10 Ways to Make Your Salon More Eco-friendly

In this extremely fast-paced world, when we can barely catch our breath from time to time, it has become essential to make just a little effort to help our environment breathe too.

Because sustainability has become a responsibility for every individual and business alike, salons started to align with this important matter. 

With an eco-friendly salon, you’ll promote green living, prevent pollution, and save some money for your business too. It is a misconception that a sustainable lifestyle is more expensive. Sure, some products will cost more, but they will save you money in the long run, and they will benefit your health too.

Moreover, by showing your clients your dedication towards our environment, you’ll gain more trust from their part.

If you’re still wondering how you can help the environment by making your salon eco-friendly, here are a few ways to do it.

1. Recycle, recycle, recycle

You can recycle almost anything nowadays. Your old equipment, such as dryers, curling irons, or computers, can be recycled if you take them to the right place.

If you’re working at a beauty salon, you probably use many aluminum foils for hair bleaching. It may seem like you can’t recycle those because they are contaminated with bleach, but actually, you can.

After you finish bleaching your client’s hair, put the foils apart, and once the appointment is over, rinse each of the foil with water. In this manner, you can recycle them. See more details here.

Make recycling bins available for the staff and clients. By placing these bins near a regular trash can, you’ll encourage people to choose the one appropriate for the thing they’re throwing away, whenever possible.

Then, look for local recycling centers and see what materials or equipment they can take in.

2. Replace your lights with LED bulbs

If you didn’t do this already, maybe you should start thinking about replacing your incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with light-emitting diodes, a.k.a. LED bulbs. 

LED bulbs may seem costly at first, but since they last 25x longer than a regular light bulb, you’re saving money. Moreover, LEDs use at least 75% less energy, which means only good things for the environment. 
Check out this extensive comparison between fluorescent bulbs and LED bulbs. You can guess who the winner is.

Also, here is a short but informative video about how useful and flattering those LEDs can be for your salon and, ultimately, your clients. 

3. Go paperless

If we’re living in the digital age, let’s make good use of it. You can choose not to print receipts anymore but switch to a digital version of them.

Also, for scheduling appointments, you can use an app and forget about your old planner. This is way better for managing your working hours and not to mention the benefits it has on the environment.

A good scheduling app, like Appointfix, will also allow you to stock important information regarding your clients in one place.

So, stay productive and eco-friendly. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. By the way: it’s free.

4. Install motion sensors

Since we’re talking about lighting, here’s another idea: have motion sensors installed in the bathroom and other rooms that don’t have much traffic. In this way, you can be sure you didn’t forget to turn off the lights when you walked out of those areas.

For the parking lot and space outside your building, you can install lights with a timer and adjust them accordingly.

And just like that, you’re helping the environment and saving some money on electricity by having an eco-friendly salon.

5. Replace plastic

We have to talk about the dreadful plastic topic too. To reduce waste, consider serving your clients drinks or other snacks in ceramic or glass mugs and dishes.

Also, instead of keep buying plastic water bottles, use a water filter.

Although it may seem comfortable to throw the plastic out, this action is extremely harmful to the environment.

Moreover, when your clients buy products from you, tell them to bring back the plastic recipients for a refill. To encourage this behavior, you can even offer them a complimentary service every time they bring the recipient back to reuse it.

6. Control the salon’s climate

You can keep your salon at a cooler temperature just by tinting your windows. The film placed over the windows blocks some of the sun’s UV, thus reducing the heat coming from outside. 

Also, the window tint will reduce the glare, making your clients more comfortable.

What’s more, if you don’t turn on the cooling system for too long, you’ll reduce the electrical bill. Need another reason to think about tinting your windows? You can help Mother Nature in the long run.

7. Reduce the water usage

Salons use a lot of water daily, but you can do a little something to keep your water usage under control and make your salon eco-friendly. 

For example, try not to wash the towels until you have plenty of them to make a full load. This means you’ll probably have to buy more towels, but in the end, it will save you more time, and it will be better for the environment.

Another essential thing to do is to check the water pipes for leaks regularly. Why let the unnecessary water run?

8. Add potted plants to your salon

You can check down two things on the list with potted plants: they’re pretty and a natural source of oxygen. 

Just in case you don’t have time to tend to them, you can always go for the plants that need low maintenance.

Add a touch of green and show that an eco-friendly salon means a prettier salon.

9. Choose a supplier with the same beliefs

Lately, brands are using recycled materials for their product packaging. They also work on removing or cutting down harmful chemicals altogether. 

So, make your salon eco-friendly and search for suppliers that switched to sustainable products. This goes for the products you’re using on your clients, but also those for cleaning the salon.

These kind of products are:

  • Not tested on animals
  • In recycled packaging
  • Biodegradable
  • Zero waste certified
  • Made with renewable energy and plant materials

10. Turn off the devices 

At the end of the day, unplug the devices , such as blow dryers, computers, or coffee machines.

Even if you’re not working with them, they still use a small amount of power when they’re plugged in.

So, by doing this, you’ll reduce the electric usage and (again) save some money on the electric bill.


As you can see, making your salon more eco-friendly doesn’t involve much work on your part. On the even brighter side, promoting your business as eco-friendly will also help clients trust your salon more.

Aimee L.

Content Marketing Specialist at Appointfix


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