New Settings For Services: Processing Time, Extra Time & More

We’re ending the summer well with some new settings! There were a few changes that we successfully managed to do for you lately. Now, you can set fixed or variable prices for services, you can set the duration in hours or minutes, add processing time, block extra time, reorder services in an appointment, and many other service improvements in your appointment scheduling app

Read the article below and find out the latest additions that we’ve made. Hope you enjoy all of them! 🙂

Price type: Variable or Fixed

There are some services to which you have variable prices, for example a haircut can cost 25$ for short hair and 40$ for long hair. For that, you’ll have a setting called “Price Type” where you’ll be able to select if you have a fixed or variable price for a certain service. 

By default in the app, it will be set for the fixed price. If you select “variable price”, then you’ll be able to input text. E.g., Price varies, From $25 or $25-$50.

This information will be available on your online booking page and in the app in the services list. If you don’t fill out something, by default we will display “Price varies”.

Duration, processing time, and extra time


For some of you, it may not come naturally to write the duration process of a service in minutes. Therefore, we’ve introduced the possibility to write the duration in hours and minutes. For example, if you had to type the duration process 70 minutes, from now you’ll be able to write 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Processing time for certain services

Some of you asked us the following: “How do I add processing time in between the color and the cut so that they are not back to back? For instance, during the process time of my colors, I will do another color or a haircut. Example Jane Doe has a color appointment at 11-11:45, I then add a haircut service from 12:30 to 1:15.

As many of you requested this setting, we found it important and we immediately started working on it. From now on, hairstylists that need a processing time, for example a hair coloring with a 30-40 minutes break until the color processes, will have the possibility to book another client in that time slot. 

By default, processing time will be OFF. By enabling processing time, you can add a block of time after the service which is bookable by other clients online.

Processing time in online booking

If a certain service has processing time, on your online booking page, the services will be shown with the total duration (service duration + duration of the processing time). 

For example, if you have a coloring service that takes 30 minutes to apply and 30 minutes to process, then the service will be listed with the duration of 1 hour on your online booking page. The processing time will not be displayed separate from the service. What’s most important is that this processing time is bookable by other clients online.

Extra time

By enabling this option, you can block extra time after the appointment. You can block time for cleaning, for traveling to your next client, or anything else you need. In case you have an appointment with multiple services with extra time blocked, we’ll block just one extra time slot, the one with the biggest duration. 

In the app, the algorithm to display appointments will handle both processing time and extra time as part of the appointment – processing time will be drawn after the service, extra time will be displayed at the end of the appointment.

On the online booking website, the extra time will be handled as part of the appointment, similar to a service.

It is important to know that clients won’t be able to book online a time slot already blocked by “Extra time”

Search for a service while creating an appointment

Many of you have plenty of services and it is annoying to scroll through the whole list until you find the one you’re searching for. Therefore, from now on, you’ll have a “Search” bar in your “Add services” screen to find them easier. Once you add multiple services to an appointment, you can also reorder them.

Add a service multiple times in an appointment

There are clients that need the same service twice, for example if a mother wants a haircut for 2 children. With the latest version of Appointfix, you’ll be able to add a service multiple times in the same appointment. The same goes when a client books an appointment online. 

Make sure to constantly update your Appointfix app in Google Play and App Store, so you’ll be able to use the latest version with all the changes we make. We want to thank you for the feedback we permanently receive from you. It helps us improve the app to be more and more helpful for your business. We’re still waiting for your opinion and feature ideas. Please write them in the comments section below or at Keep up the great work and the good vibe! 🙂

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix

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