Having trouble staying organized? 6 Tips for HairStylists, Barbers & Cosmeticians

A few months ago, pre-COVID-19, we asked some hairstylists to tell us which things they struggle the most with. On top of their concerns was “how to stay organized.” Time management, constant cleaning, organizing appointments and clients, managing product supply, keeping client records, and many others, are everyday tasks that hairstylists, barbers and cosmeticians deal with. If you’re a stylist in the beauty industry, having a family (and being a working mom), you’re terrific trying to do everything as well and neat as possible. Some of your attempts to a more organized life probably already include writing things down on sticky notes, making sure every item has a home, and decluttering regularly. What other quick tips can you add for a more organized life?

Use a digital appointment book 

Pen and paper appointment books were great. That was until something much better was invented. A digital appointment book can do things that your pen and paper notebook could never even dream about. The main benefit of a digital appointment book is that it declutters your mind. And boy, oh boy, is that important for a more organized business and lifestyle! A digital appointment book like Appointfix is an app you download on your phone or tablet. From there on, you can import your clients to the app and set your very first digital appointment in no time. 

The beauty is that Appointfix will also send an automated reminder to your clients about their appointments. That reminder can be sent the moment you set the appointment. Imagine a client calls you and wants an appointment for next week, let’s say on Thursday. You check your schedule and see you have an opening at 3 pm. Your client can make that time, so you set the appointment immediately. 

Then, depending on when you decided that you want your appointments to be sent, if you opted for immediately, the client would instantly receive a text message reminder on their phone. Something like: “Hi! You have an appointment with Butterfly Hair next Thursday, June 18, at 3 pm. See you then!” Your modern appointment book can send another reminder to your client the day before their appointment. This way is making sure the client remembers it. Keep in mind that you also have the option of sending another reminder to your client an hour or two hours before their appointment (this feature is being used a lot by barbers). 

The reminders are sent directly from the app. It takes the burden off of your shoulders and off of your mind. You can set a custom message in Appointfix, and your smart appointment book does the rest. It reminds your clients to show at their appointments. You can manage your clients with an intelligent appointment book and get so much more for free. Recurring appointments, group appointments, sync with Google and Apple Calendar, sending a mass marketing message are features you get absolutely for free with Appointfix app.

If you’d like to get even more useful management tools for your business included in your appointment book, listen to this: for only $10/month, you can get the Premium plan. Sync across devices, multiple templates for messages, messages without Appointfix branding, Financial reports, priority support are some of the other features included in the Premium Plan. 

These days the ONLINE BOOKING will be launched and included in the $10 Premium Plan, too, as well as in the Ultimate plan (which costs $20/month). You can check out all the details in the Pricing section of Appointfix. Remember, though, that you can download the app for FREE from the App Store or Google Play. Begin by being more organized, get more free time (which means having a more relaxed life), and upgrade to the paid Appointfix plans whenever you want. 

How to have an organized and tidy booth

Think about how much space you have in the salon and what kind of furniture, containers, and labels to work best for you. Now, this is a post-pandemic time, and you’re probably not in a financial position to invest in new furniture for your salon. No problem. There are many ways to keep your booth neat and organized. How to arrange and organize your beauty salon, offers some useful ideas about choosing multi-purpose organizing containers and shelves. 

One idea is to use high shelves for storing your products, especially if you have a smaller salon. Arrange them by brand and color, so that they give an elegant impression to the eyes. Where and how you arrange your products is essential for keeping you more organized when working on your clients. 

Investing in a cord organizer is probably a good idea if you’re sick of untangling cords and seeing them everywhere. Your many hair styling tools mean that there are as many cords around, which will make your booth look disorganized and cluttered. A cord organizer can be an excellent idea to hide all those cords, keep them under control, and make the area look pleasantly. 

Label all your tools with your name on them. This way, when another stylist borrows your devices, they know where to put them back. It avoids lost items and helps for a better work environment. When a coworker borrows a tool from you and can’t find it the next day when you need it for a client, there will be some frustration and hard feelings. Those are not constructive in a friendly work environment, so save yourself the trouble. Being super organized and labeling all your tools can even improve the atmosphere and communication in your salon. 

Organize your products 

First and foremost, take a good look at your products and get rid of the old expired ones and the products you’re not using anymore. If those items are there just to gather dust, get rid of them. Only keep what you use. If there’s a product you don’t like much, but it’s the right product, decide to use some of it regularly until the bottle is finally empty. The objective is to use the product so that the money you spent on it is not wasted. 

The second rule is to find a home for each product in your salon or booth. Find a place for each item, so that you can quickly see how much of each is left. Do not replace a product until you need to. You don’t want to keep your money invested in products, but to replace them as needed. That goes either if you’re using the products on your clients or you sell them on retail to your clients. 

The third rule is to manage your product supply. Keep an eye on your actual amount and order on a schedule. Instead of ordering every time you’re low on a specific product, make a business decision to order on a particular day of the month only. If you need to order more frequently, decide on a specific day. For example, your ordering day is on Tuesday every couple of weeks, which means you order twice a month. It can help you save time and help keep a better track of your spending on new products. To make this process easier, create an order sheet with the products you order most frequently. 

Store cleaning and disinfecting supplies 

With all the COVID-19 rules and regulations, your cleaning supplies storage area most likely had to expand. You bought more disinfectants and other products to thoroughly clean your salon at the end of the day and after each client’s visit. 

Easy access to your cleaning supply is a factor to keep in mind when choosing a home for your increased number of cleaning products. You need sanitizing wipes and all sorts of new germ-killing products according to the Safety guidelines for reopening hair & nail salons, barbershops, and spas. Find a home for each of these new sanitizing and cleaning products. After each client’s service, those you’re frequently using need to be very close to you. Remove other unnecessary decorative items or products you use less regularly, to make room for the needed cleaning products. For an aesthetic aspect, store them in a cabinet you can close. 

Keep your broom and the cleaning products you often use very accessible and store the other cleaning supplies in a back closet or storage room. Keep that closet or storage area organized as well. Don’t just stuff your cleaning products in there, piling things on top of each other. Keep all your storage space organized as well. It’s a great habit to start practicing. You’re working on developing a regular tendency towards being organized in every area. 

Keep client records 

It’s not only about knowing exactly what color code and services your client needs, but also remembering personal details about your client. Taking notes after each visit helps you offer a better service to your client next time they have an appointment. Ask about how her husband’s surgery went, or if the daughter is still in the cross country team, or how were they recent holidays in the mountains, etc. Another thing you can write is about their favorite hobbies, what they are interested in, what their favorite drink at the salon is. Knowing they only drink decaf coffee is an important little detail. 

In these little details, clients will feel loved and appreciated. You can make them feel like family by keeping client records. Appointfix has this option on the Notes section of the app. You can include a client picture and any other relevant details about your client. If there are essential details for your client to know for their next appointment, the Notes can be sent to your client. E.g. For a client with sensitive skin, you might want to remind her not to wash her hair on the day of her color or highlights appointment.  

Sort out your mail daily

Mail can pile up and lock like a big chore, primarily if it’s not dealt with daily. Use a couple of minutes each day to sort your mail and organize it in a file, with each month labeled. This way, you can deal with bills and payments in an organized way, paying everything on time and never misplacing relevant correspondence. 

On this topic, let me also briefly mention bank trips. Make sure you deposit those checks and cash regularly. If the money stays in your pocket, it might get spent before you get the chance to deposit it. You need an organized system for your finances too. So plan and schedule your trips to the bank also. 

Let’s get back to sorting the mail. If you receive too much junk mail, ask the mailers to remove you from their list. Catalog Choice can be a useful resource. You can use this free service to cancel specific catalogs and other types of paper mail you no longer wish to receive. One of their clients says in a testimonial that it helped her “get rid of over 200 unsolicited catalogs”. Hopefully, you don’t receive such crazy amounts, but there must be a number of them you wish they stopped sending you. 

The message you’d transmit to the mailers that send you junk should be along these lines: “Please remove me from your postal mailing list. I no longer wish to receive your mailings. Do not rent or sell my name or address to other organizations.” Some companies accept opt-out requests on their website. For others, Catalog Choice can send merchants the catalog opt-out request on your behalf. A little bit of admin work can help you declutter your mail. 

No more clutter 

Which one of the above tips are you already using successfully? If you’re an Appointfix user, thank you for your trust in managing your clients and appointments! If having an organized booth seems to be your biggest struggle as a stylist or a barber, take it one step at a time. Declutter a little area in a few minutes. Later or the next day, declutter or tidy the same area again. You’ll most likely observe other items which can be removed from there. You always find more things to remove the second time around. 

Organize your workspace, get rid of old products, untangle those cords, manage your product supply, keep client records, plan your trips to the bank, and sort your mail daily. Taking small but firm steps won’t get overwhelmed. Being organized brings more sanity, peace, and joy into your busy business and personal life. Eleanor Roosevelt observed that “it takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” As a small business owner, how can you start being more organized this very moment? Write down two things you’ll start acting on today and put that plan into action. 


Emilia is Content Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at emilia.pustan@appointfix.com.