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Last call for Android users of version 1.8 to upgrade to the latest version and get a Free Premium plan

One year ago we launched a major upgrade of Apppointfix and we also launched the paid plans. We generously offered all existing users a free upgrade to the Premium plan, however this offer will end soon, on April 30th 2018. Android users who are still on the old version 1.8 need to get the new version from Google Play.  Upon installing it, you’ll need to create your account, as the old app didn’t have user accounts. All existing users will be automatically upgraded to the Free Premium plan, no charges will occur. The only thing that is not included… Read More

How to adjust your Battery Optimization settings, so you have the best experience with Appointfix

Due to restrictions from Google, reminders aren’t fully automated anymore under the Basic and Premium plans. One tap is required for each reminder to be sent. We’ll send you a push notification each time you need to tap for sending an SMS reminder, or you can go to Menu → Reminders each morning and send the reminders for the whole day. We’ve received lately feedback from few of our Android users (on the Basic and Premium plans) that some notifications are not received when they were supposed to. After our investigation, we realised that this is caused by some of… Read More

These holidays get 3 months of Premium for FREE

The spirit of Christmas is generosity, so if you’re on Appointfix Basic and you were wondering how’s the Premium version, we have a gift for you these holidays: 3 months of Premium for FREE. Premium comes with: unlimited appointments recurring appointments with multiple options to customize the recurrence reminders without Appointfix branding priority support Who’s qualified for this offer? This offer only applies to accounts that are on the Basic plan, it doesn’t apply for ongoing Premium paid subscriptions (sorry, technically it’s impossible). How can you get it? Simply email us at letting us know the email you used… Read More

The initial sync is now up to 10 times faster

We’re striving to continually improve Appointfix and one thing that needed improvement is the initial sync. This update (v2.2) will help you get access quicker to your appointments schedule. When does the initial sync occur?  When you install the app on a new device, at the first login, the app will sync with our server and get all data back: appointments, clients, services, settings, basically everything. When you uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Check out below how fast is the new version and make sure you’ve updated from App Store or Google Play. Flavius is Co-founder & CMO of… Read More

Earn free months of Premium with the Appointfix Referral Program

A sweet hello from the Appointfix team to all our friends out there. We’re always improving the app, bringing weekly updates to fix issues and to add new features. We’re happy now to announce the Appointfix Referral Program. What is it? The Referral Program will allow Appointfix Basic users to invite friends (by completing their email) and get Premium for a limited period of time (1-6 months), completely FREE. How is it going to work? Firstly, please download the latest version which includes this feature from Google Play or App Store. Basic users can access the Referral Program in… Read More

Appointfix 2.0 is here and all existing Android users get a Free Premium account

We’re excited to announce that in the next few days we’ll be releasing the new Appointfix. The release on Android will be done in stages so not everyone will be getting the update at once. We spent hundreds of hours listening to your suggestions on what could make Appointfix better, over a year developing the new version, and 2 months in beta testing. The update will be available as usual through Google Play and upon installing it, you’ll need to create your account, as the old app didn’t have user accounts. All existing users will be automatically upgraded to the… Read More

Join the beta program of Appointfix 2.0 and get a Free Premium account

We’re excited to be able to give the opportunity to test drive a beta version of the new Appointfix, before it will be publicly released. We spent hundreds of hours listening to your suggestions on what could make Appointfix better and almost a year developing the new version. This beta version might still contain some errors, so we need your help in testing the app. Please find below what new features and improvements we’ve added or jump directly to get the beta. Everyone joining the beta program will get a Free Premium account. What’s new: Redesigned interface and faster… Read More

Free alternative to StyleSeat for booking appointments and reminders

We’ve been receiving lately a lot of requests from people that were using StyleSeat to keep track of client appointments and for reminders, it seems that StyleSeat switched from free to $35/month. In case you’re in this situation and you’re looking for an alternative to StyleSeat, I’d like to clarify a bit what you’re going to find in Appointfix and how we can help. Appointfix allows you to keep track of appointments and automatically sends reminders to your clients. It is currently available as a mobile app on Android devices and we’ll soon launch for iPhone too. However there’s is… Read More

We’ve found a fix for the Daylight Saving Time issue

We have some good news, we have solved the issue related to Daylight Saving Time. In the current version (1.8.3), the appointments are wrongly displayed on the calendar (off by an hour) during the week when it is the Daylight Saving Time. We’ve prepared version 1.8.4, however because we already have in private beta testing Appointfix version 2.0, we can’t publish an upgrade to version 1.8 through Google Play. So we’ll provide you through this blog post the instructions on how to get the installation file of version 1.8.4 from our server. Step1) Make sure your phone is set to… Read More

We have an error related to the Daylight Saving Time

Update: We’ve found a fix for this issue, please read this post We’ve detected an error in the app related to the Daylight Saving Time (or summer time). If you’re looking at your calendar and the week (or 3 Days view) includes the day when is the Daylight Saving Time (if there is DST in your area), all your appointments are displayed incorrectly on the calendar, they are off by an hour. If you are opening the appointment’s details screen, the details are correct, however they are displayed wrongly on the calendar. For example in Adelaide, South Australia, the… Read More