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The wait is almost over, I’m saying almost because we’re still putting the final touches on the iOS version of Appointfix and also on the new Android version. I know many of you have been waiting it for a long time and I’m sorry for this, I wish it had been ready sooner but it took us a lot longer than we initially estimated.

Launch date

The good news is that Appointfix 2.0 will be awesome and according to our last estimations we’ll have a beta available in early September December and in late September January a public release. It will help you manage appointments/clients and reduce no-shows like never before. We’ve put together a short video that highlights the most important features of the app, enjoy! For best viewing experience, play the video on your desktop and enter full screen mode.

Multiple plans

Appointfix 2.0 will come with a ton of new great features and also with paid plans. To explain it very briefly, the Basic plan (Free) will have a limitation of 45 appointments monthly; the Premium plan ($7/month) will include unlimited appointments, recurring appointments and no branding on reminders; while the Ultimate plan ($25/month) will be for people who want to use it on multiple devices, it will have fully automatic SMS reminders sent through Appointfix system and will also include group appointments.

By the way, until we launch we’re giving everyone the chance to get Premium lifetime for free, just by spreading the word about our app.

SMS reminders on iOS devices

Before launching, I’d like to do some explaining on how the SMS reminders will work on iOS (iPhones and iPads).

Under the Basic and Premium plans, reminders will be sent via your device, therefore your iPhone or iPad will need to have an active mobile subscription with texts included. The SMS reminders that will be sent out will come out of your plan.

On Android devices SMS reminders are fully automated, however on iOS devices, due to certain constraints from Apple, a tap is required for each reminder/message to be sent.

As an iOS user you’ll receive a push notification each time you need to tap for sending an SMS reminder, or you’ll be able to go each morning in a dedicated section in Menu → Reminders and send the reminders for the whole day.


Under the Ultimate plan, SMS reminders will be fully automated and will be sent via our system. Appointfix Ultimate uses a robust SMS delivery system with nearly 100% delivery rate. It doesn’t matter on which device you’ll be using the app, we’ll make sure your appointment reminders will always be sent out. As an Ultimate subscriber, you’ll get 250 SMS reminders FREE each month. If you’ll use them up, you’ll be able to buy extra messages, from 50 ($5) up to 500 ($35).

Before releasing it publicly we need to make sure we eliminate bugs and malfunctions, so we’re doing a lot of testing internally but we also need your help with this. I would like to give the opportunity to some of you to test drive a beta version of the product. If you’re interested, please drop me an email at Thank you and stay tuned!

Flavius Saracut

Chief Product Officer at Appointfix


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