a one time fee of $9.99.

In addition to the update we’ve done to our Android app, we’ve also released Appointfix on iOS. So if you know someone that was interested but had an iPhone, please tell them that is available now in the App Store (app link).

Please find below what new features and improvements we’ve added or jump directly to see the steps you need to take after installing the update.

What’s new:

Redesigned interface and faster performance 

We’ve redesigned everything to make it easier for you to manage appointments and reduce no-shows. The new Month view gives you the big picture by allowing you to see exactly what you have each day.


Recurring appointments save you even more time

This has been the most requested feature and it’s finally here. You can now create appointments that repeat daily, weekly, monthly or using a custom repeat pattern.


Keep track of your clients and their history

Now you can effortlessly store everything you need to know about your clients. Easily search for clients, see their contact details or notes, and view all their appointment history. Of course, we’ve also integrated with your Contacts list.


Duration and colors for services

We’ve introduced duration for services so when you add one or more services to an appointment, Appointfix auto calculates the total price and duration. Additionally, use colors for services so you can easily spot them on the calendar.


Increased safety for your data

We’ve introduced user accounts, simply create an account and then everything saves securely on our servers. If you lose or switch phones, all you need to do is reinstall the app and login with your account.


Sync across multiple mobile devices

Under the Ultimate plan ($24.99/month) you’ll be able use Appointfix on as many devices as you like and everything syncs between them. On Ultimate, SMS reminders are fully automated and are being sent via our system, so you can use the app even on a device that doesn’t have texting capabilities, just wifi.


Group appointments

In case you’re hosting classes or group sessions, things just got easier. Simply add multiple people and everyone will be reminded of their appointment.

More dynamic fields in the reminder message

You can also add now the client’s first name, start/end time of the appointment, services, and the total price. Additionally you can create custom reminder times.


Improved in call experience 

The in-call button can now be moved on both sides of the screen (up and down. Additionally we’ve introduced the Smart Card which gives you quick access to essential details about the client. When your client calls, you’ll always know what you did last time or when is the next appointment.


Installing the update

Find Appointfix in Play Store and install the update. Then look for the new Appointfix app icon, open the app, and you’ll be invited to create your account. It’s mandatory to create one, as the old app didn’t have user accounts, it was just synced with your Google account and was saving appointments there.

Fill all the fields and then you’ll be invited to migrate your data. Tap START MIGRATION and wait for a few minutes until we move all your data to the new app. If you press SKIP on the migration screen, then we won’t be able to move your data to the new app.


After the migration is done, you’ll be prompted to sync your app with Google Calendar. Tap the Google Calendar icon on the screen and then choose the account to sync with.


Google requires us to ask for permissions again, so please tap ALLOW. After this you’ll be taken on the calendar and you should have all your appointments and settings in place. What’s important to know is that all your appointments that have been migrated will appear twice, you’ll see in green the migrated appointment which resides our server and in grey the old appointment that was saved in Google Calendar. However with newly created appointments you won’t have this issue any more.


If you have any issues with the app please use the Send feedback option, you’ll find it in the menu, right at the bottom. Or email us at


You can find more information about the new features by taking the Tour on our new website. Prices and the differences between plans are presented on our Pricing page.

Flavius Saracut

Chief Product Officer at Appointfix


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