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11 Interesting Quick Facts About The Super Bowl

It’s Super Bowl weekend! Super Bowl LIII (53) will take place on Sunday February 3rd, 2019 at 6:30pm Eastern. Since 2003 every Super Bowl has taken place during the first week of February (from 1967 until 2003 the Super Bowl took place in January). This huge American football event will determine the champion of the NFL (National Football League) for the 2018 season, between the two-time defending AFC (American Football Conference) champion New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams – the NFC (National Football Conference) champion. Here are some quick facts related to the Big Game this year and over… Read More

Say “Cheese!” | Your Client’s Profile Picture in Appointfix

You’re a small business owner using Appointifix to schedule and manage your appointments. Every single time your clients steps into your beauty salon, barbershop, spa, gym, dental clinic, etc. and as you welcome them as a hairstylist, nail technician, makeup artist, driving instructor, massage therapist, chiropractor, dentist, tutor, golf instructor, nutritionist, photographer, sport coach, computer tech or esthetician, it is fundamental for you to have your clients’ full details available in the blink of an eye. So one of the nice little interesting features Appointfix has, is that it allows you to save your client’s contact details, including their photo.… Read More

Appointfix Practical Questions & Answers | Part 1

Our awesome colleagues from Support get a number of “how to” questions, from the equally awesome users of the “modern appointment book,” Appointfix appointment reminder app. Here’s an interesting Q&A list with practical answers and concrete steps related to text messaging reminders and how Appointfix works. Find out how to create an appointment, how to set a recurring appointment, how to add clients in the app, how to color-code your services and appointments, how to set the work schedule, how to change the time, how to edit the reminder template, etc. Probably the funniest question: Where is the menu button?… Read More

ULTIMATE Plan Now 500 FREE Messages & 60% OFF for Extra SMS Packs!

Dear Appointfix users, Great news for our Ultimate clients and for the Basic users who are thinking about starting an Ultimate plan. We have increased the number of messages included in our monthly Ultimate plan from 300 to 500 messages! If you have an Ultimate subscription, you will get the 500 free messages when your monthly cycle resets next time. For the Basic users who are not familiar with these details, you should know that under the Ultimate plan, the SMS reminders are fully automated and are being sent via our system. That means that with Appointfix Ultimate it doesn’t… Read More

14 Most Read Articles in 2018

Every single time we write an article on our blog, we aim to bring value and useful content to you and your business. We published a bunch of interesting stuff last year: marketing advice for small businesses, posts on appointments, reminders, planners, etc. Here are the best reads on the Appointifix blog in 2018. Enjoy this summary and make sure you give a read to the articles below in case you missed them when they were published. Happy New Year 2019, folks! 🙂 58 Appointment Reminder Templates to Inspire You In this day and age when technology is all around… Read More

What is Christmas? The history and Meaning Behind Your Favorite Holiday Traditions

The month of December is not like any other month of the year. It’s the holiday season! Everything is wonderfully decorated with Christmas trees, red ribbons and tons of colorful lights. The streets, the houses, the stores are captivating, charming and glamorous. It’s time for having fun, giving and receiving gifts, spending quality time with the family, playing in the snow while listening to “Joy to the World” and other beautiful Christmas carols. How did it all start though? What is Christmas? Where does it come from, together with all the traditions? Is it a food festival? The best time… Read More

Our Christmas Gift Under the Tree | Get 3 months of Premium or 1 month of Ultimate for FREE!!!

Christmas is about giving, being joyful and generous. In the holiday’s spirit, we’d like to offer you something valuable as well. Our Christmas gift for you is a FREE trial of our Premium or Ultimate plan. If you are on the Basic plan, or you received in the past Premium as part of a promotional campaign, between 21 and 25 December you can start a free trial of the new Premium or Ultimate plan. You can try Premium FREE for 3 months or Ultimate FREE for 1 month. After the trial period ends, you will be charged the standard price… Read More

Top 50 searches on Amazon 2018

Amazon sells some of the latest, most useful products and the coolest things you can imagine. The American e-commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington, started an online phenomenon, being now the go-to website for the online shoppers. Do you remember the time when Amazon was all about selling books? That time is gone. Today Amazon sells everything. From pens, to pots, to dresses, to guitars,  pet supplies, industrial hardware, skin care, rough plumbing, diapers, gadgets and so on. What do people look for on Amazon? They sure look for great deals first, but let’s see the products… Read More

The Most Googled Questions In The World: What Are People Asking Online

If you’ve ever wondered what people ask on Google, you’ll be surprised. Get yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and keep reading. You’re about to exercise your cheek muscles laughing, as we’re going to look at some of the top 100 most asked questions on Google, according to Mondovo. Their list included top 1000 most googled questions. Probably not too many would make in into “a google a day” online puzzle game though. Here’s a shorter list of the most commonly asked questions. If you have the time and interest to see them all, you can check the… Read More

After Black Friday & Cyber Monday Comes Travel Tuesday

The shopping event which includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday doesn’t end yet. Since last year, Travel Deal Tuesday is been officially added to the pack. Travel Tuesday deals may not be super advertised, but you should look for them. The phenomenon started initially with #TravelTuesday, a hashtag in Twitter and Instagram. Have you made your travel plans for next year? Travel with no regret because adventure is worthwhile. As Tolkien said: “Not all those who wander are lost.” The history of Travel Tuesday according to SkyScanner tells us that #TravelTuesday first mentions were used to caption inspirational quotes and… Read More