Say “Cheese!” | Your Client’s Profile Picture in Appointfix

You’re a small business owner using Appointifix to schedule and manage your appointments. Every single time your clients steps into your beauty salon, barbershop, spa, gym, dental clinic, etc. and as you welcome them as a hairstylist, nail technician, makeup artist, driving instructor, massage therapist, chiropractor, dentist, tutor, golf instructor, nutritionist, photographer, sport coach, computer tech or esthetician, it is fundamental for you to have your clients’ full details available in the blink of an eye. So one of the nice little interesting features Appointfix has, is that it allows you to save your client’s contact details, including their photo. A very useful feature which not many clients seem to know enough about. The Profile Photo is a feature that can be a powerful marketing tool for client engagement too, depending on the business you’re in.

The Appointfix users that know about the client’s photo feature and are using it, really see the nice benefits of snapping a picture of their client. Your client’s photo can work as a profile photo as you have your client’s details in one place, but it can also be a helpful tool in your work regarding the services you provide. Let’s look at some of the ways that a few different small business professionals can make the most of that little photo frame in their Appointfix app.

Hair Stylists and Hair Dressers. Your clients are happy as a clam at high tide before they leave your salon. So snap a picture of your client’s amazing hair at the end of their salon visit. Then add some quick details for yourself in the Appointfix Notes section, right under the picture, regarding the color you used, treatments, time, etc. It makes it easier for you to remember your client’s specific preferences and service details, making it possible for you and your staff to duplicate the wonderful experience for your client next time.

Clients are people who love attention and feeling unique. Taking a picture of your client’s new hair style helps you provide a wonderfully personalized experience next time your client stops by. There you have a radiantly happy client, a person absolutely delighted with her new perfect inky black color on that rounded bob haircut, or thrilled with her airy layers of chic chocolate brown with copper highlights, or that really nice client of yours who decided to change that icy blonde for the trendy strawberry honey, or who knows which other of the hair colors that are going to be huge this year. You already know it’s about the subtle colors this year and here are a few more examples here in case you need some more inspiration. Therefore, don’t forget to snap the client’s picture to have it on your Appointfix app, together with the useful little Notes which can make your life easier and your client happier.

Nail Technicians: You can have your client’s nails photographed in that profile picture. Plus some little Notes about your client’s favorite color. You probably already know that Living Coral is the color of the year 2019. A pinkish – orange color that is, for those wondering how that may look like. Quite a change from the 2018 Ultra Violet, that deep purple color of the year that your clients were constantly asking for until a month ago. In case you’d like to have before and after pictures of your client’s nails, you can use the nice little apps you’re probably already using for those cute Instagram’s stories and social media pictures. Create one of those pictures with your client’s nails before and after, and use it as a profile picture for your client in Appointfix. In the Notes section you can add their favorite nail polish colors, rhinestones, client’s favorite designs, treatments, etc.

Beauticians and Makeup Artists. All of the above already apply. You can take a picture with the dazzling result of your client’s make up session. Add some useful details in the Notes section regarding the makeup style, colors, product brands used, client’s skin products & routine, etc. This way you’re getting off to a better start for your client’s next visit. If you’d like to include a before and after picture – with your client’s consent, of course – I’d suggest you use Unfold or whatever app you prefer. You can choose from the ones mentioned above. Use it to create a picture with two photos included, a picture which you can save in your phone in order to upload it to your Appointfix account as your client’s profile picture. If this seems like too much work for you, don’t take the trouble. You can just snap a quick picture of your client wearing the beautiful makeup that your skilled artsy hands has just provided, saving that picture with your client’s details in Appointfix.

Spa, Nutrition and Health Professionals. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? You can see how your clients are getting pampered and transformed. They are relaxing and enjoying your services. A picture is the proof they are going through a neat metamorphosis, being changed in this process in the best possible way.

Driving Instructors. Your student’s photo and the details in Appointfix Notes section can help you stay more organized. If you’re more of the funny type, you can jokingly tell your students to smile for the camera, as you’re checking how well they’ll do in their driving license’s photo. 🙂 As a side note: remember that the client’s details you add to your Appointfix Notes section, you also have the option to include in the text message reminder to your student, if you want to. Things like: come 15 minutes earlier for next class, study X,Y,Z for next time, remember not to wear high heels, etc… whatever relevant details the future drivers should be mindful of.

How should you take the picture? With your mobile phone, Iphone, Ipad or whatever phone you have on which you’re using Appointfix app.

Steps to add the picture in Appointfix. Open the app, go to Menu (the hamburger button, those 3 horizontal stripes) → Clients → All your clients’ names will appear there.

  1. Search or add new client
    1. As you type the client’s name, you’ll get suggestions from your Contacts list. If the client already exists in Contacts, tap on it and it will automatically fill in with the needed information (name and phone number).
    2. If the client is not saved in your Contacts, you will have to tap on the plus sign “+” to add the new client: insert the client’s name, phone number, and e-mail address.
  2.  Add Photo. It’s here where you add your client’s photo. You can take it on the spot with your phone camera or select it from your gallery.
  3. In the last field, you can insert Notes with specific information and useful details about your client as mentioned in the examples above. Here’s how it looks in Appointifix:

Start using today this wonderful feature which has great potential to enhance your client’s experience with your business. We know you want to make each visit unique, making your client feel special, valued and appreciated. The Profile Photo, Notes section and all the other client scheduling features, appointment setting, text message reminders and the other features of Appointfix, are useful tools developed to help you achieve your objectives, manage your appointments, eliminate no-shows, build customer loyalty and help you serve your clients better.

For all the small business owners out there who are just now hearing about it: Appointfix is the modern appointment book, a wonderful appointment reminder schedule app, which allows you to easily schedule appointments and reduce no-shows using automated text reminders. Its role is to make your life a little bit easier. If you’re a small business owner working with appointments and being fed up with no-shows, take heart because Appointfix has already invented the wheel for you. Give it a try and chances are you’ll immediately get rid of your old pen and paper appointment book. Download Appointfix here if you’re an Apple fan using iOS or here if you’re using Android.

Say “cheese!” (pizza or broccoli:), and go capture some beautiful smiles on camera these days of those great, satisfied and loyal clients of yours!

Emilia is Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at