Appointfix Referral Program is coming soon

A sweet hello from the Appointfix team to all our friends out there. We’re always improving the app, bringing weekly updates to fix issues and to add new features. We’re happy now to announce the Appointfix Referral Program.

What is it?

The Referral Program will allow Appointfix Basic users to invite friends (by completing their email) and get Premium for a limited period of time (1-6 months), completely FREE.

How is it going to work?

Firstly, please download the latest version which includes this feature from Google Play or App Store.

Basic users can access the Referral Program in the app: Menu > Settings > User account > Get Premium for free by referring friends. Here you’ll be able to share something about Appointfix on Facebook or invite friends via email, to earn free months of Premium.


If you invite other people by completing their email, you will receive 1 Month of Appointfix Premium free, for each invited person who creates an account. And they also receive 1 Month of Appointfix Premium for free. Everybody wins.

Ex: I have invited 3 people and everyone has created their account, I receive 3 months of Premium free of charge, and the invitees who make their account also receive 1 free month.

It is important to mention that every participant to our Referral Program will be able to receive a maximum of 6 months free of charge, so there will be a tracking of how many free months have been earned. Please don’t abuse the system with fake emails or alternative personal emails, this might lead to account suspension. Only enter emails of people who would be happy to hear about Appointfix, anyone having a business that relies on appointments.

Why are we doing this?

We want to help as many professionals as possible and we believe in sharing the good stuff. So if the app is helping you, we know you’ll want other people to be helped as well. The referral program is just a tool that facilitates this.  Enjoy!

Flavius Saracut

Chief Product Officer at Appointfix


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