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Mobile Learning Age: Banning or Accepting Smartphones in Schools?

There are more and more concerns about technology distracting students from school work. If you’ve been around a teenager for about five minutes, you’re probably aware of the fact that teenagers would rather text than having a face to face conversation. Therefore they need smartphones and apps and text messages that result in dopamine release which creates addiction.   We want to teach students to be responsible citizens, both in real world as well as online. As adults we’d like to keep them safe and teach them the pros and cons of technology. Should students be permitted to bring a mobile… Read More

Australian Company Launching the First Ever “Cyber-Safe Mobile Phone for Kids”

Family Zone is an Australian company focused on cyber safety for children. The company believes that parents want peace of mind when children are online, no matter what device the kids are using. Their goal is for kids to be protected and for parents to have control over their children’s online habits. This new and innovative launch means including specific settings in the new smartphone, that make it possible for parents to restrict phone usage for their children. The company will soon launch the world’s first fully-featured smartphone with built-in cyber safety called the FZ One, an Android mobile device.… Read More

How Can We Achieve Peace?

This weekend, more exactly on 21 September 2018, we celebrated the International Day of Peace. It is more special this year because this time Peace Day also celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “The Right to Peace- The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70.” The International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) was established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution. This special day of celebration aims to bring together all mankind to engage in searching peace and harmony, in spite of all differences. We are all called to do everything in our power… Read More

How many of us follow our childhood dreams?

People tell kids they can be anything they want when they grow up. If you take a random group of three to six year olds their answers would probably include: policeman, firefighter, princess, Spiderman, doctor, celebrity, Hulk, fairy, teacher, ballerina, athlete, vet, model, astronaut, pilot, truck driver, hair stylist, chef, millionaire, etc. Some of the funny exceptions might also include: “a dog”, “a tree”, “a car” etc. It’s sweet when kids take it literally and believe they can become anything they want. They are fearless about their career choices. In order to see the connection between childhood career aspirations and… Read More

Beneficial Things to Do in Your Limited Free Time

Time is the only luxury that no one in the world can afford. Not even Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. Therefore nobody should waste time. We work hard in order to get money plus free time, which we then can spend on doing things we love doing, such as hobbies, relaxing activities and fun stuff. There are a few different ways of spending our free time: having fun and relaxing, or relaxing while being productive. What does it mean to be productive in your free time? It would be fair to ask: aren’t you actually working if you’re… Read More

Would You Rather Lose Your Smartphone or Get a Bad Haircut?

The digital era we live in forces us to constantly adapt our interaction with others. Some of our habits and preferences get influenced by social media and the constant technological updates. Aiming for balance is a daily challenge, therefore every once in a while is good to pause for a moment and ponder on how technology affects our lives. This blog post was inspired by the results of the poll Finding balance in a wired world, done by Real Simple and The Huffington Post. In this survey, approximately 3,600 women were asked how smartphones and social media affected their… Read More

Labor Day Campaign: 3 months FREE of our new Premium Plan!

Bye bye summer, fall is calling… Labor Day weekend is here and with it a great chance to celebrate the end of summer in style. A cookout with friends and family most likely guarantees the fun and great atmosphere. We’d like to be part of the celebration which pays tribute to all the great working men and women among us, you being one of them. Our Labor Day give away: 3 months free of Appointfix Premium ($30 value). You work hard and deserve a little bonus. The offer starts today and ends on 7 September 2018. Appointfix app is the… Read More

7 Great Beauty Industry Books to Read

  There are some great books to read for those passionate about the beauty industry. On top of the magazines, blogs, online subscriptions, there are some excellent materials that could get you more insight and business acumen in the beauty industry, especially if you’re just starting. The following books are not only for the beginners though. The veteran beauty industry professionals would also get a refreshed perspective, vision and more inspiration. Out of the many books out there we’ve selected: Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me by Paula Begoun This book helps women find products that make them… Read More

Business Lesson from a Mosquito and How to End Summer Well

Life is beautiful and summer is that time of the year when we can enjoy it to the fullest. For most of us, I tend to believe summer is the perfect season to relax a little and enjoy the good life. Great weather, blazing sun, pool days, delicious fruity cocktails, cold drinks, refreshing ice-cream and oh, those lovely backyard BBQs with friends and family! For those of you born in a tropical country, summer may sound less thrilling… Still, I bet there’s something even you love about summer time. Personally, I love everything about summer! Well… except for the mosquitoes,… Read More

Alarming Online Trend and Psychological Phenomenon – Snapchat Dysmorphia

We live in a time and age when image is everything. Selfies have to be perfectly edited as the standards of beauty are continually transforming. What was beautiful a few years ago, might be considered too imperfect or boring for the evolving selfie standards of today. Adjusting every photo is a real challenge but also a gratifying experience for many millennials (and other age groups) who are obsessed with having perfect pictures on social media. There are filters for breathtaking glowing skin, immaculate white teeth, large eyes, small nose,  big lips, etc. As filters are applied every facial feature and… Read More