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We’ve been receiving lately a lot of requests from people that were using StyleSeat to keep track of client appointments and for reminders, it seems that StyleSeat switched from free to $35/month. In case you’re in this situation and you’re looking for an alternative to StyleSeat, I’d like to clarify a bit what you’re going to find in Appointfix and how we can help.

Appointfix allows you to keep track of appointments and automatically sends reminders to your clients. It is currently available as a mobile app on Android devices and we’ll soon launch for iPhone too. However there’s is no web interface and we don’t have the option yet for clients to book appointments on their own.

Regarding prices, we want to be open with you. Our app is currently free but with the launch of our next big upgrade (v2.0) there will be some changes to our pricing.

We’re going to have a free Basic plan with 45 appointments monthly, a Premium $7/month plan with unlimited appointments and recurring appointments, an Ultimate $25/month plan with ability to install it on multiple device (phones and tablets) + extra features.

However when we launch Appointfix 2.0 we’ll move all existing users (and those who are signing up via our Spread the word campaign) to a Premium account for FREE. You can watch a video below with Appointfix 2.0.

Under the Basic and Premium plans reminders will be sent via your device. On iOS devices, due to constraints from Apple, a tap will be required for each reminder to be sent. iOS users will receive a push notification each time they need to tap for sending an SMS reminder, or they’ll be able to go in the Reminders section each morning and send the reminders for the whole day.

Under the Ultimate plan ($25/month), reminders will be fully automated, sent via our system. So, there will be plenty of options when it comes to pricing. You can have a look at how Appointfix will soon be:

If you have any questions, please send them at and we’ll answer right away. Hope this helps you decide if Appointfix is the right StyleSeat alternative for you.

Flavius Saracut

Chief Product Officer at Appointfix


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Let clients book appointments online and automatically send them text reminders.

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Download Appointfix now!

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