7 Beauty Industry Trends To Align To In 2021

This is a real fact: 4 out of 5 women in America stated that they regularly follow the latest beauty industry trends. The average annual spend on cosmetics in the United States comes to $3000 USD.

Beauty is one of the most competitive industries out there, its revenues in the U.S. being estimated to about 49.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.

Well, something is pretty clear: if you’re working in the beauty industry, you have to align to the industry’s trends, or you’ll risk losing your clients. Brands are constantly reinventing themselves trying to always be better than their competitors, and people, especially women, follow these trends precisely.

Even if we’re talking about hairstyle, cosmetics, nails, barbering or makeup, all these industries try to achieve the same goal: to be the best and to have loyal clients.

Now that you know how huge the beauty industry is and why you should be always up to date with the latest trends, I’m going to show you some of the main trends in the beauty industry you should align to in 2021.

1. Market on social media

In 2021, more than ever, purchasing behavior is influenced by the digital world. On social platforms, brands have found a very quick strategy to arrive just in front of potential clients. The pandemic that kicked us in 2020 has a good part, in all its bad. What’s good? That people search for services, opinions and products on the internet like never before. We’re becoming more digitalized than ever.

At a certain point, too many ads and too many products sponsored around on social media will make people ignore them, but we’re still at the beginning and social media will be powerful from this point of view in 2021.
Therefore, don’t wait too much and put social media marketing on the New Year’s Resolution list for your beauty business. Whether you need social media marketing for makeup artists or social media marketing for barbers, these principles will rock.

2. Take advantage of influencer marketing

Affiliate marketing tends to be an effective tactic for brands, and influencers are the main actors in this selling process. They’ve earned credibility on social media, and the really good ones have thousands and millions of followers. Well, it’s pretty easy to pay an influencer to talk about yourself to a public larger than the one that watches TV nowadays.

What do you say about becoming an influencer yourself, though? You’ll only need to a good content strategy that includes plenty of posts created for your specific audience. With a little bit of patience, you can take advantage of promoting yourself on social media for free. Well, if you think about giving it a try, here are some influencer marketing trends for 2021.

3. Follow the brand’s trends

Marketers get 100% creative when it comes to selling their products. Lately, all shampoos have biotin and will make your hair grow visibly, all creams and serums contain active ingredients like hyaluronic acid or vitamin C, and all hair dyes have Argan oil that will most certainly prevent the damage of your hair.

Real or not, this is what attracts consumers in 2021. For sure, there are brands that really do what they promise, but not all of them. So, as a professional in your industry, go for the best products, listen to experts’ opinions and don’t forget to align yourself with the beauty industry trends: organic soaps, creams with active ingredients, and natural products. 

4. Digitalization of the beauty industry

I already told you that everything tends to move into the online world. That’s because generations have changed, technology has evolved and it offered us the possibility of doing in 2 hours what we used to do some years ago in 8. 

A pretty cool example in this direction is the scheduling system that beauty professionals use. The pen and paper, hundreds of cards with phone numbers lost in a bag and the phone ringing all day long for appointments is history. We can still see it in movies, though. In the comedy ones. 

One of the most useful beauty industry trends in 2021 is the digitalization of the scheduling systems. There are plenty of appointment scheduling apps that are easy to use, fast, user friendly and do everything for you. They keep track of appointments, send automated text message reminders to clients to reduce the no-show rate, offer you income reports, and so on. If that was pure science fiction some years ago, now it’s the hottest trend. 

Why so helpful? Because an app that has, for example. an online booking system, allows you to have an organized schedule and a calendar full of appointments without even having to talk directly to your clients. They click on a link, choose the time slot they want, and they get booked with you. How fantastic is that?

5. Minimalism is the new luxury

In 2021, stop going for too much. People need something simple, fast and useful. A whole experience called do-everything-with-less. Whether it’s skincare, makeup or hair, people are inclined toward a minimalistic attitude.

Women are going back to natural glam, 5 minute makeup. They’re back to a one cream per day instead of a skincare routine. A cream, preferably plant based, that has all in one: anti-aging, hydrating, anti-imperfections and so on. We want beauty, and we want it fast and guaranteed. 🙂

6. Sustainable packaging

Brands do not only pay more attention to the procurement and processing of their ingredients, but also to their packaging. All brands are committed to keeping their products packaging eco friendly and have the main goal to reduce plastic waste and pollution.

Sustainability has become a buzzword in the beauty and skincare industry. Implementing sustainable alternatives to keep away the one-time usage plastic is essential, and we must replace them with refillable, glass or paper-based packaging. For example, Kiehl’s skincare brand launched a skincare reward loyalty program for their customers. That means if you return an empty Kiehl’s bottle to a retail store in order to be recycled, you get rewarded with a sample or a mini product.

Another example is Bewell brand, who launched a cosmetics green line, 100% eco friendly, with ingredients from Organic, Biodynamic, Biodiverse agriculture.

Well, if you want to follow the 2021 beauty industry trends, consider using in your business reusable objects and provide products from sustainable brands.

7. Strict hygiene

Especially after this crazy year, people have become paranoid about hygiene in public places. They fear going to a salon or at a spa to not get sick. As to myself, this year has left its mark on me for quite some time.

The best thing to do is to turn hygiene into a day-to-day priority in your salon. You could have a salon hygiene checklist to keep track of the salon cleaning sessions and disinfecting hours for the whole team. If you want to enter the new year more prepared on this subject, check out the importance of hygiene in a salon and how to properly sanitize and disinfect barber tools or other salon objects. 

As a conclusion…

Don’t forget that your competitors are working constantly to be better and better, and they keep an eye on you, so don’t waste your precious time. Promote your business, take advantage of what social media offers you for free, engage with your customers and provide them safe and qualitative services.

I hope these 2021 beauty industry trends will help you grow your business and sparkle in the New Year coming ahead. Keep up the good work! 🙂

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix


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