12 Best Marketing Ideas for Makeup Artists


How can you achieve your business goals as a makeup artist quickly and with maximum benefits? With the global makeup market estimated to be worth about 85 billion U.S. dollars in the next 4 years, it’s a very competitive world out there for makeup artists. Everyone’s trying to reach more clients and achieve better business results.

In this article, I’m covering the most useful marketing ideas for makeup artists who’d like to take their business to the next level. You’ll learn about how to promote your makeup business, and, for freelancers, you’ll find out how to promote yourself as a makeup artist. 

Don’t you know where to start or what tools to use for best makeup artist marketing results? No worries, I got you covered. Here’s what you need to do and how to go about stepping up your marketing game as a freelance or salon makeup artist


1. Build an eye-catching website 

“Creativity takes courage,” Henri Matisse. 

It all starts with existing online as a business. For that, you need an attractive website for your makeup business. It’s the first tool to showcase your portfolio and present your skills to potential clients. Building a website if you don’t have one, is fundamental and also very easy. 

While working on this article, I created a simple makeup website on wix.com in a matter of minutes to prove it to you. 

I chose to create a website instead of giving you examples of the most famous makeup artists’ websites. You probably follow some famous makeup artists already, and you need some efficient advice on creating an excellent website for your makeup business. And here you have it! 

The pages I included in the makeup artist website I created

  • Home page – for which you can choose spectacular pictures targeted at your primary audience and clients
  • Online booking – because you want to be relevant and very professional. 
  • Portfolio – one tip for building a stunning online portfolio is to make sure you work with a photographer who will highlight the fine details of your creative work. 

  • Services – this is where you should include the services you offer and mention your pricing.

  • Blog – a great way to inform and instruct your clients while showcasing your skills. Blogging can help you get to be recognized as an authority in your field, and it’s a great makeup artist promotion idea for your business. 
  • About me – especially if you’re a freelance makeup artist, but if you’re working in a salon too, this section of your website gives your potential clients the chance to find out more about you both as a business owner and a person as well. It’s your bridge for building trust and demonstrating your passion for your job.
  • Weddings – if weddings are the largest part of your work, you might want to have a page, especially for wedding makeup. It’s there where you’ll include all the details of your work, providing full info for wedding services, and showing some spectacular brides wearing your work of art on their happy faces.

As a last tip: remember that makeup is very visual. Therefore good photography can enhance your work and emphasize your skills and talent online. Create a “take my breath away” website with that in mind. 


2. Create a great portfolio 

“I believe that all women are pretty without makeup, but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.” Bobbi Brown  

Your makeup artist portfolio displays your best work, and you need a stellar portfolio as part of your makeup artist marketing. A collection of the absolute best pictures of your work on yourself, or others, is what you want to include in your portfolio. Do not include the first makeup session you’ve ever done, even if it has a lot of emotional value to you. Unless that session has some of the most spectacular pictures of your work, it’s not worthy of being included. 

Makeup artist marketing ideas

Above I mentioned your online portfolio on your website as being the most fundamental. Here I’d also like to add a little note for you. You might also consider having a printed portfolio with photos of your best work. It would help if you started compiling a collection of pictures of your work, which will work as advertising for you. You can use it for displaying it at the salon or other in-person events.  

If you’re starting as a makeup artist and you’re wondering how to build your portfolio, here’s a tip you’ve probably figured out by now. Start working for free on your friends and family. This will give you a great way to build your portfolio, and these would be the people who will recommend you to others so that you’ll get your first paid jobs. Plus, of course, you’ll have your amazing portfolio to show to potential clients. 

Make sure, though, that your friends, family, or the models you’re using give you permission to post their pictures on social media and other advertising materials. And remember that you must have the best lighting for taking the photos of your models.

The focus of the picture is on your makeup. Eliminate any other background elements or clothing that might distract from the person’s face, and just have the face and your work of art featured in the pictures. And also, as much as possible, you’ll want to work with a professional photographer who knows what he’s doing.  


3. Produce Makeup tutorial videos 

People go to Youtube for makeup advice. Start making tutorial videos for the target audience you’re trying to reach.

Well realized videos are powerful assets when we talk about marketing for makeup artists. Your makeup tutorials should be informative, visual, and straight to the point.

Check this out to see how a great tutorial video should be done. 


4. Get an online appointment tool 

Every professional makeup artist should have an online appointment book option on their website and social media channels. Online booking does the appointment work, representing a handy instrument in the makeup artist marketing toolbox.

It makes it very easy for your potential clients to book appointments with you, see your availability online, and consider the best time slot that works with their schedules. So it’s a win-win situation both for the makeup artist and the client. 

There are many online scheduling options. One of the best we know of is Appointfix. You’re welcome to try it for free and see how it works for you.  



5. Use Social Media channels for your makeup business 

“Not every artist uses paper and paint.”

Many people think that being on social media is a great idea, mainly because it’s an inexpensive way of promoting your makeup business. 


While it’s true that it doesn’t cost a lot of money to be on social media, the real cost lies in your time and consistent work to build the right makeup artist marketing channels and update them regularly

Social media is an animal all by itself, though, and you can read more in-depth about best practices here


6. List your makeup business on Google Maps. 

When potential clients look for a makeup artist on google, the search engine immediately shows them the results on “makeup artists around them” from Google Maps. Is your business registered on Google Maps? 

One of the best makeup artist promotion ideas, which too many people ignore, is to be where their clients are. And everyone in this day and age uses Google for any of their services needs, which absolutely includes makeup artist services.

In order to be found quickly and interact with more potential clients, your makeup business must be registered in Google Maps. This marketing tip works both for freelance makeup artists and makeup artists working in beauty salons. 

So go to Google My Business and list your makeup business. It’s a free tool that allows you to promote your business profile on Google Search and Maps. Google will send you a letter by mail to confirm the exact location, so pay attention when filling in the info to include the right address. 


7. Sell gift cards 

What more special can a woman get than a makeup gift card? She can use it to get pampered before a special social event or a holiday, and you, the makeup artist, will make her feel like a million bucks.  

This marketing tool and makeup artist promotion idea can be used successfully to expand your client base. When one of your clients buys a gift card for a friend, you get to win another appointment, and possibly another long time client. So make sure you always have gift cards to sell to your clients.

They are the perfect birthday gift, holiday treat, and even bridal shower present when wanting to get something pampering for a friend or family member.  Plus, the clients will do all the advertising for you. It can also be a gift brides could get for their bridesmaids, a wonderful Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas gift, etc. A makeup gift card is a timeless gift for a woman. Inform your clients about your special gift cards, and they’ll surely have someone in mind who would be thrilled to receive one. 

You are an artist and love everything beautiful, so you can design your lovely cards and marketing materials online. Here are some examples. 


8. Offer loyalty cards with discounts for your clients

Your clients love being appreciated. So reward their loyalty using loyalty cards.

For example, every 5th makeup service with you, your clients gets a freebie or 30%-50% off. It can even be in the form of a free makeup session, or if this would be too much of a stretch for you, think about offering a considerable discount. 


9. Ask for client referrals using personalized cards

Having a referral system is part of great marketing for makeup artists. This idea goes with the loyalty card tip. 

Your client has an incentive to recommend your services to a friend. And as you get a new client, it’s only fair for the client who made the referral to get a little bonus. It can be 20% off their next visit or another freebie you can provide.

Marketing ideas for makeup artists


10. Partner with photographers 

Partnering with another professional can bring you both more business. An important tip here is to contact and partner with photographers who are at the same level as a career like you. If you’re just starting as a makeup artist, the chances are that the best photographer in the city will not want to partner with you. They most likely already have makeup artists they are working with. 

Many photographers are also new in the field, though, and might respond positively to your request. The next video covers some of the situations you might run into when working with photographers. It’s a useful resource talking about what you can expect at different levels in your career. Check it out to find out how good partnerships are part of makeup artist marketing. It will also give you some ideas about creating your portfolio, which we talked about above. 


11. Eliminate no-shows

At any point you might find yourself in your makeup artist career, one thing is most frustrating for everyone: clients forgetting about their appointments that is. How many times did it happen that someone scheduled their makeup appointment well in advance, just to forget about it the day they should be on your chair? 

The solution is easy and so inexpensive. Start using an appointment app that sends automated text message reminders to your clients. You’ll be surprised at how grateful your clients will be. Plus, you’ll get so much peace of mind, knowing that the app takes care of everything you need to manage your client’s appointments and send the automated text message reminders to them. More details here


12. Be present at local fashion and bridal shows. 

Participate in local fashion shows and bridal shows in your area to advertise your work. How is that a tool in the marketing for makeup artists box, you’re wondering? Get a booth and do some makeup magic on the attending brides-to-be and models at the event.

“Makeup is not a mask. Makeup is art. Makeup is passion. Makeup is expression.” 

Interact with other professionals from the artistic field. Event organizers, hairstylists, barbers, photographers, event venue managers, wedding planners, beauty industry journalists, etc. are always in contact with clients who might need makeup artists. 

Being present at these networking events will transform you into a great networker, a great skill to have in the small business owner’s marketing toolbox. 

That’s how you promote yourself as a makeup artist. If you follow the above steps religiously, your chances to dominate makeup artist marketing and get surprisingly great business results are pretty high. 

Congrats on all your stunning artwork, and wishing you continued success with your makeup business and marketing efforts! 

Looking forward to hearing how implementing these makeup artist promotion ideas works for you. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below and on our social media channels.

Emilia Yeago

Marketing Director at Appointfix

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