We are thrilled about our users “Why I love Appointfix” Videos

Yesterday we announced the results of our EASTER Contest, in which you could win an iPad + 1 year Appointfix Ultimate Free (a $500 prize value). The participants had to record a short video of themselves (about one minute or so), telling us how Appointfix helps their business and what they love about our scheduling app. The videos were posted on our Facebook page here.

Here you can watch our video announcing the Easter contest winner.

We were thrilled to see our users faces and get to know you better. We love our Appointifix users who sent us some great videos in which they told us sweet things such as:

“I’m a very happy and satisfied user of Appointfix. I’ve been searching for an app that would remind my clients about their upcoming appointments and Appointfix does that, and it does it so very well. Because it reminds me to send a reminder to my clients so that I can ensure I have less no shows, or if the appointment time doesn’t still work for them we can work together to reschedule their appointment.  So Appointfix thank you so very much. It was exactly what I was looking for. I am very happy with the app and it works really well on my phone. It’s not one of those apps that constantly errors out on me. So, I am so happy because it is functional, it’s user friendly and it’s serves the great purpose that I need it to serve.” (Mayra)

“Appointfix makes me look very professional when I have to confirm appointments with my clients.” A few clients told us that in the videos. Glad to hear that, guys.

Alana (Nail Technician) shared: “My number one reason for loving Appointfix is that I don’t get messages from my clients anymore saying: “Oh geez, I forgot I had an appointment, can I reschedule?” or I don’t have to message them saying: “hey, did you forget you had an appointment?”. So it definitely almost 100% has reduced my no-shows which is fantastic. I’ve been using it for more than a year now and I’ll continue to use it just cause it helps me immensely in my job.”

From Nicole: “I’m a hairstylist and I’ve been using Appointfix for a little over a year. My favorite feature of the app is the text message reminders. It really cuts down on missed appointments and really helps to keep things organized and on schedule.”

Rachel (Brow and Beauty Parlour) shared: “Appointfix has helped me to control my schedule and does all the work for me basically. Sends reminders to my clients, helps with retention and reduced the no-shows. I would be lost without it. It really reduces your work load.

Patricia, hair stylist: “Appointfix, I LOVE YOU. I’m serious and I don’t say that often. My clients love receiving their reminders. “anybody who does not have it, trust me: get Appointfix.”  We love you too, Patricia! 🙂

“Appointfix has been the perfect app for scheduling my music students.” Teacher Kathie

“I use Appointfix in my job as a sales rep for every single reminder for meetings. It has helped me a lot in my professional career. Appointfix is the best app to set professional appointments.” Habib, Sales Rep

“I’m a dentist and I’d like to thank Appointfix for making my life easier. It’s so much easier to manage and schedule my patients.” Dr. Sweta, Dentist

“I’m a salon owner and together with my team we use Appointfix. The no shows have reduced almost to zero. I really recommend this app for hair, beauty and nails salons.” Iulia, Salon Owner

Our Appointfix users contest participants were: hairstylists, beauty professionals, barbers, fitness trainers, dentists, teachers, social workers, sales reps, counselors, etc. All of them sent us beautiful videos as they entered the raffle for the big prize. Thank you everyone for participating and for sharing such sweet things about how Appointfix makes your life easier. We love you!

Also many congrats to our raffle winner: Patricia Davies from Weeds Salon, Oakland, California! You can watch Patricia’s great video and all the other nice videos here. This way you’ll see for yourself that: Appointfix users are simply the best! Thank you, guys! 🙂

Emilia is Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at emilia.pustan@appointfix.com.