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Appointfix Staff management

If you are considering expanding your business, we’re right here to support you. Appointfix just launched the staff management feature which allows professionals to be in control of their staff member’s schedules and improve their performance by sending personalized text reminders. 

Many of you have asked if you could add an extra staff member to your calendar for bookings. Finally, the answer is YES

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • How to manage your salon staff calendar;
  • Access levels for each staff member;
  • How staff members can be bookable online;
  • Staff notifications;
  • Performance reports;
  • Staff subscription and pricing.

Manage your salon staff and their appointments


With the Appointfix staff management feature, you will be able to easily organize your team in one place, add or remove staff members, set the level of access for each of them, and stay in control of your team easily. 

You can view all staff schedules together so you can immediately spot who’s available. Initially, you will only see your own calendar in the app. After you upgrade and add extra staff members, as an account owner, you will be able to see all the staff members’ calendars.

How to add an extra staff member?

To add a staff member to your calendar, you have to follow the steps below:

First, you will need to upgrade your account to Ultimate. To do so, open Appointfix and go to Menu > Upgrade account > Select the Ultimate subscription. You will automatically receive the Account Owner rights. Now, you can choose your time size. 

For any additional staff members added to the app will cost $10/month. We will generate new “Ultimate + Staff” subscriptions. After the plan is purchased, you will be able to invite your staff members to the app. 

An email will be sent to the staff member and he will have to set a password. The new member will appear in the staff member list with a label informing that the email invite has been sent (“INVITE SENT”). At this stage, the staff member cannot be assigned to an appointment or service until he activates the account.

After the password has been set, an email will be sent to the member to download the app and sign in using the same credentials.

Individual logins and access levels for each staff member


This team management feature was specially created to offer you the best scheduling solution and confidentiality, as there are 3 different levels of access to the calendars and to the account information.

Staff members will have their own individual login details, and they will only have permission to manage their own calendar. Staff members will not see other staff members’ calendars and Reports unless you give them Administrator access. Users with Admin permissions can manage everyone’s calendars, and they have access to all sections of the app except Account & Business Settings. 

By default, your new team members get the Staff member permissions. Only you, as an Account Owner will be able to change the permissions for others from Menu > Staff Members > Edit staff.

Roles and permissions

Account OwnerAdminStaff
Manage all appointments, create appointments (personal events, time offs) for anyone, edit or delete any appointmentsManage all appointments, create appointments (personal events, time offs) for anyone, edit or delete any appointmentsEdit only own appointments: create appointments with own services, edit or delete only appointments that have only my services
View all appointmentsView all appointmentsView own appointments (= appointments with services ONLY for current user OR assigned to the current user)
Add any services to appointment, change staff for serviceAdd any services to appointment, change staff for serviceAdd only my services to appointment, cannot change staff for service
Manage all clientsManage all clientsAdd and edit all clients, except delete
View all clientsView all clientsView all clients
Manage all servicesManage all servicesNo access to Services menu
View all servicesView all servicesView only own services when managing an appointment
Manage messagesManage messagesNo access to Messages menu
View all messagesView all messagesCan view messages when creating an appointment
View reportsView reportsNo access to reports
Marketing (send mass)Marketing (send mass)No access to marketing
Online booking full accessOnline booking share onlyOnline booking share only
Manage staff membersNo access to staff menuNo access to staff menu
Edit notifications for all usersEdit notifications for all usersEdit notifications for myself
Full Account menuAccount menu own userAccount menu own user
Change Plan (subscription)No subscription accessNo subscription access
All SettingsAll Settings Except:
* no change plan
* limited Account settings (as above)
* limited Notification settings (just online bookings)
All Settings Except:
* no change plan
* limited Account settings (as above)
* limited Notification settings (just online bookings)
Help CenterHelp CenterHelp Center
Send FeedbackSend FeedbackSend Feedback

Clients can book their favorite staff member online


Clients will be able to select a service and a staff member they want to book an appointment with. By default, all your staff members will be bookable online. If you prefer a staff member not to be bookable online, you can go to Menu > Staff Members > Tap on your member and disable the option “Bookable by clients online”

Your salon staff is always in the loop


You and your staff members will be notified when an appointment is booked, rescheduled, or canceled. This way you’re saving time by not having to inform them directly about their upcoming appointments, making it easier for them to be up to date with their schedule.

To enable your notifications, open Appointfix and go to Menu > Settings > App Notifications.

Personalized text message reminders for your staff


Appointfix saves you time by automatically sending your message reminders via our system or through your own device for a personal touch. All your appointment reminders can be personalized by using dynamic fields. Information such as the client’s name, date and time of the appointment, location, or the appointed staff will be extracted directly from the appointment details. 

NEW! We’ve added the option to choose how to send messages under the Ultimate plan

hairstylist sending appointment reminder

Under the Ultimate plan, you can choose how your messages will be sent. Save more time by having messages sent fully automated through our system, or send them through your device for a personal touch. 

As an Ultimate subscriber, if you choose to send the messages via our system, you get 500 messages FREE each month. If you use them up, you can buy extra messages from 50 messages ($ 2.99) up to 500 ($ 29.99). If you add extra staff members to your account, you’ll receive 100 messages/ paid staff/ month. Unused extra messages are carried over to the next monthly usage cycle, after which they will expire. 

Using the Appointfix system, text messages come from a generic number. Clients can reply to that number, and the messages will be redirected to your number. Depending on the length of the reply, a certain number of messages will be consumed out of your monthly message quota. 

If you choose to send the messages via your own device, your phone or tablet must have text messaging capabilities and an active mobile subscription. Messages will come out of your mobile phone plan, with no extra charges from us. 

Performance reports for every staff member


Until now, you were only able to see your own financial reports in the app. Now, you can have a view of your total salon earnings or earnings per staff member. With Appointfix, it’s now easier to know which staff employees need help to improve their performance, or which ones bring you the most income.

Staff reports will include a list with the staff members, ordered by the value of their income. The lists will be divided into two groups so that the first group displays all existing staff, and the second will display all deleted staff members.


The staff management feature will only be available under the Ultimate plan, which costs $19,99/ month (one user – you as Account Owner). Any additional staff members added will cost $10/month. There will be  new “Ultimate + Staff” subscriptions, and you can find below the prices:

Ultimate + 1 Staff; Price: $ 29.99 / Month

Ultimate + 2 Staff; Price: $ 39.99 / Month

Ultimate + 3 Staff; Price: $ 49.99 / Month

Ultimate + 4 Staff; Price: $ 59.99 / Month

Ultimate + Unlimited Staff; Price: $ 69.99 / Month

The latest update which includes the staff management feature is now available in the App Store and Google Play. Make sure you have the latest version of the app and enjoy managing appointments professionally together with your staff! 

Let us know in the comments section below how much this feature will help you grow your business, or simply share questions and impressions. Wishing you all a fully booked calendar! 🙂

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix

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