Cyber Monday comes around once a year! Plans and objectives for small business owners

Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, is a significant shopping holiday. It’s about online shopping and so much more! That feeling of shopping from your own comfortable couch at home, with a nice cup of hot chai latte in your hand. No need to go to the mall, find parking, be out in the rain and deal with the craziness of the crowds. Everything is online! And you know what? Clients absolutely love it!

How prepared is your small business to be part of the “online shopping party”?

Is your objective well defined to get a slice of the profit pie this year? The Cyber Monday shopping event beats all the records!

Yes, people love shopping online. That is why Cyber Monday broke the online sales record with $7.9 billion online spending last year, and according to statistics it is very probable that the shopping event of this year, will be even bigger than 2018’s record. 

To understand the magnitude and growth of this event, it’s important to keep in mind that last year’s record was a 19.3% increase from a year ago in 2017. Imagine that! So the internet with its online shopping is moving soooooo faaaaaaaaast! You gotta jump on the online shopping wagon, my friend! 

You can think about Cyber Monday as being the younger brother of Black Friday. Initially Black Friday was meant for shopping in stores and Cyber Monday was all about online shopping and deals. Though today, most retailers have their Black Friday promotions both online and in stores, so Black Friday and Cyber Monday are pretty much in the same big pot of commercial shopping. Now there are four full days of shopping between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which is like a party for the marketing souls! An opportunity that no business owner would like to miss on! 

Why Cyber Monday and not Online Monday? 

Good question. To answer it we need to go back in 2005 when the term appeared for the first time. Back then, the Internet was so much less than it is today, and it was actually called “the cyberspace”. Do you remember that? So that is where the term comes from.

Why is it celebrated on a Monday? 

Why was Monday chosen instead of the Saturday after Thanksgiving, for example? Saturday would have made more sense. But that is also related to the moment when the online shopping holiday appeared for the first time. 

Back in 2005, not everyone had internet at home. People had it at the office. So they would wait until Monday after Thanksgiving to get back to their job and go online. Then they would shop and shop and shop. Yes, all of that from their workplaces, on the company’s money. But that’s a different topic. 

Anyhow, that is why Saturday wasn’t chosen for online buying, as people would buy on Monday from their offices. Those were the early ages of internet shopping and how far we’ve gotten since then, in only 14 years. Technology moves so fast and people love being comfortable! 

Ideas, ideas, ideas 

Your final objective as a small business owner is more sales, which translates into increased profits. That’s the reason you’re in business working hard day in and day out. 

There is where marketing strategy and lots of thinking comes into place, as you get prepared for the four-day shopping celebration. We’ve seen that sales can increase on average a 663% during Black Friday shopping event. We’ve also looked at some very interesting data, statistics and useful marketing tactics for these shopping events. 

For more details and very practical ideas, check out our recent articles and useful suggestions regarding Black Friday discounts and tips to grow your business and also Low budget Thanksgiving marketing ideas for small business owners. Check them out to see the bigger picture!  

Something different every day

If you launch your marketing campaign on Black Friday and it lasts until Cyber Monday, you should be offering a different deal every day, in order to maximize sales. That means offering 50% off on Black Friday, buy one get one free on Saturday and Sunday, then the big online sale on Monday 50% off plus and offering an extra $ online coupon.

This way you keep people’s attention, enticing them to buy more. One of the best examples of this can probably be Bath and Body Works. Their marketing is well planned. They have a very creative way of making people buy more and more. Their deals keep changing as they really work their wording very well with the online campaigns. 

Cyber Monday on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Create a Facebook event! You want people buying from your small business, so make noise about it. You should be very loud on social media! Why? Because there’s a lot of noise there, and in order to be seen and heard, you need to be loud and very methodical. You should patiently build expectations every single day leading to Cyber Monday. 

Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram channels should scream “Cyber Monday deals!” With nice visuals and smart wording, your clients could be mesmerized as they spend time on your social media channels. Your clients don’t have much time though. So be strategic and quick to get their attention, as in today’s word you deal with clients whose attention span is extremely limited. 

Think about it, if you only have a split second to grab their attention, what message would you like to share? How should that Cyber Monday Facebook post look like? 

Send out an email campaign with your deals

Email marketing is the way to go when talking about increasing your online sales. It takes a little bit of effort and organizing on your part, but the results make it worthwhile. 

Think about email campaigns for certain categories of clients, related to age groups, demographics, income, buying power, buying frequency, etc. Segmenting your clientele gives you a clearer voice, as your campaigns are more targeted. 

You can set for example, a VIP campaign in which you offer great discounts to your most loyal clients, who are high spenders. Another one, for customers living in a certain area, state, etc. Another email campaign with a well crafted message and Cyber Monday deals for millenials, etc. 

Think about your product or service, how does it help different client categories. Then segment your clientele and prepare different messages according to the specific characteristics and interests of your target market. More ideas about great email titles, call to action, and how to send a great campaign you can find here

Create a bundle 

You sell a number of products and you have some top sells. In order to get more sales, you can mix a top seller with a couple less-asked-for products, and offer a better price for the package than the individual cost of each product or service. 

For this tactic is a good idea to include the real cost of the product on your advertising. An example I see a lot this fall, is Origins cosmetics. The brand applies this frequently and successfully. They’ll offer you for example a three-product bundle of mini cleansers ($38 value) for $20 for example.

Cyber Monday coupon in their inboxes 

Cyber Monday is about the online world and you should definitely already have your clients emails in order to inform them about your business as well as market to them. Most businesses will have Black Friday “this and that”, but the most technological savvy businesses  put more wood on the fire when it comes to Cyber Monday campaigns too. 

Sending a promotional campaign to your clients with your Black Friday/Cyber Monday event is a great idea. You could send something specific just for Cyber Monday though. A coupon they could release that day for extra $$ discount. 

Don’t make your clients search for coupons online. Offer it to them directly to their inbox, inviting them to make a purchase. Many companies lose business as their clients put the products in the online shopping cart, then at check out their are asked if they have a coupon to redeem. So they think, oh how great it would be to search for a coupon and pay less. So they go online looking for a coupon, leaving the shopping page. 

About 80% of those sales are completely lost, as the client never returns to the shopping cart with the coupon. They just get to distracted in their online search and don’t finalize the purchase anymore. 

A smart business owner would offer a Cyber Monday discount coupon on email in the client’s inbox. Or offering the coupon at check out, if you arrange that on your online shopping page. This tactic would attract a higher number of sales and therefore more profit. 

Everyone loves a free gift 

When your clients spend more money with your business, they should get a little reward. There’s something to learn from the big players out there. For example, this morning I got an email from Origins, the cosmetic brand mentioned above with the message: “Get our #1 Cleanser and Limited Edition Tote FREE when you spend $65. Code: GIFT”. 

Well, they have big money and it’s easy for them to throw a couple of products to clients, you might be thinking. That is the reality of a bigger market player, but don’t be discouraged. 

As a small business owner you’re playing in a different league, and you’re competing for success and more clients there. So think about whatever big or little think you can throw in as a free gift to your clients, and offer it to them. We can’t stress enough how much people love receiving free gifts. It’s just a human trait, and as clients are people, they love gifts. If you’ve read the Five Love Languages book you understand more about it, is a fresh way and from a non-marketing perspective.  

Offer by the hour

You can have tempting 40% – 50% off deals for the four days beginning with Black Friday and ending with Cyber Monday. Something you can do to spice things up even more, is to have an offer only valid for couple hours on Cyber Monday for example. 

You are probably quite familiar with the “happy hour” in restaurants and pubs, so think about it as the happy hour of internet for your business. During that time you can offer some great deals enticing clients to buy. Something like 50% off plus an extra $5 coupon from 2pm-4pm on Cyber Monday only!

The secret for the success of this marketing tactic, is to announce it heavily on your business communication channels and to do that in advance. Promote it on your social media channels and send clients informative promotional emails announcing “the great deals would go even more phenomenology amazing” during the “happy hour” of Monday. Teasers work great and if you make the deal interesting and appealing enough, you can bank good $$$ on it. 

More info 

The above recommendations, combined with the tactics presented in previous articles here and here, should help you equip well for the shopping event of the year. There are many more marketing suggestions we could give you, like offering your clients a hidden discount, etc. but sometimes when there are many ideas, it’s much easier to get lost in the overwhelming quantity of information and lose focus, not knowing what to do first. 

If that seems to be the case, please just ponder and act on just one or a maximum or two of the points in this article. Then, as a well known sports shoes brand encourages, “just do it”. Think about a Cyber Monday marketing campaign, decide to do something and start working on it. Just put it into practice! 

This shopping season

‘Tis the season for maximizing your sales and considerably growing your revenues. Let’s finish the year strong! It’s the season when your clients are looking for gifts for their dear ones. How can your small business meet their needs? Don’t let this huge shopping event pass by you.

Take action and show your clients some better deals than the competition! Speaking of which, I wouldn’t want to forget to mention that we have our own great deals here at Appointfix. If you work with appointments, definitely check them out

Zig Ziglar beautifully and accurately said: “you were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” As it’s always the case, you know you can do it, if you just put the needed work into it. Because “every success is built on the ability to do better than good enough,” reminds us the great Zig Ziglar.

The big question remains: will we try to do better than good enough this season? Successful and highly profitable Cyber Monday sales, everyone! 

Emilia is Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at