“Mass messages”: How to avoid creating a group conversation

We’re back with some good news, dear Appointfix users. We know you’ve been using our new feature, Mass messages, and we also know that many of you loved it! Still, some of you experienced problems because it created a group conversation where people could see each other. We did research, and we came up with solutions for both platforms, iOS and Android.


For iOS, we implemented a solution that triggers the app to open/send the message via SMS instead of iMessage. This means the messages will be sent individually to each customer, and they won’t see each other. 


On Android devices, the situation is a bit more complicated since there are many devices, and each messaging app has its setup.

Facebook Messenger/WhatsApp

If you have set Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp as your default messaging app, those will create a group conversation. So if that is the case, you’ll need to change the setting to your phone’s original messaging app. 

Depending on what type of Android device do you have, please adjust the settings of your messaging app as described below.

Samsung Messages

On most devices, sending a group message will result in generating a group conversation where your customers will see each other in the group. To avoid this, please make sure that group conversations are disabled. 

Open your messaging app > Settings > More settings > Multimedia messages > Switch off “Group conversation”.

Google Messages

Please make sure that Group messaging is set to send an SMS reply to all recipients and get individual replies (mass text). 

Open your messaging app > Settings > Advanced > Group messaging > Select “Send an SMS reply to all recipients and get individual replies (mass text)”. 

Verizon Messages 

Please make sure that group conversations are disabled. 

Open your messaging app > Settings > Application > Switch off  “Group Conversations”.

Other Messaging App

Please make sure that group conversations are disabled. 

Open your messaging app > Settings > Look for the group conversation/messaging setting and make sure it’s disabled. 

Default setting

Some devices and mobile networks have certain limits on the number of people you can send a text message to. So we will divide the list into groups of 100, 20, or 10 people, and you’ll need to tap Send for each group. If your message isn’t successfully sent, please lower the group size setting.

Samsung devices can send messages to a maximum of 20 people at once, so for Samsung owners, we’ll automatically set the group size to 20. For more information about how our Mass messages feature works like, please read the following article. 

Make sure to constantly update your Appointfix app in Google Play and App Store, so you’ll be able to use the latest version with all the changes we make. Thanks for your patience, your excellent feedback, and for using Appointfix! Keep up the great work and the good vibe! 🙂

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix


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