Top hairstyle trends that you shouldn’t ignore in 2020

Heading into 2020, we all have our personal resolutions and intentions for the way we want to begin the new year. A new decade, a whole new world of trending hair ideas. There are plenty of easy ways to reinvent yourself in the new year, but nothing beats a new hairstyle if you’re in the mood for an instant transformation. Is there any better way to start a new year than to chop off some dead weight? Strict diets and exercise regimes are long-term commitments that we all should have, but a new haircut can create a new you in a matter of minutes.

Interestingly enough, the latest hair trends — short, clean, high-impact cuts — are perfect for starting fresh the new year. Whether you find your inspiration in a shaggy bang, a fabulous pixie or a timeless bob that looks good on everyone, right ahead you have some ideas for a fresh new look.

Even if you’re contemplating a big chop or just wanting to polish up, it’s easier to make a hair decision when you have some guidance.

Therefore, we’ll show you what some of the most well-known hairstylists are predicting to be the biggest haircut trends for 2020. The ’70s-inspired shag continues to be popular from fall, while bangs, layers and rounded silhouettes for curly hair are becoming top choices. 

Get inspired to try a new ‘do by reading up on the biggest haircut trends of 2020, according to the professionals. 

The Modern Shag

2020 is set to be the year of the shag! We are of course referring to the shag, a layered 70s hairstyle with messy bangs and plenty of rock ‘n’ roll attitude. As worn by the likes of Alexa Chung, the shag has been enjoying something of a renaissance, with fresh modernized touches. The ‘modern shag’ tends to differentiate itself from the classic 70s look by incorporating more texture, which adds life and face-flattering softness to a fun, retro style.

Jumbo Scrunchies

A recent Pinterest report indicates that scrunchies are the trending hair accessory of 2020. Justine Marjan – the hairstylist behind the Kardashians- agrees and thinks that the scrunchies themselves will grow even bigger in the new year. “I think we’ll see more fabric textures,” she predicts. “I love a giant tulle or a soft fluffy chiffon situation.”

Lived-In French Twist

Marjan also predicts that the updo we’ll see take off in 2020 is a remix on the classic French twist. “This starts the same,” Marjan explains. “You’ll need hairspray and pins to hold the bun in place. Then pull a few strands out to frame the face and give the whole updo an effortless finish.”

’60s Volume

While there will always be a place for sleek and polished hairstyles, 2020 is calling for more volume. “I think fullness at the crown will be a huge trend,” she says. “I love plumping the hair with volume hairspray, then sometimes adding a hidden crown topper for even more lift.” The best way to style plump ’60s-inspired volume is to add a thick fabric headband, and heavy black eyeliner. 

Textured Blunt Bob

The blunt bob has been super popular for some time now, and it’s easy to see why – it’s on-trend, flattering, easy to maintain and it projects a sense of feminine self-confidence. Today’s bobs are chic and self-assured in a way that doesn’t pander to the male gaze.

The bob trend looks likely to carry on into the new year, but we think it’s likely to move away from the severity and sharp angles towards a gentler, more textured take on the style. Only imagine the classic blunt bob but softened, with a hint of texture at the ends. It’s a subtle detail that adds life and character to a strong style that isn’t about to disappear.

Euphoria Hair

If your hair isn’t covered in pearls or some kind of shimmery baubles in 2020, you’re not paying attention. Whether decorating larger hair accessories or dotting the hair delicately all on their own, pearls were a lovely touch that we’re happy to list as the cutest of the spring/ summer 2020 hair accessory trends. One of the most stunning uses of pearls that we saw was on the Andrew Gn runway, where they were pinned into cornrow braids, fishtail braids, and the bases of ballerina buns. Pinned pearls dotted through the hair lend a very romantic touch to glamorous retro hairstyles. Just be sure to remove all your hair glitz carefully (don’t toss them away or let them go down the drain).

Baby hair look

Doesn’t it look awesome on J. Lo? Baby hairs are those small, very fine, wispy hairs located around the edges of your hair. They can be long, short, or even curly, depending on your hair type and texture.

While it always seems that baby hairs match perfectly with your hair as a child, all of that can change as you grow. Sometimes baby hairs can be downright unruly and difficult to manage when it comes to trying to fashion them into a style that matches the rest of your hair. Just like oil and product buildup on baby hairs can sometimes lead to breakouts on your forehead. This is exactly what happened to Kim Kardashian. The reality starlet confessed that she lasered away her baby hairs because of breakouts—a decision she now regrets because she thinks they look youthful. I agree: Let your baby hairs live! As you can see from this roundup, they are a natural way to add stylish flair to any hairstyle.

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