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The best Father’s Day gift ideas for 2020

Men, be they husbands or fathers, are a significant person in a family. They are the ones that offer support, safety, and love. We as women are spoiled every day with those little things that make us feel so thankful for everything, but once a year is their time to be spoiled.  This year, the 21st of June is about them. It is about the devoted fathers and the most loved husbands. It may seem like the holiday is all about grilling and fantastic Father’s Day gifts, but there’s undoubtedly more to it. The way we celebrate Dad has changed… Read More

Salon branding strategies for successful hairstylists

A brand is like the soul of your business. It’s what transmits life, energy, color, and attracts the ideal clients you want in your hair salon. In this article, we’re looking at your salon brand. Do you need to revive it? Let’s say there’s this new client. We’ll call her Jessica. She is new in town and searching for a hairstylist. Jessica had a great stylist where she lived before, but now she moved to your city. She received a work promotion and got transferred to your area, so she’s here to stay. Jessica is an ambitious young professional in… Read More

How self-discipline can help you reach success

Nowadays, it is difficult to say that we are completely satisfied with our job. Whether we need to earn more money, whether we should communicate better with those around us, or we simply need more satisfaction in what we do, there is a key element that can improve all these things: discipline. It helps you take control of your mind, thoughts, and actions. It enables you to stay on track until you accomplish what you have to do.  Contrary to common belief, self-discipline does not mean living a life full of limits and prohibitions, but living life by knowing your… Read More

SMART goals for hair salons, barbershops, beauty salons, spas, and fitness training centers

Writing SMART goals will give you a better focus on what needs to be achieved in your small business. Dear Appointfix hairstylists, barbers, lash artists, nail techs, massage therapists, fitness trainers, pet groomers, and small business owners, the pandemic is slowly letting us breathe again. It’s summertime, but we can’t have all the freedom we need to enjoy life and do business as usual. Is your appointment book still full of clients that need to be rescheduled from the lockdown months? Remember that the modern appointment book has the new mass massages feature, plus Online Booking is here too.  When… Read More

Online booking is now available, totally free!

We’re finally here with the most demanded feature we’ve ever launched: online booking. Why is it so desired by all our clients? Because it is comfortable, it requires no effort, and your clients can book themselves whenever they want. What to expect more from your appointment scheduling software? 🙂 We know you’re always in a hurry and it’s more important to finish your work instead of answering the phone for a new appointment. Therefore, we’ve been working hard in the past few months to resolve this problem for you. Grow your business with free online booking With Appointfix’s new feature,… Read More

Having trouble staying organized? 6 Tips for HairStylists, Barbers & Cosmeticians

A few months ago, pre-COVID-19, we asked some hairstylists to tell us which things they struggle the most with. On top of their concerns was “how to stay organized.” Time management, constant cleaning, organizing appointments and clients, managing product supply, keeping client records, and many others, are everyday tasks that hairstylists, barbers and cosmeticians deal with. If you’re a stylist in the beauty industry, having a family (and being a working mom), you’re terrific trying to do everything as well and neat as possible. Some of your attempts to a more organized life probably already include writing things down on… Read More

7 Lessons learned from the pandemic

Last week, in this article, we promised you a post on lessons from the quarantine and what the pandemic can teach us. Even if we didn’t desire it, the quarantine proved to be a time to reflect on some of the essential things in life. Nobody has the same quarantine experience, though, so feel free to share some of your lessons in the comment section at the end of this post.  Family is everything Our loved ones are close to our hearts every time, but when danger seems to be on the horizon, we’re even more connected. Even if… Read More

Appointfix, the most efficient scheduling app for all your business needs

How different is your life and business after the quarantine and lockdowns? We hope you’re aware of all the safety guidelines for reopening hair and nail salons, barbers, and spas, and your small business is back to some sort of “normal.” In some regions, the lockdowns are not over yet, and some of you have only opened your business part-time. To help you get your salon, barbershop, fitness program, or spa rolling again, here are some details about Appointfix scheduling app. This most efficient scheduler manages your appointments, sends automated message reminders to your clients, and helps you manage… Read More

Safety guidelines for reopening hair & nail salons, barbershops, and spas

A large percentage of our Appointfix clients work in the beauty industry. If you’re a salon owner, hairstylist, barber, cosmetologist, nail technician, lash artist, etc. in the United States, these are the main guidelines you need to know for reopening your salon or barbershop. As humans, we’re not always thrilled about following rules and regulations. Maybe that is why Pablo Picasso said, “learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist.” As mature people, we understand that rules are usually for our protection and well being. These are protective measures to ensure your… Read More

Must know: 6 time management tips to boost your productivity

Now that the lockdown is over almost everywhere and some of the beauty professionals are back to work, something has changed. We got used to the home routine. We got used to seeing just our family members and to do things in a more relaxed rhythm. Back to work, we can’t afford to lose any minute of our schedule. This radical change of routine might come with a lack of concentration, tiredness, or a need for more breaks.  Time management is essential when it comes to maintaining a work-life balance. Keeping track of your time is a better way to… Read More