Top 5 beard styles trending in 2020

Beards have had many uses during history. Early humans used beards for warmth and intimidation. Nowadays, they have been used to show masculinity, royalty, fashion, and status.

Currently, about 33% of American males have facial hair of some kind, while 55% of males worldwide have facial hair. Women found full-bearded men to be only 2/3rd as attractive as clean-shaven men.

Facial hair changes the shape of a man’s face and completely modifies the way he looks like.

What’s more, despite the protestations of clean-shaven style adopters and the wishful thinking of the razor manufacturers, the beard is very much here to stay.

A YouGov survey showed that the popularity of beards has only increased since 2011, with over 40 % of British men now sporting some kind of facial fuzz, with a full beard remaining the most popular option.

The fact that so many celebrities are also sporting facial hair has helped too. Try imagining Drake, Jake Gyllenhaal or David Beckham without their signature beards and you’ll see how strong it is fixed into the public consciousness.

Here you have a list of the best beard styles for 2020 that will surely add some style to your look. You can experiment as much as you want in order to find what really looks good on you, then make that look your signature. It’s important to have patience though, especially if you want to try a long beard style. You may look messy while waiting for it to grow if you’re not careful. 

Choose your style

The only question a man has to ask about facial hair is which style to adopt. For that, right below you have some tips about how to choose your beard style, how to grow it and how to take care of it. Whether you want to grow your beard from zero or you just want to have a fresh look by changing its shape, here are the best beard styles to suit both your face and your personality.

The Short Beard

The short beard is a versatile and office-friendly option for men which adds a serious note to their faces. The ideal hirsute middle ground – kept tidy, but not overly preened – a short beard sits just as comfortably alongside a suit during the office program as it does down the pub at the weekend. A well-trimmed beard will suit most face shapes, though you may need to tailor the angles to emphasize your best features and downplay your imperfections. If you’ve got a round face, for example, you might want to reduce the length at the sides slightly to elongate the face. Similarly, leaving the sides slightly longer can help add width to a thin, narrow face. If in doubt, ask a barber to tend to your beard with your next trim, then keep up the shape at home.

Expert Tip

“If you’re bald or are sporting a short military crop, prevent the jarring ‘beard line’ towards the top of the ears by tapering the cutting length to give a more gradual transition,” says Norsworthy.

“Also continue this on the underside through the neck – this will create a stronger jawline and keep you looking smart at work.”

Stubble Beard Styles

For those aren’t ready to commit to a full beard, stubble can make an excellent alternative. Sitting between clean-shaven and a short beard, stubble is both practical in length and stylish. Of all the facial hairstyles available to man, stubble is the easiest to cultivate (you just have to stop shaving for a few days). It’s also the simplest to maintain; and the one that suits most face shapes.

A study made by Northumbria University specialists concluded that women prefer men with stubble. According to the researchers, “stubbly men offer women the mix of both- not too strongly masculine, but mature”.

Stubble also provides good camouflage for imperfections like acne scars and uneven pigmentation. Kept neat and trimmed, it’s a style that looks as good in the boardroom as it does in a bar. As a rule of thumb, three to four days’ worth of growth is optimum for most guys. 

Expert Tip

“To keep stubble and skin soft and conditioned ensure you start with a clean surface,” says Sam Norsworthy. “Exfoliate dead skin away with a facial scrub, leaving the skin underneath fresh and ready to absorb a daily moisturizer designed to soften skin and condition hair.”

Full Beard

Growing a full beard is one of those things that are decidedly harder than it looks. The fuller the beard, the more maintenance it requires and the more problems you’re likely to encounter.

Of all the beard styles, the full beard is the hardest to take care of, partly because it’s such complex. Guys with oval faces will have no problem making it work, but if you’ve any other face shape, you may need some creative trimming to ensure it fits you.

Slim, angular jaws and narrow faces can be softened and rounded out by keeping the sides slightly longer, while round faces can be elongated by growing the hair at the chin longer and keeping the sides shorter. You can also make a rounder face look thinner by growing the hair on the front of your face slightly longer than the stuff around the sides. 

Expert Tip

“The larger the beard, the higher the risk of you looking like you’ve just returned from a long trip at sea,” says Norsworthy. “Regularly nip away at the odd rogue hair and keep it smooth with an oil or balm. If you’re an older guy concerned about random grey patches, touch up the offending areas with a special dye designed for the tougher hair found on faces.”

Circle Beard

Also known as the “standard” beard, the circle beard is a combination of mustache and rounded goatee beard styles. It is a good option for men who would like to look presentable and classy without letting go of their beards. It fits best with the oval and round face shapes. 

Make sure that you have grown a reasonable amount of hair to avoid over trimming or shaving. It would be best to visit a salon to achieve the perfect circle shape, as it can be a bit tricky. As soon as you have acquired the right look, you can do the usual trimming and shaving on your own.

Expert Tip

“Take your time, you can always take more off,” says Norsworthy. Shape your beard when bone dry – hair expands and relaxes when wet, contracting to its original length when dry. “If you shape it when wet, you may find you’ve cut too much off.”

Van Dyke

With this beard style, both the mustache and the chin beard are pointy, giving this beard style its distinguished and sharp look. With its clean edges and sharp trim, it is quickly becoming a preferred look amongst distinguished contemporary figures, from P. Diddy to Viggo Mortenson, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale, and Johnny Depp.

Expert tip

“Wait until your beard becomes long stubbles. Slowly shape your beard using a good shaver. Shave off all the hair on your neck, cheeks, and sideburns. Leave your mustache untouched. Shape your beard on the chin area by forming an inverted T. Let the hair on your chin grow until it reaches about 2 inches. Trim once in a while to achieve the V shape.”

As Nora Roberts said, “life is like a mustache. It can be wonderful and terrible, but it always tickles.” So gentlemen, hurry up to choose the right style for your beard. Adopt a fresh, masculine, serious look in 2020 … I bet you’ll not only impress women but also your boss!

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