Appointfix, the most efficient scheduling app for all your business needs

How different is your life and business after the quarantine and lockdowns? We hope you’re aware of all the safety guidelines for reopening hair and nail salons, barbers, and spas, and your small business is back to some sort of “normal.” In some regions, the lockdowns are not over yet, and some of you have only opened your business part-time. To help you get your salon, barbershop, fitness program, or spa rolling again, here are some details about Appointfix scheduling app. This most efficient scheduler manages your appointments, sends automated message reminders to your clients, and helps you manage your business efficiently and professionally. There is more good news coming up soon, so read until the end. 

New features for hairstylists, barbers, estheticians, massage therapists and pet groomers

The lockdown, despite all the negative vibes, it had some positive things too. It was the best generator of online communication. Despite being home and not in the offices during the lockdown, this was also a very productive time for companies in information technology. We have the proof at Appointfix. During the lockdown, our developers, project managers, and designers worked very hard on developing new features for the Appointfix app. 

As a small business owner, you’ve probably tried several scheduling apps by now. Some might have worked great technically, but they were charging you a “kidney” worth of money each month. Others were less expensive but would crash a lot, making you lose your appointments. That is why, when the Mobiversal company decided to launch Appointfix five years ago, the main goal was to serve the busy professional who is always on the run and has to check his/her phone constantly. 

It’s about you, the busy business owner

Who is that busy professional on the run all the time? It might be YOU. Appointfix proved to be the best appointment scheduling software for over 35,000 small business owners in the beauty, fitness, and wellness fields. If you work with appointments, Appointfix is your closest friend. But if you’re a hairstylist, barber, nail tech, makeup & lash artist, massage therapist, esthetician, fitness trainer, counselor, tutor or a pet groomer, then Appointfix is more than a friend to you. It’s like a brother! That means that it’s there for you whenever you need help, more free time, and an organized business life.  

Do you know why most people switch to Appointfix? We could list all the great features this app has, but that’s not the main reason. People love Appointfix the most because it works great, their appointments are organized, and clients get their automated reminders, making all Appointfix small business owners look very professional. Yes, that is one of the main reasons clients love this great appointment scheduler. 

Appointfix makes you look very professional

You might say, “ok, but I’m not fishing for compliments out there.” Fair point. The compliments just come as a wonderful side benefit. Time is incredibly precious, and if you’d like to spare a couple of minutes on checking out our online reviews, we can tell you here that most clients write how much they love Appointfix, and how this app has significantly improved their business. Not only that, you will be happy to have an app acting like a hardworking, reliable secretary, but you would see your business numbers going up. That’s a guarantee! 

Promises we keep 

How can we promise that? Because we know what Appointfix does, the main thing being to cut your no-shows. You might think, “well, after the lockdown, the no-shows are not a problem anymore. I’m overbooked, as everyone needs my services”. That is so true. Everyone needs their haircut & beard trim, their roots covered and blonde highlights back, new lashes, new acrylic nails, massages, and training. But you know what? All your clients are human. And they forget! Sorry to break that news to you, but while your appointment book is so packed is when it will frustrate you if some of your clients forget about their appointments, and they simply don’t show up. Then they want you to rebook them, which takes the spot for another client. So your numbers go down instead of going up. 

Appointfix can guarantee that your no shows will be close to zero. That means you’re getting paid for every appointment and maintaining a very organized schedule. You don’t even have to be a techie to figure out how to use this scheduling app. Appointfix was designed with the hairstylist, barber, pet groomer, and fitness trainer in mind. It is supposed to make life easier for small business owners working with appointments. And guess what. Appointfix does that. Check out our online reviews from thousands of other professionals just like you. In their search for a reliable scheduling app, they found Appointfix, and they never looked back. Their future is bright and beautiful. Would you like to give it a try?

Why use Appointfix instead of just texting clients manually

If you’re one of those hair stylists saying: “oh, I don’t really need an app, as I text all my clients the day before, so they all make it to their appointments.” Well, kudos to you! It’s great that you’re doing that, and your clients don’t miss their appointments. Let me just tell you, though, that there’s a much easier way! It will save you time and energy. The beauty of Appointfix is that it stores your clients’ information. Their photo, phone number, and email address. So you can call, text, or email a client directly from the app. Plus, you have the “notes” feature where you can write down some helpful details such as their favorite services, allergies, hobbies, etc.  

So are you ready to create and update appointments no matter where you are? Whether you go away for the weekend, visit a friend, or enjoy some sun and a cocktail by the pool, Appointfix takes the hard work out of your planning routine. It also sends automated text message reminders to your clients. One important thing off of your mind! 

Did I mention that it offers you Reports too? In case you want to have a better picture of how your small business is doing, everything is just a tap away. You can observe how your business performed in a certain period of time, compared with the previous season, for example. Then you can even export your reports in a PDF or CSV format for accounting purposes. 

Appointfix is your marketer, bringing you more business.

Marketing mass messages. Can your text message do that? With Appointfix’ help, you can send a text message to all your clients. What an ideal way to update, send them a special deal, or just inform them about anything you want, like your new salon address, etc. Appointfix is your marketer friend, working for you to get more cash in. 

This feature was developed during the lockdown to help your business in multiple ways. One of the first ones, probably being when you had to announce restarting your activity. Did you send a mass message to all your clients to inform them you’re back in business and what your new schedule is? 

Online booking is coming very soon!

If none of the above convinced you about Appointfix – being the best invention for your small business after your favorite clippers and razor -, then listen to this. There’s something more, as it was just announced on our Facebook page. It’s still cooking, and it’ll be fresh, out of the oven these days. It’s the ONLINE BOOKING feature. Appointfix app users have been patiently waiting for this for a while, and now it’s finally coming! 

Online booking means you can get more clients even while you’re sleeping, buying your groceries, or cooking dinner for your family. Your clients will be able to book online on your free booking website and through your social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). 

Appointfix works 24/7 for you! All of this for only $10/month for the Premium Plan or $20 for the Ultimate Plan. There are hairstylists whom we’ve talked to before the pandemic, that were paying $300/month for a similar package for their salon. When mentioning Appontfix, they said: “it can’t work for only $10- $20/month. That’s crazy and impossible. We’ll continue paying the expensive system because even this one crashes some days, and our appointments don’t get sent to the clients. So an inexpensive system would not be good enough for our needs”. 

We’re looking forward to having the same conversation with them now, after the lockdown, to see if, with all the extra expenses for sanitizing the salon, they are still willing and able to page vast amounts on their appointment scheduling system. Something tells me they will consider Appointfix. Getting a scheduling and client management app that works great, while costing 30 times less is quite the deal! 

The best decision is in your hands

Are you ready for a more comfortable client management experience? Do you want more free time? Appointfix scheduling app can help you considerably reduce missed appointments and increase client engagement. The app can automatically send text messages to your clients. Instant notifications when the appointment is booked, reminders when the appointment is coming up, and follow-up messages. Do you understand the value and what you gain if you’re not sending texts manually anymore? The best decision for the efficiency of your business is in your hands. 

When COVID-19 erupted, and places started to shut down, one of the great joys was still being able to go to the gym. Until they closed the gyms too. Active people love staying in shape, though. So creativity had to get in the action for alternatives to be found. Like many people, we started using bikes and going for runs outside. Our views opened. How is your perspective when it comes to using a great piece of technology for your appointments? Choose Appointfix for a reliable, secure, and professional scheduling system directly from your phone or tablet! Be courageous, professional, and stay creative! 


Emilia is Content Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at