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Which of your dreams did COVID-19 try to crush?

When it comes to coronavirus, people tend to look at it from a couple of different perspectives. On one side, there are those very careful with any social interaction, scared of touching any surfaces outside their own home, and are extremely concerned about catching the virus. They take all possible precautions, wearing masks and gloves all the time, using a lot of hand sanitizer, and staying at home as much as possible. Limiting the trips to the store for groceries, they pretty much cancel any other kind of trip out of the safety of their own house.  Some of them… Read More

A fitness trainer’s story: How Joshua Dais successfully built up his business from scratch

Joshua Dais works as a fitness trainer at Body Zone Key West. With a background in sports medicine, Joshua’s passion is to help people with traumatic injuries recover after the physical therapy sessions. Here’s the story about how he built up his personal trainer business. Enjoy! 🙂 1. Who or what inspired you to become a personal trainer, and how did you end up starting your business?  My own experience while trying to lose weight inspired me to become a personal trainer. I started out as a janitor at the first gym I worked at. A little over a year… Read More

How to use your smartphone intelligently

Are you going out without taking your smartphone with you? I bet no one will answer with a “yes.” Why? Because nowadays, smartphones are essential to us. They are smart, as even their name says, and we can use them for any problem we have on this planet. If even the phone can’t resolve a problem, only God can. 🙂 Smartphones have made everything reachable through a single touch. Once, family, friends, live games, and work used to occupy the whole time in our schedule. Now, we can’t even imagine how much time we’re spending with our new best friend,… Read More

Impact of social distancing in the beauty industry

Even now, without knowing all of its effects, the impact of the social distancing due to coronavirus cannot be overstated. Our personal and professional lives have radically changed while the authorities are being challenged to stop the spread of the virus by shutting down all businesses. Today, the value of being a good citizen is more important than ever. Social responsibility requires the recognition and assumption for the good of the group to which one belongs and for the good of other people living within that group. Therefore, people invest time and effort in their workgroup to ensure its proper… Read More

Back in business? Inform your clients with mass messages

We know you’ve been passing through a difficult period and that many of you had to close your business. That’s why we’ve taken a look at what feature could help you the most once you reopen, and we immediately implemented it: Mass messages. You can now easily send a mass/bulk text message to all your clients with an update (e.g., happily reopening after quarantine), a special deal, or send a rebooking reminder to people you haven’t seen in a while. Mass messages are accessible by going to Menu→ Marketing→ Mass message. This feature is included only in the Premium and … Read More

5 ways to develop your Emotional Intelligence skills

It’s a difficult period for all the small business owners and professionals, that’s why we come up with tips & tricks to help you get through this pandemic easier. As we promised, we’re not letting our clients face it alone. We’re working hard on two new features for our appointment scheduling software: mass messages and online booking. These two features will take away all your stress when you get back in business. In the meantime, we strive to create relevant content that might be helpful for you until things return to normal. If you haven’t downloaded our app yet, AppointfixRead More

Top 5 best appointment scheduling software for small business professionals on the go

Probably you’ve been searching for an appointment scheduler for your business, and you found that Google gives you hundreds of results. Well, in this case, how to choose the perfect one? The answer is: not easy. When it comes to selecting an appointment scheduling software, things can get complicated and sometimes even confusing, but we’re here to help: our purpose is to save your precious time and to make your life easier, so we did all the hard work for you. After we made a market research and tested some apps, we’ve finally created a list of 5 best appointment… Read More

Corey Jones story: how to start a personal training business through patience and determination

Corey Jones is a NASM Certified personal trainer in Salt Lake City, Utah. He’s a very passionate trainer with a desire to help every single client to feel and look better by maintaining their mental health and increasing their self-confidence.  Hope you enjoy his business story as much as we do. 🙂 1. Who or what inspired you to become a personal trainer, and how did you end up starting your business? I’m not sure to be quite honest! I think I just really liked helping people, and when I got into fitness, it really helped me with confidence as… Read More

53 useful appointment reminders for your clients during COVID-19

Have you set an automated text message reminder to inform your clients about your business’ modified schedule and policy at this time? It can be useful and very appreciated, as we’re navigating these alarming times with coronavirus lockdowns. Here’s some inspiration for hairstylists, nail techs, aestheticians, lash artists, pet groomers, spa techs, doctors, dentists, counsellors, fitness trainers, massage therapists, etc.   As a small business owner you absolutely love communicating with your clients. In these challenging times, communication plays an even greater role. You are forced to cancel a ton of booked appointments, huh? We’re all sad about it… Cancelling… Read More

How Emotional Intelligence can help small business owners and professionals

Emotional intelligence is that magical “something” that helps us recognize and control emotions in ourselves and others. As it guides people’s thinking and actions, it is fundamental to know our emotions and how we react in different situations for controlling them better. How? Right here’s the answer: by training our brain and developing our emotional intelligence skills. As a hairstylist, nail artist, pet groomer, therapist, personal trainer, or barber, you work with different kinds of people every day, and for keeping them close, you have to know a little bit how to talk to each of them according to their… Read More