Save time by importing multiple people at once from Contacts

Until now Appointfix had a small integration with your Contacts and when you were adding a client, you would get suggestions from your Contacts. Tapping on a suggestion would import that person from Contacts into Clients in Appointfix. But this meant you could only import people one by one, which was time-consuming. 

Starting with our latest version 5.6, now available, you are able to import multiple people at once from Contacts. To access this new feature, just head over to Menu > Clients and tap the icon in the upper right corner. You’ll be able to select all the contacts or just the ones you prefer. Then tap Import and in just a few seconds you’ll have people imported in Appointfix!

This feature will save time especially for new users, but existing users can use it as well anytime it’s necessary to import multiple people. The update is live in the App Store and Google Play and is available to users on all plans, free or paid. Enjoy!

Flavius is Co-founder & CMO of Appointfix, a mobile app allowing professionals and small businesses to easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated SMS reminders. Feel free to drop him an email at