What appointment book or hourly planner are you going to use in 2020?

Hourly planners, calendars, apps, schedules, appointments, reminders, etc. are important to think about as we’re approaching the end of the year. After all, we need to make sure we’re off to a good start in 2020. Because life is better if we’re organized, right? The second question would be: how organized and efficient are we? There are a number of uncertainties around us, many moving targets and too much chaos in general. In the midst of all of it, life and business happens. 

Life is beautiful, we hear it all the time. And it definitely is! 🙂 They should also add though, that “your life is how you make it to be”. That’s wisdom from my father and you can agree with it or not. What is sure is that our decisions influence the quality of our lives. Good decisions lead to good results, more joy and accomplishments. At the same time, delayed decisions or the lack of making a decision when it’s needed, might cost us way more than what we’re willing to pay. 

My grandparents, who have lived during the war (WWII), had a slightly different version of saying it. Anytime someone would complain, my widowed grandma used to say: “Oh no, life is not hard! It’s just that people are too weak.” That was her way of saying: “keep that chin up, baby and go get them!” She never complained and was always very focused on achieving tasks. A hard worker and tough woman, who was very organized. 

From what I know, my grandma never had a planner, but she had a wonderful memory. There she somehow managed to store a well planned “to do list” for every day, and every week, month, year, etc. Her great memory and focus on tasks, served her well for 91 years. I just wish I could be so organized myself, without needing anything else than a brilliant memory. 

Unfortunately, that great gene must have passed me, as I’m not that organized from nature. Therefore I need to supplement it with other helpful tools. Are you like that too? If you’ve got the super organized gene, you’re blessed. If you lack it, no worries. There’s hope for us as there are many wonderful tools out there. 

Organizing tools 

The number one organizing tool you might be using your phone’s calendar. Why the phone? 

Because you need to be able to look at your calendar anytime and everywhere. A paper planner is absolutely great. I’ve been using them for years. Nevertheless, in recent years, the phone started to substitute my beautiful leather planners. I guess some might say that I’m just one of those millenials that are hooked to their phones. If that’s true or not, it’s a different topic. (Personally, though I appreciate the many advantages of social media and its multiple benefits for business, I try to limit myself to using it on the laptop, except for Instagram. For example, for time management and productivity reasons, I decided not to have either Facebook or Facebook messenger downloaded on my phone. Just because life is short and the social media scroll button is very long (well, it’s pretty much never ending:). Do you agree that we all need better time management?  

Planners, planners, planners…

Not to deviate from the topic too much, in the research for this article I’ve seen many absolutely beautiful planner options. The colors were stunning, the leather soft and oh so wonderful to touch. Plus there are all those inspirational planners out there. A nice quote every day, a cute picture on every page, etc. Endless options. 

Most of those paper planners are great! They look nice and they are trying their best to provide organizing solutions regarding time management and achieving goals. They can be greatly motivational and that’s a good thing. 

For small business owners

If you’re a small business owner though, I got to tell you the truth. There is something even better out there. Better than your phone’s calendar and better than the paper planners! 

It’s called Appointfix. Yes that is us and we are absolutely proud of it!  

Appointfix is the modern appointment book, which helps small business owners to better manage their lives and businesses. Appointfix app is convenient, close and comfortable. How close? Well, it’s in your pocket and on your desk all day long. How come? Because it’s in your smartphone. And even if I don’t know you personally, I have a pretty good guess that you have a way of keeping your phone close to you. That is how close Appointfix stays too. Plus it has this great power of making your life easier

One thing that it is important to know is that Appointfix was designed for small business owners. That translates into people who work with appointments on a frequent basis. Because what Appointfix does is to let you effortlessly schedule appointments and reduce no-shows using automated text message reminders. 

Easy to use, free (or very affordable), reliable and unbelievably helpful 

The app is very user friendly. It includes everything you need as a small business owner, yet it’s very easy to use it. Even for the non tech savvy people out there. Appointfix users are small business owners from all walks of life.

Independent professionals working in the beauty sector as hair stylists, nail techs, makeup or lash artists, salon owners etc, fitness trainers, dentists, psychologists, photographers, doctors, pet grooming business owners, etc. all use Appointfix successfully for their small business or practice. 

Why do they use Appointfix? Pretty much because it’s so user friendly (even the grandparents can use it), it’s free (or very affordable), reliable and incredibly helpful! 

Organized appointments, sync across devices and financial reports

To get you more familiar with Appointfix, you should know there are three options: 

  1. Basic plan (absolutely free)
  2. Premium plan ($9.99/month, two months for free when paying yearly)
  3. Ultimate plan ($19.99/month, two months free with yearly billing)

The Basic plan allows users to make up to 100 free appointments per month, using Appointfix to send reminders to their clients. It can be used only on one device, and it’s the best option for someone who’s just starting with their small business and doesn’t have too many appointments yet. 

Appointfix Premium is a paid plan ($9.99/month) and it includes unlimited appointments. Small business owners who don’t want to worry about the 100 appointments monthly limit for the free Basic plan, choose Premium. Syncing across devices is another benefit of this great plan. Users who prefer having the flexibility to switch between their phone and their tablet are very excited with this feature. 

The simple financial reports that Appointfix offers, shows you exactly how your business is performing. How cool is it for an hourly appointment book to offer that? We bet your paper planner cannot do that! Unless you’re willing to do lots of time consuming maths and fill the paper with numbers. It doesn’t sound too exotic though, does it? 

Download Appointfix today and your total sales for the day, week, month or year are just a click away. You can even export your reports as pdfs or csvs for accounting purposes. 

With the Premium and Ultimate plans, you can also set Recurring Appointments. Those frequent appointments that you have, which repeat daily, weekly, monthly or yearly,  can be set once in your modern appointment book app and then you’re free to forget about them. Because Appointfix sends reminders to your clients, so nobody misses any appointments anymore. Beat that paper planner! 

Group Appointments is another cool feature. It means that you can add as many clients as you want to an appointment and Appointfix will send a reminder to everyone. No more work for you, more free time. These appointments are ideal for classes or group sessions. 

Multiple Templates for Messages help you design the reminders for your clients according to your business, preference and personality. They can totally define you and your business style. There are templates you can choose from, and you can also create your own message from scratch. Clients absolutely love receiving their message reminders before or after their appointments. You can choose the template according to the moment when you’re sending it (instantly, before or after the appointment), or depending on the purpose of your message. By the way, the messages sent from the Premium and Ultimate plans do not include our branding “sent via Appointfix” in the signature. 

Appointfix Ultimate has all the wonderful features of the Premium plan, plus two very important things. The Ultimate plan lets you use Appointfix on unlimited devices. On top of it, the messages are fully automated and sent directly from our server. How it works is that the messages are automatically sent via cloud and come from a generic number. Clients can reply and the messages will be redirected to your number. You get 500 messages each month for free, with the option to buy extra messages from 50 messages ($1.99) to 500 messages ($14.99).

On top of all of the above, Appointfix has a stellar Support service. Our team really value Appointfix users. We’re showing it by sending prompt support replies and helpful solutions whenever contacted by our users. 

You can read Appointfix reviews on the online stores: App Store or Google Play. To give you an idea, here are some quick examples: 

“Brilliant free app. Love that you can now book up to 100 free appt a month, expanding with my small business.”

“I absolutely love this app! It has worked great for my salon business!”

“Very easy to use. I love that I can personalize each client’s reminder. I did subscribe to the paid version so that I can book more appointments and I do like the automated reminder service.”

Some users are sharing what they do exactly (hairstylist, personal trainer, etc.) and how the modern appointment book helps their businesses:

“I am a self employed hairstylist. I wanted a simple app to keep a schedule and generate reminders for my clients. After installing and uninstalling MANY apps, I found Appointfix. Easy to navigate, customizable, and very affordable. I had simple questions and customer service responded within the same day. Highly recommend!! Thanks, Appointfix!”

“I am a personal trainer and I use this app to schedule my appointments and have the app send reminders out to my clients! Definitely makes things easier on my end, very quick to book clients and very easy to use. I definitely recommend this app.” 

This is what many of the Appointfix users think. We’re grateful that some even put it in writing as app reviews in the online stores where they bought Appointfix:

“I absolutely love this app, it has been the best for me. Since I made the transition from a pencil and paper appointment book. I’m not a fan of apps, or very phone savvy this has the best thing ever. I truly recommend it 100%.”

“I love this app! Perfect for start-up companies. It took the hassle of scheduling appointments out of my hands so I can focus on other things. Have recommended it to so many people already and it’s very user-friendly!”

More reviews and online testimonies from our clients can be found here and here, as well as on the App Store and Google Play.  

Last but not least, the question is: have you decided on the planner or appointment book you’re going to use in 2020? We believe the future involves screens, not paper. Do you agree? If you gravitate towards a positive answer, the future is now. You can make new strategic decisions for the New Year in order to make your life easier!

Download Appointfix app right now, investing two precious seconds of your day. Give Appointfix a try and see how you like the modern appointment book. YEY to the best decisions of organizing your life and business better in 2020! 

Emilia is Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at emilia.pustan@appointfix.com.