14 Most Read Articles in 2018

Every single time we write an article on our blog, we aim to bring value and useful content to you and your business. We published a bunch of interesting stuff last year: marketing advice for small businesses, posts on appointments, reminders, planners, etc. Here are the best reads on the Appointifix blog in 2018. Enjoy this summary and make sure you give a read to the articles below in case you missed them when they were published. Happy New Year 2019, folks! 🙂

58 Appointment Reminder Templates to Inspire You

In this day and age when technology is all around us, individual businesses use appointment reminders more frequently than ever. Using a mobile app for scheduling appointments which sends automated SMS / text-message reminders to clients is the golden ticket. For countless professionals out there it can reduce no-shows to zero. Here are some examples with templates you can use to help you create better appointment reminders.

55 Inspirational Quotes for Hair Stylists and Salon Owners

A tiny piece of useful advice, a kind observation, a funny joke, a heartfelt compliment from a coworker, a motivational quote read on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or maybe a great ad seen on a street banner on the way to work, has that immediate enjoyable effect of cheering us up and brightening our day. And sometimes we might just need some fresh ideas for that next Instagram story, when ta-da! an inspiring quote comes to the rescue.

10 Friendly Reminders Ready to Send to Your Clients

You’d like to send your clients a friendly reminder regarding their appointments with you. Great, but what should you say? “Just a friendly reminder” is a great way to start your text message, then add all the relevant info you’d like to transmit to your recipients. Below are some practical examples and templates you could employ, especially if you’re using a scheduling mobile app to manage your appointments and send friendly reminders via text messages.

Appointfix now works in landscape mode on tablets

One thing that was requested by many of you is for the app to work on landscape mode on tablets. With the latest update, available on App Store and Google Play, this is now possible! Simply change the orientation of your screen and the app will switch from portrait to landscape and vice versa.

Having a Great Appointment Book

How does a great appointment book look and what’s the best salon appointment book? Important questions. In order to answer them correctly, let’s first define “appointment book” using the Cambridge Dictionary, as I love it how it invites us to make our words meaningful. There we go: “appointment book is defined as a book or a piece of software with space or page for each day, in which you record future appointments, meetings, etc.”

The Best Planners 2019 to Organize Your Work & Unclutter Your Life

Let’s talk about appointment planners, those nice necessary tools that help you stay organized. Do you prefer a Blue Sky Planner to help you achieve your dream of organization effectively and with style? Or maybe a Full Focus Planner to help you organize your day and achieve goals like never before? Are you in school and you’re interested in the best planners for college in order to get the most out of your experience both academically as well as personally? Maybe an academic planner is probably what you’re looking for.

How to Arrange and Organize Your Beauty Salon

An important reason to have an organized salon: you really care about your clients needs. People go to beauty salons to disconnect, relax and get pampered. You know that well and you’re so happy to see every client our yours walking out of the salon looking amazing and feeling like one million bucks. Therefore you want to avoid chaos like the plague.

5 Tips on How to Deal with Angry Clients

You might have the most wonderful clients in the world, but chances are that at times even you have to deal with some not-so-satisfied customers. One of the keys is not to take their anger personal and start being defensive as a result, but to use some little techniques instead which can bring you to solving things better, faster and with less emotional consumption. It’s important to take your client’s anger seriously, but not personally. How can you do that?

Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Your Salon

The year is long and the most wonderful sale of all, only lasts one day. According to this survey, most shoppers will get started on gift-buying in early November (but men are more likely to wait until December). The average shopper plans to spend $625 on gifts. As a salon owner, hairstylist, beautician or nail technician, you’re probably not too thrilled about offering discounts. Fair enough. But knowing there’s many people out there with pockets full of money, looking for gifts for themselves and for others, maybe you’d like to do something this coming Black Friday to get more cash coming in and more new clients.

Best Marketing Apps for Dentists: 2018 Winners – Appointfix

Dental SEO Marketing specialists had tried and reviewed hundreds of marketing services and software over the years, and here’s a short list of their absolute favorites. We are thrilled to see Appointfix included in the list of top apps which you might consider utilizing, should you work in the dental field. Here’s the evaluation and their pertinent observations about Appointfix app.

Champions Train, Losers Complain: 40 Fitness Quotes & Gym Jokes

Every passionate fitness addict knows that life has its ups and downs, and we call them squats. Exercising is a lot of fun and for many champions out there the gym can be your favorite place on earth. Here’s a fun little collection of internet gym humor to keep you going. If you’re a fitness trainer, you can use a few of the lines below to instill some motivation into your very nice (but too comfortable;) clients. Enjoy it!

An Excellent Way You Can Use Your Mobile Phone to Add Value to Your Small Business

As a small business owner you probably feel some days that you’re married to your mobile phone and your appointment book. You two just can’t be apart. The cell phone is your connection to the world, your hope for more business, for more clients and more money coming in. Even if you feel sometimes like throwing it into a lake (after talking to more difficult clients or receiving some less thrilling news), you know you can’t live and do business without it. It’s your trustworthy, noisy (or calm) pocket size business partner. Your phone is a great listener and a tremendous helper. Many even call it “smart”.

34 Interesting Hair Quotes

Here’s our little collection of hair quotes: interesting quotes about hair and hair only. Get inspired with these curly hair and natural hair quotes. It’s about that cute hair, blonde hair, gray hair, funny hair, long hair, messy hair, red hair, short hair and some beautiful hair poetry. Weather you’re a hairstylist or you’re just looking for some beautiful quotes about life, you can find superb sayings about hair here – inspirational, funny, wise and poetic hair quotes. Obviously we won’t go here into detail about hairstyles for long hair for example, and you won’t find in this collection any Harry Potter quotes either. But if you love hair, be prepared to be inspired! Great new hair quotes are here for you.

Dental Marketing Ideas on How to Grow Your Practice

Honestly, who loves the dentist? Their significant other and their mom, I would say with a little bit of sarcasm. I’m writing this post on a rainy summer Monday with a storm going on outside at the moment, so please bear with me. I don’t know about others, but I used to panic whenever I heard the word “dentist”. I think some of your will understand that perfectly. You’ve probably heard the saying: “Some pains are physical, some pains are mental, the one that’s both is dental”.

Emilia is Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at emilia.pustan@appointfix.com.