Block Off Days In Your Online Calendar

This year has been crazy, but it didn’t stop us from improving Appointfix every single month. As many of you requested an easier way to block off longer periods of time in Appointfix, we’ve introduced the “Time off” feature. From now on, you can have a longer break, go on a vacation, or temporarily close your business without worrying that your customers will book online during that period of time.

How does “Time off” work?  

We’ve added a menu to the PLUS button on the calendar. If you tap on it, you’ll have the option to add: an appointment, a personal event, or time off. 

Tap on “Time off” and then pick the start date and end date. If you want it to start at a specific hour or to end at a certain hour, remember that the time is also adjustable. Also, you can rename your “Time off” as you wish by tapping on the text. After saving it, the interval will be marked on the calendar with a green background. 

What’s also important is that your clients won’t be able to book online appointments during this period blocked as time off. As before, when you tap on the calendar on a specific time slot, it will open the New appointment screen.

Regarding personal events, we’ve moved them from the appointment screen and you can add them as mentioned above, using the PLUS button.

One more improvement: Time slots availability in online booking

Another thing we’re introducing with this feature release is a new setting related to online booking. If you go in Menu → Settings → Online booking, you will find a new setting called “Time slots availability”. It allows you to control how the available time slots are offered to your clients. 

Until now, they were offered every 30 minutes. For example, 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, and so on. Now you’ll have multiple options: the first one is “according to service duration; therefore, if a client chooses a service that takes 2 hours, the time slots offered for selection will be 9:00; 11:00, and so on. You are also able to set other options as well: every 15 minutes; every 30 minutes (what we currently have), and hourly. With this new setting, you have even more control over how clients book appointments online.

These new features have been included in our latest update, available now on the App Store and Google Play. We are waiting for your feedback and for more feature ideas in the comments section below or at

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix

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