Best Hashtags for Hairstylists and Hair Salons in 2022

best hashtags for hairstylists

If you are spending a lot of time on social media and you don’t see growth, probably you’re missing something. Your time spent on Instagram doesn’t really seem to be paying off, and you’re wondering why you’re spending your time on it? Maybe consistency has been really hard to keep up with. 

Your main objective when it comes to social media marketing is to reach more followers, and in this article, we’re going to show you how to make people come to your page. 

You always have to keep branding and marketing as an important part of your business. Branding is what people see and feel when they see your business, but marketing is how they really get there. Marketing on Instagram is all about connecting with the people that might want to see your work. 

The best marketing practices for hairstylists come down to learning how to use hashtags correctly. 

The biggest problem with Instagram hashtags is they can be really confusing. How do you know if you’re even using the right hashtags or not? If you are currently using hashtags on your posts and not getting more likes, engagement, and followers days after posting, you’re not using hashtags to their fullest potential. 

How do hashtags work?


Social media hashtags are important for any business, especially for hair salons. You may be wondering what hashtags for hairstylists to use in your social media posts and how hashtags can help you get more clients. 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already a pro, Instagram hashtag marketing is a skill you must know if you want to grow your salon. The most important aspect when it comes to using this strategy is to focus on the targeted hashtags. Of course that the general ones have the most volume search,  but that makes it more difficult to appear in the search results. 

For example, instead of using #hairstyle (83,1 million posts), try something like #hairstyletutorial (110k posts), or #hairstyle2022 (6000 posts). This way,  you will help people find something more relevant and more actual. 

Also, don’t forget to add hashtags in your bio description too, so that you’ll increase your chances to appear in front of your competitors in the search result. 

You can encourage people to follow a certain hashtag, and this way, all the posts, from everyone using that keyword, will appear in the news feed. 

Below, you can find a simple hashtag marketing system for hairstylists that will help you grow your followers number and attract local clients using modern Instagram marketing. 

Create hashtags that grow your business


If you want to bring awareness to your business and to help people find you easier online, a great idea would be to create your own hashtags. Keep them short, unique, and understandable, and there you are, with people spreading the internet about your business. 

For example, if your salon is called Butterfly Studio, you can use #butterflystudiosalon, and encourage clients to use it in their posts too.  Also, if you are open to collaborations with other brands, you can include in your posts #openforbusiness, #openforcollaboration. 

How many hashtags should you use?


The limit is 30 hashtags per post, but in this case, more doesn’t mean better. You should focus on 10-15 hashtags, the ones you consider to have the maximum impact, and stick to them. By sharing too many hashtags, you’ll look spammy and you risk mixing the keywords and not appearing in any of the search results.

According to statistics, the optimal number of hashtags per post is 11. 

How do you make hashtag research for Instagram?


When you want to use hashtags to boost a post, research is what you have to begin with. There are several different ways to research, whether you want to grow your hashtag list or find new trending topics related to hair. 

A great way to research hashtags is simply by tapping some keywords in Instagram’s search bar. It will suggest more related hashtags, and you can choose the one that fits you best. Another way is to use an Instagram planning app.

Just the way you schedule appointments in your salon, it is essential to schedule posts for your social media profile. For example, if you choose a social media scheduling app like Preview, it offers you suggestions and hashtag volumes for every post you want to schedule. 

Best hashtags for hairstylists

  • #hairstyles 
  • #hairideas
  • #hairfashion
  • #hairstyleoftheday
  • #haircolor
  • #hairinspo
  • #hairtrends
  • #haircut
  • #hairgoals
  • #hairstylist
  • #balayagegoals
  • #aesthetichair
  • #balayageombre
  • #balayagehighligts
  • #beforeandafterhair
  • #haircolorist
  • #modernhairsalon
  • #mermaidhairstyle
  • #haireducation
  • #hairtutorial
  • #longhairgoals
  • #colorexpert
  • #beachwaves
  • #hairextensions
  • #haircaretips
  • #healthyhair
  • #instahair
  • #bobhaircut
  • #effortlesshair
  • #curlyhairdontcare
  • #newlook
  • #funnyhairmemes
  • #virginhair
  • #naturalhair
  • #hairphotoshoot
  • #smallbusiness
  • #hairphotography
  • #bridalhair
  • #colorcorrection
  • #wavyhair
  • #hairstylelove
  • #naturallycurly
  • #hairtutorial
  • #salonlife
  • #sunkissedhair
  • #hairaddict
  • #hairprofessionals

Measuring your hashtag results


Instagram business shows you statistics of your recent activity and its impact. After you create your marketing strategy for hair salons on Instagram and you start putting it into practice, the next step is to measure your results. You can do so by accessing the statistics in Instagram’s menu. 

There, you can set the period you want to measure (last 7/14/30 days or last month), you can see general data about your impact, your audience increase/decrease, who your followers are, etc.

The first rule in everything you do is to always check if your actions have positive results, and if they don’t, to improve your strategy and start again. 

Get more salon clients 

Now that you know using hashtags in your social media strategy is important, it’s time to learn some tools that will help you get more salon clients and boost your profit. 

One of them is Wix, the free website builder. As a hairdresser, you must have a website if you want to look like a real professional. There, your clients can find all the information they need about you, like contact details, booking links, hairstyle photo portfolios, license and certification, and so on. Discover the tool that allows you to create, design, manage and develop your website exactly the way you like it.

Hair salon online booking system

Another tool that could help you improve your business is using an appointment scheduling app. Appointfix has a free plan that allows you to manage clients, send them message reminders when their appointments are coming, and even create a booking link that you can share on your social media. Clients don’t have to call you anymore when they want to book; they simply click the date and time they want and here you are, having more clients scheduled with less effort.

You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play

Last but not least…

If you’re out of ideas regarding social media posts, hashtags or anything else, here are some Instagram accounts that you might like to follow in order to get inspired for your small business:

And you, what hashtags for hairstylists do you use in your posts descriptions this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix

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