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A walk through Holy Week | Easter during COVID-19

The greatest news story in the history of humanity broke on a spring morning in 32 A.D. The news? Jesus of Nazareth, the Preacher, had risen from the dead just as He had predicted. And who was entrusted with the most profound and incredible story in all history? Not an editor from TIME Magazine, nor a writer from Christianity Today, but two simple women. Why? Maybe because innately, a woman has greater sensitivity than a man. Or maybe because they were the last ones at Jesus’ Cross…  Or could it be because thousands of years earlier, death had come by… Read More

A tattoo artist’s story: how Emily Sands built up a successful business with a passion for art and people

Emily Sands works as a tattoo artist at Black Heart Tattoo in Cookeville, Tennessee. She’s been putting in practice her biggest passion – tattooing – since 2012. As a super mom and super wife, Emily found her work-life balance through a well-done booking strategy. Her strong passion and determination motivated her to open her own business and to work independently. May her story inspire you to dedicate yourself to the things you love most! 🙂  1. Who or what inspired you to become a tattoo artist and how did you end up starting your business?  I started my tattoo apprenticeship… Read More

How to improve communication during the Coronavirus pandemic

The importance of communication can not be understated, because it has a vital role in our lives. It helps not only us to share information and knowledge, but it also maintains a way to develop social relationships with others. We communicate with a lot of people including our families, our friends, our business partners, or simply strangers everyday. Even if it seems to be an easy process, there are some details to which we have to pay attention to having an effective communication process.  It is not an easy period for any of us. Our schedule, everyone’s schedule, looks like… Read More

Survival kit for small businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak

How can you make the most of this unknown season as a small business owner, when your clients are staying at home? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we live times that we haven’t lived before. The entire Appointfix teamworks from home for more than a week now, as you probably know if you’re following our blog and social media channels. These are not the worst possible times. Remember that our grandparents had to go to the war! It is just a very bizzare and weird season, no question about it. The uncertainty is high, but the hope is always more… Read More

How can hairstylists, nail techs and estheticians overcome the coronavirus panic?

Have you found yourself overwhelmed, worried or distressed about the coronavirus (COVID-19) these days? March is usually a beautiful month of the year, with spring knocking at our doors. After the winter, with January and February being the slowest months for the beauty salons, business really picks up nicely in March. Because everyone is getting the spring vibes and wants a fresh look. That’s how things used to be… because this year 2020, March apparently thinks of itself as being more special… The COVID-19 pandemic is seriously affecting businesses everywhere. Beauty industry professionals are being hit quite hard, and here… Read More

Best 10 ways to maintain an optimistic perspective in life

It’s a difficult time. We’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, with cities that are shutting down slowly. Streets are empty. Some of us are in areas that have already been affected by the Coronavirus. Anyway, nature is blooming. Spring unearths its beautiful greenness, pollution is decreasing visibly, the crowded touristic cities are now clean, showing us their true beauty. This is how you should see the positive part of every negative situation: nature is reborn. Life is changing. people are changing. But people have a quality: they can adapt to every situation. Be cautious! Take things seriously, but… Read More

Important information for our clients and app users about coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Appointfix clients and app users, we know there is a growing concern regarding the impact of the coronavirus, and we’d like to inform you that we have taken all the right measures and precautions for our team. The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) calls for responsibility in following the guidelines of the local authorities and health departments. We are closely monitoring the situation and we’ve made some strategic decisions about how to best protect our team members and clients. In the end, we all want to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the local community we serve, as… Read More

Chanelle Retief’s story: how to reach success both in your nutrition business and personal life

Chanelle Retief works as a dietitian at NutriFundi, a dietetic-consultation company with a special interest in sports nutrition, gut-related problems, and weight-loss. At NutriFundi, each patient receives individual attention, treatment, and care. They base all their meal plans and nutritional advice on the most recent, up to date research and recommendations. Not only a dietitian… Chanelle is not only a dietitian. She is also a runner and a fitness enthusiast. She has successfully completed 5 Comrades Marathons and is currently training for her 6th one. She also wants to do an Ironman-event in the near future. May her story… Read More

8 funny memes that will make every pet groomer smile

You’ve already lived that moment when someone says “oh, how nice, you’re a pet groomer, you’re playing with puppies all day long…how relaxing can it be!”. Seriously? Hmm…think about that again, please.  Even if it seems to be funny working as a pet groomer, actually it is not an easy job. You’re facing all kinds of stress and, damn, sometimes you have to deal with such complicated people! I have a close friend who works as a pet groomer and she always tells me: “honestly, if you don’t have a sense of humor and a little bit of craziness inside… Read More

10 useful tips for reaching an equilibrated work-life balance

Being in an equilibrated work-home balance is probably the most difficult objective to set. How should you organize your schedule so you can spend more time with your family? How should you spend your time to evolve at your workplace? These are the questions we think about, almost every day. Now you feel like spending more time in nature with your beloved ones, then you feel pressured to finish your work tasks. You may think that it’s impossible to accomplish all your objectives: to be the best in your career and to have a perfect family life. But how do… Read More