Be even more in control of your business with Reports

Many of you were wondering since you already have a Price field in the appointment, why can’t you see your total sales for a day, week, month or year? Rejoice! With our last update, we’re introducing 3 types of reports that will help you easily see how your business is doing.   

Reports will be accessible by going to Menu > Reports. 

Revenue reports & Option to export them

Your total sales for any day, week, month or year are just a tap away. Easily view how your business performed in a given period of time compared with previous times. 

You can even export your reports as PDF and CSV for accounting purposes. Simply select a time interval, tap the Export button and the files will be emailed to the address you used when you created your account.

Top-grossing services

We think it’s important to find out what activity is bringing you the most money. By going to Menu > Reports > Services, you’ll be able to see a revenue breakdown by services, both as value and percentage.

Discover your best clients

By going to Menu > Reports > Clients, you can see how many new customers you have in a certain period of time and how many existing customers. You’ll also discover who are the clients that generate the most revenue. From there you can tap on your clients name to give them a thank-you call, expressing appreciation to your most valuable clients.

The update is available now in the App Store and Google Play. We’re sure many of you will be happy about this new feature as it brings more clarity to your business. Reports are included in the Premium ($9.99/month or $99.99/year) and Ultimate ($19.99/month or $199.99/year) plans. 

Another great news we’d like to share is that we have doubled our development team from 3 to 6 developers. We’re now 12 people working full time in the Appointix team. This means we’ll be able to serve you even better, to release features faster and fix errors whenever they appear.  

In the end I’d like to kindly ask you to spread the word about Appointfix. Please tell your friends and coworkers about the app, as this is the thing that helps us the most. Thank you so much for letting us be part of your journey to success!

Flavius is Co-founder & CMO of Appointfix, a mobile app allowing professionals and small businesses to easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated SMS reminders. Feel free to drop him an email at