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Now you can create personal events and block off time in Appointfix

Our mission at Appointfix is to make your life easier when it comes to managing your schedule. However, up until now, we didn’t have a way to create personal events or to block off time in Appointfix. This changes with our last update, available now on the App Store and Google Play. We’ve now introduced an easy way to create personal events, so no more back and forth between your Google/Apple Calendar and Appointfix, when it comes to your personal events.How does it work?   Really simple. Like before, double tap on the calendar or use the “+” icon and… Read More

Save time by importing multiple people at once from Contacts

Until now Appointfix had a small integration with your Contacts and when you were adding a client, you would get suggestions from your Contacts. Tapping on a suggestion would import that person from Contacts into Clients in Appointfix. But this meant you could only import people one by one, which was time-consuming.  Starting with our latest version 5.6, now available, you are able to import multiple people at once from Contacts. To access this new feature, just head over to Menu > Clients and tap the icon in the upper right corner. You’ll be able to select all the contacts… Read More

[Lash & Brow artists] Job challenges, eyelash trends and industry statistics

Thinking about what seems to be the biggest trend in the Beauty Industry, let’s talk about lash artists and some of the challenges they face as small business owners working with appointments, clients, schedules and constant need to attract new clientele. In numbers, according to this report published on Reuters, “the global market for false eyelashes has been witnessing high demand for the last few years and is projected to reach $1,754 million by 2023 compared to $1,147 million in 2017”. That makes it a good business to be in. North America is dominating the False Eyelashes Market with over… Read More

Do you work at your clients’ address? We have a surprise!

If you run a business where you go to the customer’s address to do the work, like for example you’re a mobile dog groomer or you have a landscaping business, we have some good news for you. With our latest update, we have introduced a new field in the appointment, LOCATION. Simply tap the “Add location” link which is situated in the lower area of the appointment’s screen and start typing an address. Once you type 2, 3 letters you’ll see a list of Suggestions. If one of them matches what you wanted to add, just tap on it and… Read More

[Nail Techs] Appointment booking, automated client reminders and more how-to-grow-your-business tips for nail salons

Nail technicians are solopreneurs. Manicurist, pedicurists, nail techs are artists making this world a more beautiful place, one nail at a time. It might seem their main job is just to clean, shape and beautify fingernails and toenails. But their hidden power is to bring more beauty into the world one client at a time. And the goal is to have happy clients, make more money and grow their nail business. Your profession is your passion Your day to day work as a nail tech includes discussing nail services with your clients, treatments, cleaning, trimming, polishing and decorating nails with… Read More

Be even more in control of your business with Reports

Many of you were wondering since you already have a Price field in the appointment, why can’t you see your total sales for a day, week, month or year? Rejoice! With our last update, we’re introducing 3 types of reports that will help you easily see how your business is doing.   Reports will be accessible by going to Menu > Reports. Revenue reports & Option to export themYour total sales for any day, week, month or year are just a tap away. Easily view how your business performed in a given period of time compared with previous times.  You can even export… Read More

A good barber booking app for Michael the Barber [Barbershop Software]

Barber cutting hair Do barbers need to know more about appointment scheduling, text reminders, client management and financial reports? Is there a good barber app or a barbershop software? The answer is positive and very encouraging. There are options as there are more and more great barbers who are ready to drop their old pen and paper appointment book, trading it for much more efficient and comfortable tools. This article will look at the tasks barbers do on any normal day, analyzing what part of the daily routine can be made more efficient, with even less effort than doing it the old way.… Read More

Appointfix 4th of July Super Deal: 50% OFF for the first year!

Appointfix makes your life easier by providing simple tools to help you run a stress-free profitable business. Celebrating Independence Day with 50% OFF for the first year is our best campaign so far! We’ve got your back with: appointment scheduling, text reminders, client management and financial reports. Either if you are going to be beach bound or at a nice picnic with friends and family this coming 4th of July, here’s something for you to enjoy on top of the delicious food, drinks and awesome fireworks in red, white and blue. There’s 50% OFF on Appointfix Premium and Ultimate for… Read More

Wishing you a blessed Memorial Day 2019

“There is nothing nobler than risking your life for your country.” -Nick LampsonAccording to CNN’s 5 ways to pay respects on Memorial Day and Memorial Day Foundation post on how to observe the holiday, there are specific customs for paying respect to fallen heroes on Memorial Day: Flying the US flag at half-staff until noonObserving a moment of silence at 3 p.m. local time, participating in the “National Moment of Remembrance”Attending religious services of your choicePlacing flags or flowers on veterans’ graves “A man’s country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it… Read More

Mother’s Day Giveaway & Raffle: $100 Amazon Gift Card for Mom’s Wisdom

This weekend the wonderful moms are the main characters to have the spotlight. They should be spoiled with lovely gifts, sweet words and all the love and flowers they deserve. At Appointfix we have a special appreciation for the most exceptional women who gave us life. We believe they are the most beautiful, strong and wise human beings. This year we’re celebrating their wisdom. Just as it’s wise to listen to your mom’s advice, it’s wise to use Appointfix to manage your appointments and send automated text message reminders to your clients. It’s both wise and helpful to reduce no-shows… Read More