The grown-up life of a small business owner

“I’m trying to make sure my ends meet up | But I can’t do it with my two feet up” is how a song goes. Hair stylists, beauty professionals, nail technicians, massage therapists, gym owners, dentists, fitness trainers, psychologists, driving instructors, pet groomers, cleaning services professionals, teachers, barbers, photographers, real estate managers, electricians, mechanics, etc. are small business owners who use Appointfix online appointment manager as part of their daily business routine. Having all their appointments with them all the time on their phone in their pocket, and on a tablet at work is very practical and convenient.

Appointfix feature of sending automated text message reminders to clients is probably the most valued attribute and benefit for our app users. Reducing the no-shows is a constant battle for beauty professionals, as well as for dentists, doctors, massage therapists and other appointment-based small businesses.

An appointment book full of client appointments is a sign of a successful small business, right? But it’s also a hint that would let one conclude that the small business owner needs a much deserved break to refresh and recharge. Resting, sleeping and relaxing is something that small business owners are not too good at, are they? The passion for their trade, as well as the drive to succeed and always do more can drive them to work day and night, to serve as many clients as possible, growing their businesses and expanding their sphere of influence.

Being a small business owner, independent professional or self employed individual starts as a dream. A necessity to make a nice and decent living, built on a beautiful dream and ambitious vision. A small business owner is a visionary brave individual. Then reality hits and many challenges start appearing, usually challenges as numerous as mushrooms after the rain. And these hurdles the person has to overcome, create stress, tension and pressure. Stress and worry are real factors that can push a person to a dangerous limit, stopping an individual operate in their full capacity. Usually a big slice of stress comes from financial issues. The loan needs to be paid, bills covered, needed inventory must be bought. And the hard working small business owner also needs to make it until the next payroll.

Working long hours is usually the norm for small business owners. There are many roles and challenges, being at the same time the boss, chief-in-command and person doing the job, as well as cleaning lady, accountant, marketer, receptionist at the salon, etc. A small business owner wears multiple hats during a normal business day. All these different roles accumulate and they start to add many extra hours of work, less hours of sleep, not enough relaxing and very limited time to spend with those most dear. Too many working hours and pressure build up. Expanding one’s limits and boundaries is a good thing and necessary for business. Learning more and growing daily is great. But working like Superman or Wonderwoman within the boundaries of a human body is pretty hard.

Grown up life is not easy. What to do when life stretches you and pushes your limits? There’s not an easy answer. There are many things that could be said. One idea would be to decide to press the “pause” button and let the holidays be a time of recharging your physical, emotional and spiritual batteries.

Easter is almost here with a new chance to let you be the best possible you. The “best YOU” loves your family and friends, and knows how to enjoy the beautiful little things in life. Let this Easter be special, deciding to make it a really sweet holiday. Not necessarily because of the sugar intake (though that might happen too with all those chocolate eggs around), but because of the sweet time you are willing to spend with the people you love most, those who care for you. Live there in the moment, giving your dear ones the best of you this Easter. They are the reason your hard work is worth it, and you are the one that needs a good relaxing time. Rest and laughter are good for your professional life too, as it gets the creative spark back in place. And you need your energy, hard work and creativity to bloom again after the holidays.

These days I’ve seen a commercial which I absolutely loved. The idea is simple, but as someone who loves advertising and understand the creative work process, I think I can say there was a fair amount of hard work, passion and creativity involved, until getting to that ingeniously simple idea. If you’re familiar with Alice in Wonderland you’ll immediately get this commercial and love it.

In this ad for chocolate, the creative team takes us through a journey together with an oversized (giant) girl – a modern Alice let’s say –  and her normal day. We see this giant Alice taking a shower, brushing her teeth, taking the bus to work, trying to please her boss, going out with her friends, etc. Then we see the giant-girl taking a train home. She arrives at her family’s house. The door opens and when her mom smiles at her, the oversized-giant-girl shrinks down to the size of a normal person. Then we see the thought provoking message: “Life makes us grow up, Easter brings us back”.

As Easter is approaching fast, please take a moment to watch this one minute little ad. It’s worth seeing it, either if you’re buying Nestle chocolate eggs or not. There’s a sweet lesson in it. The lesson has zero calories. It’s as healthy as it gets. The same thing cannot be said about the chocolate though, so that one is your own call. 😉

No matter how life tries to expand your limits, making you grow up continuously in so many different areas of life (as you need to be this responsible super-confident-grown up all the time), why not give yourself a precious “Easter gift-of-time”? That translate into quality time with your family and dear ones, relaxing time for yourself enjoying nature, company, meditating, reading, walking on the beach, praying, running, going out with friends, enjoying life while laughing hard and singing loud. 🙂

Be with the special people that let you be yourself, with family and friends to whom you don’t need to prove anything. Let the Easter holidays be full of hope, joy and rest, because holidays are moments when grown up business owners create the most beautiful memories to last for a lifetime.

Thanks for using Appointfix app and may your small business continue to expand according to your wildest dreams, may your hard work be rewarded! Remember to enjoy every single day, growing personally and professionally, by investing your time wisely in quality relationships.

“Easter was when Hope in person surprised the whole world by coming forward from the future into the present.” (N.T. Wright)

Emilia is Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at