Online booking is now available, totally free!

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We’re finally here with the most demanded feature we’ve ever launched: online booking. Why is it so desired by all our clients? Because it is comfortable, it requires no effort, and your clients can book themselves whenever they want. What to expect more from your appointment scheduling software? 🙂

We know you’re always in a hurry and it’s more important to finish your work instead of answering the phone for a new appointment. Therefore, we’ve been working hard in the past few months to resolve this problem for you.

Grow your business with free online booking

With Appointfix’s new feature, you can let your customers book online on your free booking website and through your Facebook or Instagram page. Now it’s the perfect time to gain even more clients by adding a Book button on your Facebook or Instagram profile. And if you have a website, you can simply link to your Appointfix booking link. Appointfix is your assistant that never sleeps! 🙂

Personalize your online booking page

Make your online booking profile even more personal by adding details about your business, services, and yourself. To edit your business details, please follow the steps below:

Open Appointfix and go to Menu → Settings → Online booking → Business details.

Your link is the main interaction with your clients when they book. Therefore, you have the chance to edit the link. Adding your business’s name in the link will make you look even more professional than you already are! To edit your booking link, please follow these steps:

Open Appointfix and go to Menu → Settings → Online booking → Booking website link.

Here’s an example of a booking link, check it out and see how it looks and works like:

The optimized schedule saves you time and money

You can show customers all available time slots, or you can choose to show them only the time slots that are before and after an existing appointment or personal event. The default setting is to display all your free time slots. It’s important to notice that the optimized schedule setting will be applied only when there is at least one event on the calendar for the day.

How to make available only time slots that are before or after an existing appointment?

Go to Menu → Settings → Online booking → Calendar availability.

You’re the one who is in control

You can set if you want to accept all bookings automatically or if you want to accept/ decline each appointment request manually. As a default setting, all bookings made by customers online will be automatically accepted. But if you prefer to accept/decline booking requests manually, please follow the steps below:

Open Appointfix and go to Menu → Settings → Online booking → Bookings acceptance, and select Manually.

When you opt to accept booking requests manually, an email will automatically be sent to your client when a booking is made. At the same time, you will receive a notification, and a pending appointment will appear on your calendar. You’ll then need to Accept or Decline it.

You can also choose how many hours before start time people can book an appointment and also until when they can cancel or reschedule it. To change this setting, please open Appointfix and go to Menu → Settings → Online Booking → Booking Policy. There you will be able to set when you allow your clients to book or cancel. This setting will affect the availability of the slots displayed for booking. The default value will be eight hours.

How do I block off time?

You can create a personal event and it will automatically appear as a blocked slot. Personal events can be created by tapping + → select Personal Event → Enter event’s details → Save.

We have good news!

Online booking will be included in all plans, from free to paid, so that everyone can enjoy increased productivity.

Just go to Menu > Online booking, and share your booking link with everyone!

Don’t need the option?

To turn off the online booking option, please open Appointfix and go to Menu → Settings → Online Booking → Switch the toggle off.

This new feature has been included in our latest update, which is now available on the App Store and Google Play. We’re sure online booking will make your life much easier! After you try it, please send us your suggestions on how we can improve it. Thank you all for staying with us during this tough time, and don’t forget to start every day with a smile on your face and determination to work for your dreams!

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix

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