Google Just Launched LOOKOUT New App for Visually Impaired

Google is up to something brilliant! Before getting into it though, we should honestly admit and share with you that we weren’t happy campers since Google started to restrict the use of SMS and call log permissions, a policy change that affected Appointfix app Android users.

The reason being that our users couldn’t have fully automated reminders sent through their phone anymore. An extra tap was required from our users for their reminders to be sent. Quite a big inconvenience for our users and we did everything we could to help our clients (while being saddened when Appointfix scheduling app would get a lower rating on Google Play online store due to something that was not our fault and had nothing to do with us, but with Google). We offered alternatives, so that Appointfix Premium clients would buy an Ultimate plan at the same price. This way – with Ultimate – the reminders would be sent through our Appointfix cloud system (not from the client’s device). Because our cloud system is not affected by Google’s restrictions, as the users mobile devices are.

So in spite of not being happy with what Google did to small business owners – the users of the modern appointment book scheduling software – after getting it off our chest now by confessing it here, let’s be objective and also report the great things that the giant technology company is up to.

Google just launched an app that identifies objects for the visually impaired, an initiative that needs to be applauded. The app is called Lookout and was announced by Google last year. Google Lookout uses AI to identify objects and read text through the camera on a user’s phone. It can also read the text in signs and labels, scan barcodes and identify currencies.

Lookout is available to download, but only for Pixel devices in the US. At the moment it’s not know when Lookout will be available on other devices than Google’s own, but the company says they are hoping to bring the app to more devices, countries and platforms soon. More details and screenshots here.

This new app should be incredibly helpful for visually impaired people, improving their quality of life, giving them more autonomy and productivity in their projects. That is why we’re saying a sincere: well done, Google!

Emilia is Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at