Latest Instagram Marketing Ideas for Hair Salons

Lately, Instagram has become the leading social media platform worldwide along with Tiktok. The young generation is moving on and leaving behind Facebook.

According to the latest research, 500 million people around the world are actively using Instagram daily. That means that globally 1 in 8 people with mobile internet connectivity access Instagram at least once every day.

Considering this information, it is pretty obvious why you need to be present on Instagram and have a strong social media marketing strategy for your hair salon. Also, Instagram has removed the restrictions regarding the links in stories, and if you own a blog or a website, it’s the right time to promote it and attract new visitors. 

If you were discouraged that your website was too small to attract visitors organically from searches, now, with a bit of help from the stories link stickers, you could take people right there immediately, and it’s free!

Instagram is the main platform where potential clients can find you and valuable information about your business; therefore, give them what they’re asking for! In this blog post, you’re going to find the latest Instagram marketing ideas for hair salons that will help you take your business to the next level.

Instagram Marketing Ideas for Hair Salons

1. Use Instagram links in stories


Recently, Instagram has offered the ability to add links in Stories to all accounts. Since they introduced it, businesses, content creators, and influencers have demonstrated how sharing resources and information via links can inspire their communities. 

Link sharing is helpful in many ways, both for small business owners and consumers. Finally, Instagram gave up on allowing only verified accounts and +10k followers accounts to add link stickers  (swipe-up links).

Here’s how to add a link sticker to your Instagram story:

  • Add the content you want to your story;
  • Click the sticker tool in the navigation bar;
  • Select the Link sticker, write the link you want to add, and tap “Done”;
  • Move the sticker where you want on your story and tap on it to change its color.

2. Let clients book online via your Instagram page


Well, Instagram can be many things for your hair salon business, but have you ever thought that it can keep you fully scheduled? 

Since Appointfix is now an official partner of Facebook and Instagram, you can create a “Book now” button with your Appointfix online booking link where clients will be able to book an appointment with you.

First of all, you have to download an appointment scheduling app and set up your online booking page. This feature is totally free, so no matter what plan you use, you will be able to create an online booking page. Add your services, your available time slots, and the prices of your services in the app, personalize the online booking page, and check out this guide on how to set up your “Book Now” button on Instagram.

You can download the Appointfix scheduling app from the App Store if you’re using an iOS device or Google Play if you’re using an Android device.

Now, you’re all set, ready to have a calendar full of appointments from people who admire your Instagram content.

3. Create relevant content for your clients and potential clients

According to statistics, Instagram users’ average attention span is 8 seconds, so you lose them if you don’t get their attention.  

People will want to see on your hair salon profile information of interest for them, such as client reviews, before and after photos, and other entertaining posts (memes, short videos, gifs). 

Suppose you need some inspiration for creating high-quality content. In that case, you can do your research by searching on Instagram for famous hair salons and hairstylists who post often and see what kind of images they share, what captions they write, who their audience is, etc. 

Here are some hair salon professionals that are viral on Instagram:

4. Create a content schedule and stick to it


People will only follow your Instagram account if you offer them something valuable and engaging to see. You want to avoid losing followers; that’s why you have to create a content plan (with all the information and images you will share) and a content schedule and stick to them.

If you don’t have enough time to publish regularly on Instagram, I’d highly recommend you check on the best times to post on Instagram and use a social media scheduler like Hootsuite ( which is free) and schedule your posts for a whole week. Anyway, if you choose this solution, do not forget to check on your posts from time to time: engagement is also essential in your Instagram marketing strategy.

5. Design engaging images


Here’s an actual fact: you can collect valuable information and write good captions for your Instagram posts, but if you don’t attach to the text a well-designed or well-shooted image, people will keep scrolling. They will end up missing the information you wanted them to read.

Remember that originally, Instagram was a photo-sharing app created by a photography enthusiast. Things didn’t change much since then because well-shooted images are still the main elements that attract people’s attention while scrolling through their news feed. 

If you are a beginner in taking professional photos, there are many videos on Youtube on how to shoot a good image, or you can even try your talent and create graphics in Canva for free.

6. Create Instagram contests occasionally


Everyone loves free stuff, and that’s why Instagram giveaways are still a great way to increase your engagement and boost your online presence considerably. 

Organizing occasional contests on your Instagram page, such as Christmas giveaways, thanksgiving contests, valentine’s day giveaways, etc., will make your clients active on your account and will probably attract them directly to your salon. 

You will have different results depending on the Giveaway objectives you set and the contest rules you want your audience to follow. 

Here you can read more about how to organize an Instagram giveaway for your hair salon like a pro.

7. Make your social platform an educational hub


Thanks to the possibility of adding Instagram highlights to your profile, you can turn your social platform into an educational hub for your hair salon clients. These highlights remain in your profile, and your audience can access that important information anytime.

If you’re out of ideas, you can think about creating highlights about your salon schedule & policy, scheduling information with a link attached to it, how-to-s for clients with tips on hair care home routine, etc. Also, make sure you find a short and clear name for each highlight. For example, if you have a highlight containing stories about hair care routine ideas, you can name your highlight HAIR TIPS. 

8. Keep increasing your visibility 


The main goal of an Instagram marketing strategy for hair salons is to increase online visibility for the business and attract clients. 

Besides sharing information and high-quality content, you also need to encourage people to follow you by including a call to action to your captions. 

A call to action (CTA) is a piece of content that influences people to subscribe/ follow/ download, or read something. On Instagram, you can add a CTA in your BIO description, in a post caption on your feed, in a button, in stories, etc. 

Here you can find some valuable information about how to create a persuasive call to action on your Instagram hairstylist account. 

9. Build a community and keep in touch with your audience


All the steps that I mentioned above will build a strong community of clients and potential clients on your Instagram page. That’s essential because having a community will ease your communication with them and help you build trust and loyalty. 

Remember that building that community may be easy, especially if you provide fantastic content on your hairstylist Instagram page. But the main idea about implementing an Instagram marketing strategy for hair salons is keeping that community solid and united and keeping your schedule booked.

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix

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