Reducing no shows with SMS reminders gets easy


Are missed appointments costing you time and money? Whether you’re a hairstylist, massage therapist, dentist, or any other type of professional that books appointments with clients, the easiest way to decrease no-shows is to use automatic text message reminders.

A no-show rate of 20% is not uncommon among businesses that work on appointments and this can easily be translated into thousands of dollars lost. SMS reminders are the best way to reach your customers, statistics say that 97% of marketing texts are read compared to a marketing email, which has an open rate of 10%.

Appointfix is a mobile app that helps independent service providers easily schedule appointments while on the phone with their clients and reduce no-shows by automatically sending them text message reminders. You can customize your message and set the default times when you want the reminders to be sent. For your customer’s convenience, the message includes the date and time of the appointment and also your phone number where you can be reached in case they want to reschedule. For additional safety, you can also request them to confirm by replying “Yes”.

When creating an appointment you can always adjust the reminders, remove them or add additional ones. Never have another no-show again, start sending them reminders automatically with Appointfix to make sure they show up!

Appointfix is available for Android devices but will also be available for iOS devices in the upcoming months.

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Let clients book appointments online and automatically send them text reminders.

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