The Most Googled Questions In The World: What Are People Asking Online

If you’ve ever wondered what people ask on Google, you’ll be surprised. Get yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and keep reading. You’re about to exercise your cheek muscles laughing, as we’re going to look at some of the top 100 most asked questions on Google, according to Mondovo. Their list included top 1000 most googled questions. Probably not too many would make in into “a google a day” online puzzle game though. Here’s a shorter list of the most commonly asked questions. If you have the time and interest to see them all, you can check the whole 1000 questions list.

Are you ready to find out what the most asked question on Google is? Would you expected it to be a really important question on relationships for example, or a profound search for life’s meaning and purpose, something really deep and relevant for people on all continents? Well, hold on, because you’re on for a surprise.

The most googled question in the world (drum roll sound effect…:) is: “What is my IP?”

Yes, what is my IP is the most ardent and intense question on most people’s minds. Surprised much? Of course! Why in the world would 3.35 million people on this planet need to know what their IP is? How can this be the number 1 question that people need an answer to?

The second question: “what time it is?”. It has almost 2 million searches. Seriously, people? Wouldn’t the actual device you’re using to google your question tell you what time it is? Facepalm.

“How to register to vote?” is number three. The list is finally starting to have a little more down to Earth questions.

“How to tie a tie?” Ok, we all know that tying a tie is no easy job, and not everyone around us knows how to do it. That is why 673,000 people googled it last year. Fair enough.

“Can you run it?” is fifth on the list. Run what? This one doesn’t even make sense, right? So what are people asking about? Here’s the answer, so that you don’t have to google it for yourself. “Can you run it / Can I run it Can my PC run it” is an online tool for gamers. It basically tests if their computer can run the newest and most popular games on the market.

“What song is this?” is number six. What song, people? How is google supposed to read your mind? Now I see why people think that google knows everything. I laughed hard reading this question and decided to do a little test of my own. So just for fun I asked the searching engine itself: “Google, are you a mind reader?” Surprisingly, the very first result gave me some interesting info: “Mind-reading headset lest you Google just with your thoughts”. In the introduction the article talks about a headset that can let you transmit information to a computer without uttering a word. You have to subscribe to read the whole article though, which I didn’t bother. I might get back to it later though.

“How to lose weight?” is what 550,000 people asked Google. I almost started to give an answer to this one, then I thought: “nah, I’ll just let Google tell you the steps.”

“How many ounces in a cup?” is the question number eight, and the correct answer is eight ounces in a cup.

“When is Mother’s Day?” is what 450,000 people were wondering. That’s not too difficult. It’s true the date exact date changes every year, but it’s important to know that in the USA Mother’s Day is celebrated in the second Sunday of May every year.

“How many ounces in a pound?” is question number ten. Correct answer: 16.

The list continues with questions like: How many ounces in a gallon, How many weeks in a year, When is Father’s Day, How to download YouTube videos, How old is Donald Trump, How to screenshot on Mac, Where are you now, How to make pancakes, How to make money, How to lose belly fat, Is it going to rain today, How to boil eggs, etc. All these questions having between 450,000 and 201,000 searches on Google.

Trusting the above got your interest as well as maybe made you laugh, here’s a great fun video with Answers to the 100 most Googled questions. Enjoy it! 🙂

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