20 Hairstyle Trends 2020: Most Popular Hairstyles For Women

A new season, a whole new world of trending hairstyle ideas. There are plenty of easy ways to reinvent yourself every new season, but nothing beats a new hairstyle if you’re in the mood for an instant transformation. 

Just like hair-color trends, some of the following hairstyles have been “in” at one time or another, and most of them never really went out of style at all.

If you’re thinking about making a little style change, bookmark this page. You’re going to want to show it to your stylist for sure! 

Even if in the end your favorite hairstyle will need to be adapted to your unique hair texture, color, and face shape, you’ll look absolutely gorgeous by choosing one of the following modern hairstyles in 2020. 

Now, go forth and get inspired by some of the most popular hairstyle trends for 2020. Celebrities have already chosen their own style, have you?

Popular Hairstyles For Women in 2020

1. Boho Hairstyle

This style has been around for a long time before and is still one of my absolute favorites.
By adding some modern accessories, you’ll immediately make the bohemian hairstyle look fresh and unique to you.
Just give it a try, and you’ll be wearing one of the most popular hairstyles that are trending this year!

2. The Blunt Bob Hairstyle

The blunt bob has been super popular for some time now, and it’s easy to see why. Being one of the biggest hairstyle trends for 2020, the bob hairstyle is flattering, easy to maintain and it projects a sense of feminine self-confidence.
The bob hairstyle trend looks likely to carry on in 2020, but I think it’s much better to move away from the sharp angles towards a gentler, more textured take on the style.
Only imagine wearing the classic blunt bob but softened, with a hint of texture at the ends. It’s a subtle detail that adds a more interesting air to a strong hairstyle that isn’t about to disappear from the list of popular hairstyles in 2020.

3. Natural Texture

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As I already mentioned in the Best Fall Hair Colors 2020 article, the natural hair look will be forever trending. 

In a world full of hair extensions, extravagant dye colors and thousands of look changes, a short period of natural look is just welcome. Spend some time rediscovering yourself and let your natural beauty spark.

After such a period, you’ll rock again better than ever with an awesome hairstyle transformation. 

4. Waves

In 2020 it’s time to take advantage of your hair’s natural wavy texture! Either way, if you’ve got straight locks, hurry up to the hair salon and get a wavy hairstyle for your next event.

As it is one of the most elegant hairstyles for 2020, you’ll be a presence to remember with this easy to do and comfy hairstyle!

5. Modern Shag

2020 is set to be the year of the shag! Why? Because it is one of the most adored medium length hairstyles in 2020!

We are of course referring to the shag, a layered 70s hairstyle with messy bangs and plenty of rock ‘n’ roll attitude. The shag has been enjoying something of a renaissance, with fresh modernized touches.

The modern shag tends to differentiate itself from the classic 70s look by incorporating more texture, which adds life and face-flattering softness to a fun, retro hairstyle.

6. Braids

We’ve heard it so many times: braids are an easy way to forget about hair styling for months!

Braided hairstyles are the best way to explore your creativity, and they are one of the most popular hairstyles of 2020. There are many interesting hair braiding techniques, and all of them have a single purpose: to make every stunning woman be unique.

Besides that, you can experiment with highlights, natural or curly texture, shapes, etc.

So, are you ready to give it a try? Beyonce already did, and she looks pretty awesome! 🙂

7. Hair Accessories

A recent Pinterest report indicates that the best hairstyles in 2020 are the accessorized ones.

Justine Marjan – the hairstylist behind the Kardashians- agrees and thinks that the scrunchies, scarves or headbands will grow even bigger when we talk about the most popular hairstyle trends for 2020. “I think we’ll see more fabric textures,” she predicts. “I love a giant tulle or a soft fluffy chiffon situation.”




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Hair Pins

8. ’70s Bangs

Fashion always reinvents itself. This being said, the 70’s are back this year!

Selena’s bangs are perfectly feathered, looking like every cool-girl of the 1970s. The fringe inspired from the 70’s is the hairstyle trend you’ll see on every fashionista this year!

9. Pixie Hairstyle

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“Shorter than we’ve seen the pixie cut in the past, this look has less movement overall and provides a freshness for the new year.” – Michael Sparks, hairstylist and co-owner of Tabb & Sparks Salon.

2020’s take on pixie cuts are either super short or just a bit longer than normal. This short length hairstyle feels very modern for the new decade. 

10. Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

“The bob will still be a trend going into 2020.”- Nicole Casamassima, stylist at the Nexxus Salon in New York.

What do you say about a different kind of bob hairstyle? If you want more versatility and a sophisticated hairstyle with the right length for your face shape, the asymmetrical bob is the perfect choice.

For a more youthful and casual look, try wearing it wavy. You’ll be both stunning and comfortable, and you’ll be wearing one of the most modern hairstyles in 2020!

11. Grazing Curls

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Natural curly hair is equally considered as a blessing and a trouble.Your hair doesn’t always settle as you’d like it to, as it gets extremely voluminous or simply sticks out.

Even though, if you take care of it properly, chances are you’ll have a unique hairstyle that gives you a more self-confident appearance. 

Here’s just a stylish hairstyle trend idea for curly hair. If you’ve got straight hair, here’s a tip about how to get natural curly hair effortlessly. Hope you enjoy it just as much as I do! 🙂

12. The Classic Ponytail

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One of the most popular hairstyles for women in 2020 will be ponytails. Even if you choose to keep your hair low at the nape of your neck, or high with a black hair band around, you’ll look stunning and elegant with both choices.
For more tips about how to get the perfect ponytail, you should watch this video. It will change the way you used to do it since now for sure!

13. Bandana Hairstyle

To show you how to reach a popular hairstyle in 2020, I’ve rounded up the best bandana hairstyle ideas right here.
Most commonly used as a hair accessory that you tie around your head, the bandana became a must have in the 90’s when celebrities like Aaliyah Dana Haughton started wearing them.

Nowadays, celebrities, bloggers and influencers consider that bandanas are the hottest hair accessory to wear in 2020. Don’t you think the same? 🙂

14. Wet look Hairstyle

The wet hair look has been seen on celebrities for quite a while now. It can give off an after-beach vibe, but it’s actually a hairstyle that’s ideal all year round.

Versatile, easy to do, and elegant, the best thing about the wet hair is that there’s no professional hairstylists needed!

Here’s one more thing that women will love about this hairstyle: it’s not necessary to wash your hair right before doing it! That’s probably why this one is such a popular hairstyle trend.

15. Ribbons

We all know how fun it is to perfectly tie up a present, but the hairstyle experts have got another use for the silky stuff that’s even better: put it in your hair! 

You may think that ribbons are just those hair accessories that are worn by the school girls, but you’re sorely mistaken, dear friend.

 This classy hair accessory can spice up a lot of hairstyles in a totally grown up kind of way. You’ll align to the biggest hairstyle trends for 2020 in just a few seconds!

16. Wispy Updo

The wispy updo is the perfect balance of messy and nice, of elegant and casual hairstyles.

When it comes to looking gorgeous on a special day, it’s all about feeling like the best version of yourself. In order to do that, sometimes the most sophisticated hairstyle is the simplest one: a wispy updo made by yourself, accessorized with a beautiful flowery, pearled headband.

17. Lived-In French Twist

Hairstyle experts predict that the updo we’ll see taking off in 2020 is a reinterpretation on the classic French twist. When you’re in need of an elegant hairstyle, it is a fast and no-sweat idea to arrange your hair.

This gorgeous look is commonly worn at special celebrations like proms and weddings, but you can also create a more casual version for everyday wear. 

Here are the steps to make the perfect french twist on your own.

18. ’60s Volume

If you’ve got thin hair, it can be hard work trying to give it some volume and keep it looking good after you leave the house each morning. The good news is that there are some tips to keep it the way you want. It only depends on the length (not longer than your shoulders level), on the hair products you’re using and on the habits you have regarding your hair care routine.

Good luck with maintaining the perfect 60’s volume on your hair! 🙂

19. Euphoria Hair

If your hair isn’t covered in pearls or some kind of shimmery baubles in 2020, chances are you’re not very updated with the latest hair trends.

Whether decorating larger hair accessories or dotting the hair delicately all on their own, hair jewelries are a lovely touch and we’re happy to list them as the cutest hairstyle trends in 2020.

Pinned pearls dotted through the hair lend a very romantic touch to glamorous retro hairstyles. Just be sure to remove all your hair glitz carefully (don’t toss them away or let them go down the drain).

20. Baby Hair Look

Baby hairs are those small, very fine, wispy hairs located around the edges of your hair. They can be long, short, or even curly, depending on your hair type and texture.

Kim Kardashian confessed in an interview that she lasered away her baby hairs because of the breakouts — a decision she now regrets. Why? Because she thinks they look youthful and pretty. So does J Lo in this awesome photo, doesn’t she?

Life isn’t perfect but your hair should be

Now that you have discovered which are the most popular hairstyle trends for women in 2020, it’s the right time to make an instant look change and sparkle. Hairdress to impress, ladies!

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