5 Best Appointment Scheduling Software For Small Businesses

appointment scheduling software for small businesses


Probably you’ve been searching for an appointment scheduler for your business, and you found that Google gives you hundreds of results. Well, in this case, how to choose the perfect one? The answer is: not easy. When it comes to selecting an appointment scheduling software, things can get complicated and sometimes even confusing, but we’re here to help: our purpose is to save your precious time and to make your life easier, so we did all the hard work for you. After we made a market research and tested some apps, we’ve finally created a list of 5 best appointment scheduling software for you. 

Here it is:

  • Appointfix
  • Square Appointments
  • Fresha
  • Booksy
  • Setmore

Why should you use an appointment scheduling software that works on mobile devices?

A mobile calendar for your business is a life saver! In the last few years, smartphones have a fundamental role in our daily lifestyle. Smartphone developers have created such amazing devices that we can use them for thousands of reasons, even if we have an emergency, we want to take a photo like a professional, or we use it for work. 

Nowadays, pen and paper are part of history, as we can use different apps for writing down our daily appointments. Advantages? A lot. You can check your schedules every time, everywhere. You can edit them or see details about clients. It’s easier to use an app on your phone than to search for your schedule planner and see an appointment there. You can earn more time for yourself, have a better organization, and no more no-shows. Doesn’t it sound good? 🙂 For any business that works with appointments, scheduling errors can lead to missed clients and decreased productivity. Appointment scheduling software prevents these problems by keeping all client and service information in one place, from which professionals can create appointments, edit them, and send text message reminders. Give it a try. It will do all the tough stuff for you. It’s a promise!

Criteria for choosing the apps:

  • Number of reviews on Google Play and App Store
  • Rating
  • Top features
  • Design
  • Cost
  • Ease of use on a mobile device

Tip before choosing an app:

Take a pen and a paper, write down your must-have features for your business and make an analysis of the following apps. Make your rating and test them before choosing one. Remember, the best app is the one that fits best your needs, not the one with the most reviews or the five-star ratings. 🙂



Appointfix was launched in 2015 by award-winning mobile agency Mobiversal, and since then, it has helped over 35.000 professionals schedule 15 million appointmentsand generate $500 million. Unlike other solutions, Appointfix was built specifically for mobile devices and having in mind the busy professional who is always on the run.

Best for:

Appointfix is the best appointment scheduling software for beauty, fitness, and wellness professionals: hairstylists, barbers, nail artists,makeup & lash artists, estheticians, tattoo artists, massage therapists, fitness trainers, counselors, pet groomers, or just people who feel the need to have a more well-organized schedule in their life. 

Nr. of reviews: Appointfix has 3771 reviews on Google Play (4,6⭐️) and 1,5K reviews in the App Store (4,8⭐️). 

Client review:

“I love this app, and so do all of my clients! As soon as I switched to this app, I got all kinds of great feedback about having message reminders for my appointments. My no call/no shows have reduced SIGNIFICANTLY. Love this app.” – Jessica O’Reilly

Top features:

1. Appointment scheduling

Create, view, and update appointments, no matter where you are. With Appointfix, scheduling is a breeze, whether you want to note in your calendar your appointments or personal events. You can effortlessly flip through your appointment calendar with the Day, Three Day, Week, Month, and Mini Month views. Your appointment scheduler has never been more accessible!

2. Text message reminders

Under the Basic and Premium plans, the messages to your clients are sent via your device and carrier. Due to restrictions from the iOS and Android operating systems, a tap is required for each reminder to be sent. The good news is that you get free unlimited reminders if you send them through your mobile device. For those of you who want to save even more time and increase productivity, we have built the Ultimate plan in which the reminders are sent via the cloud using our SMS system, and they are fully automated. It doesn’t matter on what device you’re using the app; we make sure your appointment reminders are always sent out. What’s more, we have free branding messages! They get sent out without including the signature “Sent via Appointfix,” so your messages will look more friendly. 🙂

Online booking *Coming soon

Get more clients, even while sleeping! Let customers book online on your free booking website and through your Facebook or Instagram page. Appointfix is the assistant that works 24/7 for you!

3. Reports

Your total sales for any day, week, month, or year are just a tap away. You can view how your business performed in a given period compared with previous times, and you can export your reports as PDF and CSV for accounting purposes.

4. Marketing/Mass messages

Send a text to all your clients with an update, a special offer, or anything else you want. Or send a reminder to rebook to clients you haven’t seen in a while. Marketing doesn’t need to be complicated!

5. Client management

Appointfix stores each client’s photo, phone number, and email address. You can call, text, or email a client directly from the app! Additionally, you can remember important details about them by using “Notes,” where you can write things such as services they usually request, allergies, habits, etc. 

6. Google and Apple calendar sync

If you connect Appointfix with another calendar, you’ll be able to view Appointfix appointments in your other calendar and vice-versa, but if you want to edit an event, you’ll need to do it in its native app. On iOS, besides syncing with Google Calendar, there’s also the option to sync with your Apple Calendar. What’s more, by using the Ultimate plan, you can manage your appointment calendar on all your smartphones and tablets, no matter how many devices you use. Start working on your phone and then move on to the tablet without losing your appointments. It’s now easy to keep track of your time, so you’d better choose to do it intelligently! 🙂

If you want to find out more about Appointfix’s features, click here.


The Appointfix scheduling app has a friendly design thanks to its ease of use, pretty colors (blue, green, pink, and grey) and clarity. Besides that, our personalized illustrations are meant to express a little part of each of our client’s jobs, which brings us even closer to understanding their passion, needs, and desires. 


Did I mention that Appointfix is affordable for everyone? 🙂 According to the services you want to benefit from, we have three plans of pricing: the Basic Plan is FREE. Start with one device, learn how the app works, begin making your life easier, and then upgrade. You have unlimited appointments on all the plans, but you need to know that the Basic Plan is available on a single device. For only 10$, you can get the Premium Plan or for 20$ the Ultimate Plan.

Premium gives you: sync across two devices, reports, marketing, multiple templates for messages (instant booking notifications, reminders, follow-ups), no Appointfix branding on outgoing messages, and priority support.

With Ultimate, Appointfix syncs across unlimited devices, and you can enjoy peace of mind with fully automated reminders sent via our own SMS system.

For more details about pricing and the advantages of each of the plans, you can click here

Ease of use

Appointfix is fast and easy to use, as you can book your appointments with just a few taps on your mobile device. This app has been created especially for professionals who are always in a hurry and on the go. The multiple colors you can mark your services with make your appointments easier to differentiate. Thanks to its accessibility, you can effortlessly flip through your appointment calendar with the Day, Three Day, Week, and Month view. Appointfix is also praised for reducing client no-shows through text reminders (sent semi-automated via your device or fully automated via the Appointfix system).



Square Appointments is an all-in-one solution for scheduling appointments, sending text message reminders, and accepting payments. It is a useful tool, as you can benefit from non-stop online booking, a point of sale that tracks customer details, and a payment system. 

Best for:

Square is a generalist tool, a flexible scheduling solution for coffee shops, bars, beauty professionals, health therapists, fitness trainers, home & repair services, etc. 

Nr.  of reviews:Square appointment scheduler has received a 4,2⭐️ review coming from 1125 people on Google Play and a 4,9⭐️ review coming from 58,1k people in the App Store. 

Client review:

“This is a great scheduling app. It allows the client to pick their own appointment and gives me more time working and less time on the phone. It’s a great client database as well.” – J.C. Tutt

Top features:

1. Free customer booking website

All the services are bookable by customers on the free online booking website or booking links on Google and Instagram. 

2. Integrated payments

You can collect payment at checkout, require payment when customers book, or send professional invoices. 

3. Automated text and email reminders

With Square, you can send automated reminders of upcoming appointments and change notifications via email or text. 

4. No-show protection

Protect your time and your business by requiring a full prepayment, or charge a cancellation fee to reduce no-shows.


Square Appointments is an easy to use and well-organized app: you can see your daily and weekly services or a list with all the scheduled appointments. The white-blue colors of the calendar make the appointments very clear and easy to read.


SquareUp has three different pricing plans, and they offer various features according to your needs. For individuals, the app is Free but requires 2.6% +10¢ per tap, dip, or swipe. Using the app for 2 to 5 employees, Square Appointments app costs 50$/month and requires 2.5% + 10¢ per tap, dip, or swipe. For 6 to 10 employees, Square is charging 90$/month and requires 2.5% + 10¢ per tap, dip, or swipe.

Ease of use:

Square Appointments is an app that includes your calendar, your customers, payments, and point of sale. You can manage your appointments, and your customers can book online. When your customers book a service online with you, in the Square app, you can accept or cancel the appointment requested. After confirming your appointment, you can send automated text message reminders to your clients to stay on top of their schedules. You can also manage multiple appointment requests, as you can see all your pending and upcoming appointments at a glance. There are three ways to view staff schedules: Day view, Week view, and List view. You can not block time if you tap wherever in the calendar, just if you touch the + button and select the “New Appointment” or “Personal Event” section. Overall, I think It’s a little bit more challenging to use the Square Appointments app, especially if you’re always on the go, but I find it a useful tool.



Fresha is an app where people can discover beauty and wellness services in their area. You can search for the closest services or venues, and you can book a service instantly, rebook or cancel an appointment according to every salon’s cancellation policy. Fresha’s purpose in the beauty and wellness community is to revolutionize the industry.

Best for:

Fresha is an app created for massage therapists, tattoo and piercing artists, tanning studios, eyebrows and lash artists, therapy centers, personal trainers, spas, beauty salons and barbershops who want their clients to book an appointment online for their service, directly from the app. “80% of our clients book online with Fresha. We run our whole business on the platform.” – Leith Matthews, Akin Barber & Shop

Nr. of reviews:

Fresha was appreciated by 850 users on Google Play (4,7⭐️) and by 105 users in the App Store (4,7⭐️). It was voted no.1 by thousands of beauty and wellness professionals on Capterra (5⭐️). 

Client review:

“This app is very helpful. We have been using Fresha for scheduling counseling appointments for our students. Our staff says it is easy to use, and it is quick to look up something.” -Trevor Rogers

Top features:

The Fresha online app provides the following services:

1. Appointment scheduling

You can benefit from an easy to use calendar on your mobile, tablet, and desktop.

2. Point of sale (POS)

With Fresha’s POS, you have all you need for retail, supporting barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers.

3. Product inventory

You can manage your stock with supplier ordering, professional use tracking, and retail stock.

4. Reporting and analytics

Optimize your business with insights from live performance dashboards and financial reporting.

5. Payment processing

In-app payments with saved client cards and in-store payment terminals.

6. Marketing promotions

Boost sales and fill your calendar with a range of intelligent marketing tools.


Fresha app has a modern design, which makes it more attractive for young users. It’s brand colors are yellow, white, and black. The salon’s profiles that appear on the home page gives the app a dynamic aspect. 


Fresha won’t be free for everyone, as they do have paid features that are available in select countries, but they are entirely optional. 

Here’s a list of some paid Fresha features:

Grow your online presence– Clients can book online 24/7 via marketplace, Instagram, Facebook, Google, or your own website.

Complete payment processing solution– Fresha Plus lets you process card payments via their app or in-store card terminals. 

No-Show protection– say goodbye to no-shows and late cancellations with card booking confirmations and remote processing of penalty fees.

Marketing tools– boost your sales and bookings with intelligent marketing tools.

SMS text reminders– automatically remind clients of their appointments with unlimited free SMS text messages.

Ease of use:

Fresha is a simple and flexible booking software for salons and spas. I consider it fits better on desktops than on mobile devices, as you have to swipe left and right to change between dates and navigate through staff members. To book an appointment, you just need to press and hold on a calendar slot, add a client, a service, and the duration of the service. Therefore, it is not a complicated tool, but I’d recommend it for those who prefer a web tool for booking appointments. 



Booksy is an appointment booking system for people who want to schedule appointments online for health & beauty services. There are two apps, one for professionals and one for their customers. With Booksy, customers can download the app and find the services they want to book in their area. Its goal is to simplify people’s life by booking services with just a few clicks. 

Best for:

According to Booksy’s website, “one app for you + one app for your clients = Booksy.” Well, this appointment scheduling software was created for hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, beauty salons, eyebrows & lashes professionals, massage therapists, makeup artists, tattoo shops, personal trainers, medical estheticians, physical therapists, pet services, etc.

Nr. of reviews:1,3k people in the App Store and 6163 people on Google Play shared their opinion about the Booksy appointment app, considering it a 4,6⭐️ tool (Google Play) or a 4,4⭐️ tool (App Store). 

Client review:

“My life has changed by using Booksy. No more answering the phone & having unnecessary conversations. Booksy answers all my client’s questions.” – Rebecca Gipson

Top features:

1.Client self-service

Booksy is available to your clients. People can check your free time and book their appointments non-stop, from any place with the free Booksy customer app.

2. Calendar management

Booksy makes managing and modifying schedules effortless for both individual calendars and the whole app.

3. Client management

Keep the important client details close: customizable client profiles store information like booking history, no-shows, and appointment reminders in one easy location. 

4. Marketing & loyalty tools

You can boost bookings and secure a stable client base: engage loyal and potential clients through email and social media. 

5. Point of sale

Take online payments to make checkouts faster and easier. Introduce a cancellation policy and fees to decrease no-shows.

6. Business management

Generate reports on sales and commissions as well as manage your staff and inventory. 


Booksy’s brand colors are black and turquoise. The black background of the app gives it a more elegant aspect, but anyway it looks cool and is an easy to use tool for those who want to search for a service. 🙂


Booksy is Free to download. As an independent professional, you’ll be charged 29,99$/month for using the app, and for every additional staff member, it’s the same price. For 119,00$/month, you can use the same account for unlimited staff members. Also, text messages are limited. After 500 free text messages, you may purchase additional texts for $0.04/message.

Ease of use:

With Booksy, adding a client and creating an appointment only takes a few seconds. As soon as you click the “save” button, time is immediately blocked off to prevent double booking. If you want to make changes to the appointments already saved, it is as simple as dragging and dropping the appointment. By using the calendar filters, you can easily highlight important information such as staff members, clients, or the appointment’s status. Overall, I find Booksy a simple tool. 



Setmore is an app that gives your customers the possibility to book an appointment online. Even if you work as a hairstylist or a handyman, Setmore helps you organize your time better by managing appointments on the go.

Best for: 

Setmore is an app that fits all types of small and medium businesses who work with appointments, such as barbershops, bridal salons, home repairing services, gyms, doctors, teachers, wellness centers, financial services, photographers, etc. 

Nr. of reviews: Setmore has 3171 reviews in Google Play (ranking with 4,7⭐️) and 60 in the App Store (4,9⭐️).

Client review:

“Great organization to schedule my personal training clients info and details about their sessions. I love that it keeps a tally of what I’ve made financially for the week.” – Jules Hunt

Top features:

1. Appointments

You can book in a few clicks, reschedule, double book, and more.

2. Integrations

Combine Setmore with your favorite social media platforms or productivity software.

3. Text reminders

Eliminate no-shows with customizable text/ SMS reminders. 

4. Email reminders

Automatically send text reminders to your team and customers about the upcoming appointments. 

5. Staff logins

Empower your team with the ability to manage their own calendars.

6. Reviews

Influence new customers with positive reviews from your customers. 

7. Google sync

Automatically import and export events to/from your personal calendar.

8. Self-booking

Customers can schedule their own appointments with you every time.


Setmore is not such a complicated tool. It covers the calendar, an activity history, a customer list, staff profiles, and plans & products. Its white-turquoise colors give the app a clean and friendly aspect. 


Singing up to Setmore is free, but if you want to get access to advanced business features such as more staff members login or more appointments, the Premium Plan costs 25$/ month. Also, Setmore has a Live Booking feature that works for US & Canada. They answer your calls like an in-house receptionist and book appointments for 89$/ month.

Ease of use:

Setmore is a simple, generalist tool for keeping track of your appointments. The app offers you information about your calendar, your activity’s history, your customers, and your account details. In the calendar, by tapping the + button, you can: add an appointment, slot a blocker, add a class session, add a customer, and more. Setmore is a payment partner with Square, and you can take debit/ credit payments online via their booking page. As to myself, Its list form for the appointments makes the calendar look a little bit crowded.


By now, you’ve probably made a personal opinion about each of the apps mentioned below. You can choose and compare them, but remember that the right tool is just the one that fulfills your business requirements totally and offers the services that you need to use for improving your business and earning more free time. The ideal app for you and your business, being it a beauty salon or a wellness center, is the one that is the most specific in your field, not a general one. Create your own experience with the app, try it, explore it before really starting to use it at your workplace. An app that doesn’t fit your requirements is an app that later could ruin your schedule and lose your clients, and nobody wants that! 

Therefore, with all this information at hand, all you have to do is to start a free trial and switch from an app to another until you find the most friendly one. Last but not least, I hope this article will help you choose wisely the ideal appointment scheduling software for your business. Good luck! 🙂


Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist at Appointfix

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