Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Your Salon

Black Friday is coming again soon. Sooner than expected probably and certainly sooner than Christmas, which is not too far either. Busy times as we’re approaching the holiday season. Black Friday 23 November 2018, comes right after Thanksgiving in the United States. It’s that day of the year when people freak out about finding the best possible deals, buying the newest toys, jumping on the most exclusive merchandise, latest devices, unique items they probably wouldn’t be able to afford themselves any other time of the year. The year is long and the most wonderful sale of all, only lasts one day.

According to this survey, most shoppers will get started on gift-buying in early November (but men are more likely to wait until December). The average shopper plans to spend $625 on gifts.

As a salon owner, hairstylist, beautician or nail technician, you’re probably not too thrilled about offering discounts. Fair enough. But knowing there’s many people out there with pockets full of money, looking for gifts for themselves and for others, maybe you’d like to do something this coming Black Friday to get more cash coming in and more new clients. If you’re thinking about ways to take advantage of this annual major day of sales, there’s plenty of things you can do. Here are a few ideas you could pretty much implement without costing you anything or within a low budget.

Think about your stock of older stuff (hair products or devices like straighteners, curlers, etc.) you have lying around your salon. Products and items that have been gathering dust for a while. Look for them, gather them all and put them in “Black Friday basket” offering some amazing deals on them. People may not be thrilled to pay the full price for them, probably that’s why those items are still around your salon. Discount them nicely and get rid of everything. You can mark them with attractive prices, then have no worries. If the price is a steal, they’re gonna buy it. A win-win situation. You win double though as you have cash coming in and no more dust-gathering-items occupying precious space in your salon.

Social media campaign is another idea. Advertise your discounts a week in advance to start the buzz. Give your clients a hint about what is being prepared for them. Be present on social media. It’s OK to be bombarding your news feed with fun pictures, nice hair results and happy customers. Whatever you do, even if it’s only a few minutes, keep being present on social media. I know it’s hard to do everything. Your main job responsibility as a hairstylist is to cut & style hair beautifully, making you clients fell like one million bucks. Your main goal is to do a wonderful job every single time to have happy clients. Usually there’s not much time left for updating your social media channels. It must be done though. A little tip is to schedule only 10 – 15 minutes a day for doing at least one little update on your social media. If you think about it as a mandatory daily task that takes you only a few minutes, you’ll do it. Think about it as a quick task and you’ll be less prone to postpone it until you have more free time.

Time is precious and it’s never enough. So why not make the most of it and build your social media presence. If you don’t have 15 minutes a day, start with 5 minutes. Here’s the plan. Take a picture of your next client, of their hair before the appointment and then another picture with the finalized result. You don’t have to show their face as they may not be happy with that for privacy reasons. But it’s OK to ask them for permission to take a picture from an angle that would only show their hair. And that’s all you need though.

Let’s calculate the time: it’ll take a few seconds for asking permission from your client, a few more seconds for snapping couple pictures and there you have it – your great raw material in exactly one minute. Then all you need is a little inspiration, in case you’d like to say something creative about the pictures, which can take you couple minutes. Or you can just upload the pictures on your Facebook and Instagram with a super simple message like: “another happy client”, adding a hashtag related to the hair style in the pictures, e.g. #balayage #nofilterneeded. And you’re done. All this in five minutes or less.

Of course if you’d like to be more elaborate in your posts, thinking about more complex and detailed captions, then you’d have to invest a few extra minutes of your precious time. You can start small though and get fancier in your posts as you manage to set a social media routine. Start with investing a few minutes at least three times a week to build momentum. A week before Black Friday, you can start announcing the promotions you’re planning to launch. Add pictures of your Black Friday basket too, highlighting the steal prices as an invitation and extra motivation for your clients to come to your salon.

A Black Friday contest with the prize to be enjoyed either in December – this way you’ll get more people entering the contest, or in January, when your salon business is more quiet. Offer a prize for complete hair services valued at a certain amount of dollars. This gives you a lot to talk about on your social media channels around Black Friday.  Then you’ll have another great moment on social media when the winner comes to enjoy the prize. You should absolutely take some before and after pictures of your winner’s hair highlighting your work.

The contest can be a question that would get people’s attention. Think about what your most loyal clients love. What are their hobbies and interests? They might be from very different fields and it can be hard for you to find a common denominator, a red line that would connect the dots and their main interests. Do they love Paris? Or penguins? The Kardashians? Formula 1? Mint chocolate? Think about one thing many of your clients could resonate with.

For example: “who build the Eiffel Tower in Paris and why? Write in the comments below one random thing about the Eiffel Tower to enter the contest.” The most creative answer which gets most votes will get the prize. Or you can have a random online lottery with the names of all the participants to choose the winner. Or a combination of the two and you can offer two prizes. An online contest is a great way to draw attention to your salon.

You already know you have some clients in love with Paris. Or with Rome, or in love with polar bears, roses or birds. Whatever you remember that a few clients mentioned to be their passions, you can use to ask questions in a contest. Or you can advertise the awesome hair-styling services prize, asking on social media who’d like to join in the contest. Everyone has to reply with “yes” or “me” or with a picture of themselves making a funny face. Or it can be their pet, or a dove or a squirrel in front of their house. Make them take a picture of something less personal than their own image, but not hard to achieve and you’ll have them thinking about it. Then you can use an online free service for choosing the winner.

Another Black Friday contest example: the first 20 people sending a picture of their pet (a friend’s pet or a random animal, bird, etc.) will get a 25% off their hair products in January. The fun thing about this approach is that your followers will be thrilled to share a picture of their pet. They absolutely love their doggie or kitty after all, and it’s a joy for them to brag with their pets. Most likely “what a beauty” and “what a cutie” comments will start flowing. These kind of contests are dynamic fun ways to create social media engagement and more visits to your salon.

On Black Friday people start their Christmas shopping for presents. According to the statistics approximately 60% – 70% of what people buy on Black Friday are gifts for others. So give them what they what: gift cards. The Christmas gift cards they buy on Black Friday could be 25% off their normal price. You can be strategic about it, saying that the gifts can be enjoyed in January and February, which are probably the slower months in the salon after the holidays craziness.

What will you do this Black Friday? Feel free to share some ideas in the comment section below. According to the survey mentioned, the time Black Friday and Cyber Week roll around, more than half of shoppers will have already begun their gift buying. So step up your game and get their attention these coming holidays!

Emilia is Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at