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Appointfix 2.0 is here and all existing Android users get a Free Premium account

We’re excited to announce that in the next few days we’ll be releasing the new Appointfix. The release on Android will be done in stages so not everyone will be getting the update at once. We spent hundreds of hours listening to your suggestions on what could make Appointfix better, over a year developing the new version, and 2 months in beta testing. The update will be available as usual through Google Play and upon installing it, you’ll need to create your account, as the old app didn’t have user accounts. All existing users will be automatically upgraded to the… Read More

Join the beta program of Appointfix 2.0 and get a Free Premium account

We’re excited to be able to give the opportunity to test drive a beta version of the new Appointfix, before it will be publicly released. We spent hundreds of hours listening to your suggestions on what could make Appointfix better and almost a year developing the new version. This beta version might still contain some errors, so we need your help in testing the app. Please find below what new features and improvements we’ve added or jump directly to get the beta. Everyone joining the beta program will get a Free Premium account. What’s new: Redesigned interface and faster… Read More

Free alternative to StyleSeat for booking appointments and reminders

We’ve been receiving lately a lot of requests from people that were using StyleSeat to keep track of client appointments and for reminders, it seems that StyleSeat switched from free to $35/month. In case you’re in this situation and you’re looking for an alternative to StyleSeat, I’d like to clarify a bit what you’re going to find in Appointfix and how we can help. Appointfix allows you to keep track of appointments and automatically sends reminders to your clients. It is currently available as a mobile app on Android devices and we’ll soon launch for iPhone too. However there’s is… Read More

3 Ways Personal Trainers Can Save Time While Managing Their Appointments

According to a recent study from over 1,000 working professionals, 45% of workers feel they don’t have enough free time; their job is colonizing their entire day, not just 9 through 5. Personal trainers are no exception to this, so let’s look at what can be done about it. 1) Use a mobile app to manage your appointments Instead of relying on the old-school pen and paper or on a desktop solution that keeps you tied to your desk, choose to manage your appointments using a mobile app. Once such an app is Appointfix, which presents itself like… Read More

Appointfix for iOS launch date and what’s coming

00 Launcher icon (1) The wait is almost over, I’m saying almost because we’re still putting the final touches on the iOS version of Appointfix and also on the new Android version. I know many of you have been waiting it for a long time and I’m sorry for this, I wish it had been ready sooner but it took us a lot longer than we initially estimated. Launch date The good news is that Appointfix 2.0 will be awesome and according to our last estimations we’ll have a beta available in early September December and in late September January a public release. It… Read More

Introducing Appointfix 1.6 and one of the most requested features

Since we launched Appointfix 10 months ago, we’ve gathered a lot of feedback from hundreds of independent service providers who use our app daily and one thing many people requested is to have more flexibility when setting up the SMS reminders. So in this upgrade we’ve introduced more options for reminders. These are now: 1, 2, 3, 4, 24, 48, and 72 h before appointment. You can setup your reminders by going in Menu → Settings → Reminder Times and check which times suite you best. By checking them here, you’ll automatically have them added to each appointment you create.… Read More

Appointfix 2.0 Android Material Design Showcase

We’re working on a major update of Appointfix and this means in the case of the Android app, a major redesign following the material guidelines. In order to create an amazing experience for you guys, everything has been carefully thought out, down to the smallest detail: icon, typography, grids, space, color, imagery, menu etc. Check it out and please feel free to share your thoughts in comments. Flavius is Co-founder & CPO of Appointfix, an appointment scheduling app that makes life easier for beauty, fitness, and wellness professionals. Feel free to drop him an email at .banner-container{ width:… Read More

Reducing no shows with SMS reminders gets easy

  Are missed appointments costing you time and money? Whether you’re a hair stylist, massage therapist, dentist or any other type of professional that books appointments with clients, the easiest way to decrease no shows is to use automatic text message reminders. A no-show rate of 20% is not uncommon among businesses that work on appointments and this can easily be translated into thousands of dollars lost. SMS reminders are the best way to reach your customers, statistics say that 97% of marketing texts are read compared to marketing email, that have an open-rate of 10%. Appointfix is a mobile… Read More

Appointfix: The smart appointments book on your smartphone

Just like every river has its spring, every app that gets published most likely has its origins in a problem the founders ran into. There are at least 2 situations that led us to building Appointfix. I had a close friend that owned a dog grooming business and many times, she was frustrated because clients failed to show up for appointments. So she started manually sending text message reminders every evening, which was time consuming. Another situation was when making appointments to our dentists, there were times when they would say: ”Please call me tomorrow when I’m in the office,… Read More