Giving Tuesday at Appointfix: FREE Premium plan for Non-Profit Organizations FOREVER!

It’s Giving Tuesday and Appointfix has a very generous gift for non-profit organizations! What is giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement and it’ll be celebrated on December 3rd this year. Only two days apart between the events, Giving Tuesday differs from Small Business Saturday, as it has to do with giving only. It is all about helping others through the gift of your time, money, goods, services, or simply your voice, by raising awareness about social causes that resonate with you. 

Here are some more informative details about Giving Tuesday, so that you know what you’re getting into if you decide to support the event on your business social media channels. 

The first Giving Tuesday was announced in October 2012 by YMCA in New York and United Nations Foundations. That very first Giving Tuesday has raised about 10.1 million dollars and took place exclusively in the USA. In 2014 it evolved into a global initiative as organizations from 68 countries took part in the event, and $33.6 million dollars were raised for charity. 

Last year’s donation estimates were approximately 400 million dollars. What is amazing is that 175 million dollars of it were from donors on Facebook. So definitely feel free to use your social media channels to encourage people to be generous. 

How can you get involved?

One of the best ways to get even more involved in your own community is to join efforts with a local organization, supporting their work by donating a little part of your Small Business Saturday sales for example. You can have a campaign that for every “x” amount of $$ your clients spend with you, you’ll donate “y” percentage to a non-profit working with disadvantaged families, or a local sports club, etc. 

Being generous pays off. I personally believe that the one who gives, always has more. The generous heart is blessed. All we have to do is to be kind and do good. By supporting a local organization you give back to your own community, and that is a beautiful way to celebrate both Small Business Saturday as well as Giving Tuesday. 

Making an impact

I’ve always admired people who do something to help others and give back to the community. There are many forms that such purpose can be achieved, and maybe you’d agree that there’s always something more that can be done when your intention is to be kind to others and do good. 

Not to brag or anything, but at Appointfix we have a wonderful team of very generous and kind people. Most Appoinfix team members are involved in different social projects. 

We’d like to open up our heart a little and give you some examples of what our team is doing in order to make a difference in the local community, and in the world. Because we believe that being kind has a ripple effect. 

Appointfix app is a product developed by Mobiversal company. So our team is bigger, with more members in addition to the Appointfix great crew. The wonderful members of our team are IT developers, iOS and Android developers, web developers, project managers, web designers, etc. Pretty much everyone has a technical background of some sort, as our company’s profile is developing mobile apps for our clients. 

Being honest, do you imagine IT people as geeks with big thick glasses and maybe a little more limited social skills? If you’re thinking about these stereotypes, imagining geeks programming non-stop, staying inside dark rooms for days, with just a computer screen in front of them… Well, if that’s what you think, you can’t be more wrong. Because our team is as far from it as you can imagine! 

We have wonderfully skilled IT people, who are absolutely the best at what they are doing. I believe my colleagues are the most professional and talented developers, and it doesn’t end there. They are not only brilliant at their jobs, but they are also the kindest and genuine human beings. (And their social skills are just awesome! You should hear some of their jokes and fun comments in the office.:) 

Appointfix team gives back to the community

Most of our team members are involved in supporting non-profit organizations and various social projects. One of our CTOs volunteers her time in after school programs for disadvantaged children. How special is that! 

Let me tell you a little story: one day during lunch break at work, my colleague quickly finished her lunch, then I see her doing something that looked like colored paper folding. She is so focused on what she was doing though, so I get closer and ask her what was all that about. She shared she was learning to do origami, as she needed a new activity for the (disadvantaged) children at the non-profit organization she was volunteering at. The children were abandoned and some with mental disabilities. She goes there frequently after work, about twice a week. Why? She does it in order to bring a little bit of hope and joy, to those kids, by helping them with their homework, as well as doing different fun activities with them. 

Other people in our team, a few of the men, do something different but equally special and absolutely beautiful and admirable. Once a month, early in the morning, before coming to the office, they go together to the hospital to donate blood. They know there are people out there whose lives depend on it. They don’t know who those people are, but they know there’s a big need for blood transfusion to save lives. And that’s all they need to know in order to be generous and help others. I believe that’s one of the most special things, giving out something so precious in order to bring life to others. Hats off to you, guys! 

The managers also help others and give back to the community on a frequent basis. Every single week they help their local church with preparing and offering a hot meal for the homeless. They’ve been doing this for years, contributing both financially for buying the food, as well as being there personally to prepare and serve the food for the homeless. They know that being a leader starts with serving others. These are the team members who deal with important business decisions and hang out with CEOs discussing contracts all day. I won’t mention their names as I know they are doing this in order to serve others, without wanting any attention drawn to themselves. This is the kind of wonderful people that they are!  

Time, skills and money

People in our company’s team give out of their time by volunteering in different projects, sharing their talents and skills in order to help others, and with their finances too. For example, a growing number of our colleagues donate money for children in Africa. 

They are sponsoring schooling and food for a number of African children whose families lack resources. Some of my colleagues have been doing these donations for years. They are so happy to read the updates from the organization, telling them how well the kids they are sponsoring do in school and how their families are getting by. That my friends is hope for the hopeless and I believe there is Someone up in the skies, who will reward their generosity, as they take care of those poor little children who need food, clothes, and books for school.   

One last example, of the many: one of our Appointfix colleagues spent this whole past summer working with children, by volunteering in summer camps. He did that by burning a good part of his vacation days, and also while coming to work every single day. 

Why? Because he believes in giving back to the community and investing in the next generation! This is how it worked: our coworker would start his summer days very early in the morning, driving to the camp location, doing the morning programs with the children. Afterward, he would be driving back directly to the office for work, then working until very late at night (as he had to make up for the time he was in the camp working on the children’s activities with the other camp volunteers). I won’t mention his name, but most likely some of you who contacted Support at Appointfix interacted with him. He’s a champ!  

Appointfix Giving Tuesday

Appointfix users are small business owners working with appointments. Many of our clients are working in the Beauty Industry, Health and Fitness, Pet Grooming, etc. We have absolutely wonderful clients and we believe that a large number of our clients are involved in volunteering activities, donating to different organizations, supporting various charities and projects. And we’d like to help them help their favorite organizations even more. 

On Giving Tuesday, December 3, 2019 and the entire week, we’re giving Appointfix Premium FOREVER absolutely FREE to non-profit organizations! Appointfix Premium is a $100 value per year. So multiply that with the number of years in FOREVER! 🙂 That is our Giving Tuesday gift for non-profit organizations!

For Giving Tuesday we’d like to give the gift of Appointfix Premium to the organizations of your choice. They need to coordinate schedules, and deadlines, meetings, and appointments with people. Appointfix can help them get more organized, manage their appointments and send automated appointment reminders to their team members, clients, volunteers, donors, etc. 

In order for the organization to know more about Appointfix Premium, you can share with them this article. Then, on this link they can find out more about how Appointfix Premium can help their organization with organizing appointments, schedules, etc. For Giving Tuesday and the rest of the week, the cost is totally waived for non-profit organizations! 

Here are just a few non-profit organizations that are already being helped by Appointfix and what they have to say about it.

Hello, my name is Ashley Debes. I have been a Special Education teacher with the Guy Fenter Education Cooperative for 6 years. As an educator I have many meetings with families. Unfortunately, when families forget or don’t show up to conferences, it causes many scheduling issues for me. I have found that by using Appointfix, my “no-show” rate had dropped dramatically! I am able to send text message reminders to my families and get responses back. Many parents have also told me how grateful they are for the reminder. The best part about Appointfix is that, it is completely custom. I choose who will get messages, when they will get messages and what the message will say. This is the best FREE app I have ever downloaded. In addition, the customer service is phenomenal! I honestly cannot say enough about this app and I try to share its usefulness with other educators and administrators.

Ashley Debes – Special Education Teacher at Guy Fenter Education Cooperative

Champions for Children is a nonprofit in Tyler, Texas. We have several programs and services all designed to help children be successful in school and in life.

I work as the Director of Case Management & Marketing for Champions. We use Appointfix to keep track of our Brain Gym appointments, Irlen Syndrome Screening appointments and counseling appointments. Because we have a small staff (four full time and four part time employees), the reminders are valuable and effective saving us time and resources.

Rachel Ashcraft – Director of Case Management & Marketing at Smith County Champions for Children

Discovery offers state approved DWI classes as well as alcohol and drug evaluations in a professional and safe environment with flexible course dates.

I LOVE the format and simplicity of Appointfix. I use Square for my credit card transactions and it is synced with my Quickbooks. They recently offered me an appointment scheduling  service but I refused! I prefer Appointfix. I like the calendar view, I like how easily I can edit the message if needed.

Barbara Holguin, B.A., M.S. – DWI Instructor at Discovery Alcohol and Drug Education Program

Appointfix has been a life-saver! This app saves me time by sending automated text reminders to the volunteers in my organization at multiple time-frames and reduces the amount of no-shows which keeps our organization running smoothly!

Amanda Sloan – Child Care Coordinator at First United Methodist Church of Belmont

Appointfix has been helpful in scheduling volunteers to cover shifts for our Medical Accompaniment Program. We utilize the service to dispatch volunteers to local hospitals when a survivor of sexual violence presents for medical care and evidence collection. Sending out reminders to volunteers helps us ensure that everyone will have the support they need when at the hospital.

Rachel Freeman – President of Sexual Assault Center

How can an NGO/non-profit organization get Appointfix Premium FREE forever? 

On Giving Tuesday and until the end of the week, a staff member of the non-profit organization should write us an email at mentioning they’d like to receive the Giving Tuesday offer: Appointfix Premium FREE for nonprofits

The details we’ll need: the name of the organization, their webpage, and type of social work they are involved in; plus the name, job title and work email of the person contacting us from the organization. From there on, our colleagues at Support will let you know the steps so that the whole team working in the organization can get Appointfix Premium for free. Basically, the team members would have to download Appointfix app (if they don’t have it yet on their phones/tablets), then let us know their email addresses so that we can give them Appointfix Premium Free from our system. It’s an easy process. 

We’ll offer Appointfix Premium Free to the whole team in the non-profit organization. This is our way of celebrating Giving Tuesday and giving back to communities around the world. So please spread the word to let your favorite organization know about the Appointfix  Giving Tuesday gift for organizations and charities in the USA, Australia, UK and around the world. 

Be generous this Giving Tuesday!

Dear Appointfix users, let’s all be more generous this Giving Tuesday! You can promote a cause on your social media channels, or host a fundraising event for a local charity, or as many of our Appointfix colleagues do, you can volunteer your time for those in need. Maybe you can clean the house for some elderly people, paint one of their rooms, make food for the homeless, or maybe you’ll get involved with a generous financial gift to support your favorite organization. 

If you love using Appointfix and you’ve seen for yourself its many benefits for your small business, share the news with your favorite non-profits so that we can help them this Giving Tuesday by giving them Appointfix Premium for FREE FOREVER. 

Let’s end this article with two quotes by probably the most generous and selfless person in the world. She was someone we should look up to. Have you already guessed whom am I talking about? If Mother Teresa was your answer, well done! 

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile…” Why? Probably because “At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless and you took me in.”” (Mother Teresa)

Happy Giving Tuesday everyone! You’re making an impact in the world!

Emilia is Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at