10 Best Nail Salon Marketing Ideas

nail salon marketing ideas

According to Globenewswire, the nail care market in the U.S. is estimated at US$2.7 Billion in 2020. This is a good reason you should consider investing in a strong marketing strategy for your nail salon.

In this article, you’re going to find the best nail salon promotion ideas that will take your small business to the next level. You’ll understand better why you should promote your nail salon and how to do it like a pro. 

Here’s all you need to know about the best nail salon promotion ideas.

1. Get your nail salon visible on Google Maps

If you haven’t set up yet your business location on Google, try typing your salon’s name in the search bar. What were the results? Probably nothing. In this case, that means you practically don’t exist, and your potential clients don’t have many chances to find you. 

Well, before you put any nail salon marketing ideas into practice, make sure you’re visible when people search online for a nail salon in their area. 

Don’t worry: there are just a few simple steps to follow to accomplish this mission, and it’s free. Setup your Google my business account, then move to the next steps. 🙂

2. Create a website for your nail salon

Why do marketers always highlight the website part? Simply because a website is a virtual visit to your nail salon. The way you design it, the information you share there, and the time and money you invest in having a good website reflect your nail services’ quality and the passion you put into your work.

Plus, having a professional website is a way of making your clients trust yourself. Generally, potential clients tend to trust a salon with a website and an active social media page. 

Now, it’s easier than ever to design your high-quality website. Whether you’re promoting your business, showcasing your work, or starting a blog —you can do it all with the Wix website builder. On Wix, you can find awesome website templates for nail artists, which allow you to set up a website on your own easily.

You can add your nail salon logo, address, write some information about your business, and create an online portfolio of your artwork.

Other elements you can add on your Wix website are Google Maps or even your Online booking page from Appointfix, with just a few clicks.

You can choose the free plan from Wix, but it only costs 5 dollars to use your domain for your website or 10 dollars to buy one from them. 

3. Enable nail salon online booking

The young generation takes advantage of technology for everything they have to do. When it comes to school, they have online classes and online homework to do, when it comes to gaming, they play lots of online games all day long, and when it comes to the services, a young person will always choose a nail salon that provides online booking.

Be it a good thing or not, here’s an advantage for you in this situation: by using an online booking system, you’ll save some hours, and you’ll increase productivity, meaning you’ll be able to earn more money. How so? Just think about how many hours you’ve spent every week to manually keep track of your appointments, to manually send reminders to clients, and so on.

Luckily some apps do it all for you. This appointment scheduling app can automatically send text messages to your clients: instant notifications right when the appointment is booked, reminders when the appointment is coming up, and follow-up messages. Check it out on the App Store or Google Play

4. Use SMS marketing for nail salons

Another useful nail salon marketing idea is to send marketing messages to your clients.

With the same app I’ve been talking about, you can easily send a bulk text message to all your clients. Whether you want to send them business updates, special deals, or anything else, with a few taps, everything’s done. Gain precious time and forget about texting each client individually!

Running an SMS campaign is more practical than you think. Your messages are being sent for free directly from your appointment app, and you can even allow your clients to interact with your message to confirm an appointment or more. 

5. Create a photo portfolio

Your nail artist portfolio is a collection of your best work, and you absolutely need it as part of your nail salon marketing strategy.

We’ve already discussed that it is fundamental to include information about your work on your salon’s official website, and a portfolio of your nail models is one thing you must have. Anyway, consider having a printed one too in your nail salon: you never know when an opportunity shows up or a client needs inspiration.

Taking the photos you’ll include in your portfolio is not a thing you do in seconds. There are details like lightning, background, and other things that matter a lot if you want to reach a really professional looking nail portfolio. If you’re struggling with taking quality photos if your client’s nails, here’s a little video guide:

6. Boost your nail business on social media

Through the nail salon marketing ideas, you can’t miss social media.

Being present on social media is a must, because it’s an inexpensive (or suddenly free) way to promote your nail salon business in front of hundreds and thousands of people. 

Most people think that promoting themselves on social media means posting before and after photos and some quotes. In reality, virtual success means permanently engaging with your audience, providing high-quality and informative content, and, most importantly, being consistent.

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to social media, so if you want to discover more, check out this article about the social media marketing strategy for small businesses.

7. Sell nail salon gift certificates

We all know that there’s no better gift for a woman than an appointment to a beauty or wellness salon. Therefore, gift cards are the secret.

This nail salon marketing idea will help you expand your clientele base: in the short term, you’ll win another appointment, and luckily, in the long term, another loyal client. Well, make sure you print some free nail salon gift card templates and have them prepared in your nail salon. You never know when someone needs one. 

Zazzle has some lovely nail artist gift certificate templates you might be interested in.

8. Offer nail salon loyalty cards with discounts

Investing time and money in your nail salon marketing ideas make your customers feel appreciated, and every client that feels appreciated is loyal to you. To reward their loyalty, a good opportunity is to provide them loyalty cards. For example, after a certain number of visits to your nail salon, your client gets a free appointment or a discounted one.

On Zazzle, you can find some awesome printable loyalty cards for nail artists

9. Sell nail care packages

Selling package services in your business in a win-win situation: your client will benefit from more services in a single appointment, and you’ll raise your income. 

When you have a fully booked calendar but still not earning enough, you need to focus on increasing the amount of money clients spend during their appointment with you. Selling service packages requires no additional time from you (to disinfect tools, wait until the next client comes, etc.). 

For example, you can create in your online booking services list a package containing manicure and pedicure in the same appointment, or manicure and a paraffin treatment. 

10. Find your USP and stick on it

A USP (unique selling proposition) is essential when you want to differentiate yourself from your competition. Well, if you didn’t think about what’s unique about you yet, it’s time to do it. After you find out what makes you so unique that your clients come to get their nails done at your salon, again and again, stick on it and promote it everywhere. 

Maybe you’re a good listener or a good communicator, or perhaps you have the talent to make extraordinary nail paintings, or you use the best nail products: one of these things is your USP, and that makes your nail salon business so special for someone out there.

If you don’t try, you’ll never know what works.

Give a try to these nail salon marketing ideas and keep an eye on your business evolution. Some things might work better than others, but a thing is sure: if you don’t try, you’ll never know what helps you grow your business and achieve your goals. 

I hope you found in this article some precious solutions to promoting your nail business. As a nail artist, don’t forget that knowing the latest nail style trends and advising your clients will increase their trust in yourself. 

Last but not least, don’t wait for instant results, because only with consistency and perseverance you’ll obtain the marketing results you’re working for. Be patient and stick to your nail salon marketing strategy.

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix


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