What Our Clients Are Saying | Appointment Book Honest Feedback Part 1

“I am a self employed hairstylist. I wanted a simple app to keep a schedule and generate reminders for my clients. After installing and uninstalling MANY apps, I found Appointfix. Easy to navigate, customizable, and very affordable. I had simple questions and customer service responded within the same day. Highly recommend!! Thanks, Appointfix!”

We’re a team of enthusiast young people here at Appointfix, doing our best to give you a helpful tool, the best appointments manager & scheduling app out there for small business owners and independent professionals in the beauty, health, sports & fitness industry. Our responsibility is to provide a great mobile app for all the hair stylists, barbers, makeup artists, nail technicians, estheticians, tattoo artists, spa technicians, dentists, psychologists, driving instructors, nutritionists, fitness coaches, aerobic instructors, handymen, tutors, and all the other professionals working with appointments. They are all using Appointfix to manage their appointments in order to reduce client no-shows with SMS reminders and to easily keep track of appointments.

It’s a lot of work behind the scenes, from developers to customer support team members, testing, product development, project managers, etc. Therefore we’re quite encouraged when we read our clients’ honest feedback. If you’re wondering how Appointfix – the modern reminder book helps other small business owners and independent professionals, you can get a better idea from here. All these are the exact reviews and thoughts of our clients, evaluations and ratings you can find on the App Store and Google Play. On the store reviews you can also see the names of the clients who wrote each of these comments about our digital product.

If you’re an Appointfix user already, please feel free to send us your thoughts on how Appointfix helps your business and your life in general. And any other ideas and suggestions you might have. We try to be good listeners. That is why some of the new features we’ve already developed and new ones we’re working on at the moment, are being done as we’re adapting Appointfix to our clients’ suggestions and app needs. Even if Google made things harder for us recently, we don’t despair, but hang in there doing everything we can to ensure the best app experience for our dear users and loyal clients. And here’s our clients’ honest feedback and impressions from clients who have been using the app for a few years and others who have just started a few weeks ago:

“I am a personal trainer and I use this app to schedule my appointments and have the app send reminders out to my clients! Definitely makes things easier on my end, very quick to book clients and very easy to use. I definitely recommend this app.”

“Excellent tool for making appointments and sending reminder texts. Links easy to your contacts to add customers details. Very impressed overall.”

“I am so thankful for this app! It is like having a personal assistant, which I’ve so desperately needed!”

“Amazing app for my small business, I can make appointments straight from my phone and it sends automatic reminders to the clients. I love it!!!”

“I absolutely love this app, it has been the best for me. Since I made the transition from a pencil and paper appointment book. I’m not a fan of apps, or very phone savvy this has the best thing ever. I truly recommend it 100%.”

“I absolutely love this app! It has worked great for my salon business!”

“Have been using this app for almost 2 years, when I had an issue with my switching over to new phone, their support was amazing and very hands on to help me.”

“Helps me so much with clients, organizes my day and reminds clients seamlessly. Reduced my NO SHOWS! Great App!”

“Brilliant free app. Love that you can now book up to 100 free appt a month, expanding with my small business.”

“Very easy to use. I love that I can personalize each client’s reminder. I did subscribe to the paid version so that I can book more appointments and I do like the automated reminder service.”

“The best and most useful app I have ever purchased! My clients love it, too. No more confusions about appointment times. The Appointfix icon comes on when the phone rings so that I can quickly give a new appointment (optional feature). If my hands are busy and I can’t pick up the phone, the phone loudspeaker on automatically, another great optional feature.”

“Love this app! It keeps all my Appointments organized and reminds clients of Appointments. This has helped to avoid cancellations due to forgetting. Also, when i was having a problem with the app they quickly helped me to fix the problem!”

“Great App, functions may look basic but they are versatile enough to be put to a myriad of uses. Especially love the ability to share calendar across many devices as well as the automated sms reminders system! Kudos to developers of this wonderful app!”

“If you need a cloud based appointment scheduler across multiple devices, get this. My secretary can’t live without it.”

“For my business it’s just perfect. Fast and easy to use. Have this more than 1 year and for sure will never change for different one. As a hairdresser it’s a life saver, because I don’t need to think every evening to remind my customers they have visit next day.”

“This app is everything i could ever want as a self employed person. Love how it keeps me organized with my clients and gives reminders.”

“I Love This App For My In Home Business! I Can Add And Modify Services, Keep Track Of Appointments And Save Client Information To My Google Account! Great App!”

“It’s saving me $$$. After working with it for almost a year now, I love it! Awesome app. Clients are more on time and they say they look forward to getting their notice from me for the haircuts!”

“Very convenient and easy to use. The support team is really fast and helpful. The only issue I had was regarding Android phone settings and Appointfix was well aware and helped me fix by taking app off of battery saving mode. Very good and free.”

“Easy to use and I love how it sends appointment reminders to clients.”

“Great app! The automatic reminder feature is so handy, all my clients get a text the day before their appointment cutting way down on no shows! Great for business!”

“This is a great app that helps me sort out my days.”

“It makes my life so much easier, great app for my small business.”

“I highly recommend this app!! I’ve been using it for at least six months & it works great. It’s very easy to understand how to use & takes just a few seconds to set up appointment reminders. My customers love the reminders too!!!”

“I have been using Appointfix for a few months now. It has made mine and my clients lives much easier! Anytime I have a question or concern they are very quick at responding. I definitely recommend this scheduling app to anyone with an appointment based career!”

“This app is really good and easy to use. I use it for my clients and it works great for them and me. It allows you to send a reminder within 4hrs – 48hrs before your actual appointment. I would recommend it.”

“This app makes my life so much easier. I simply add the appointment to my calendar and the application sends a reminder to the recipient. No more late cancellation. It’s fantastic.”

“Really love this app! I’ve tried many but this has been the best appointment scheduling / reminder app by far. My business wouldn’t be the same without it.”

“Next level appointment app so far, I highly recommend it!”

“Appointfix is good for all my appointments.”

“It does what I need in a simple way. Just need to track my interview schedule and it works. Also moving appointment slots is really easy too.”

“No more manual schedule book for me! Easy to create and edit client info on app, and convenient linkage to my contacts and messaging. The reminder text feature is awesome and just what I need!”

“Amazing! Didn’t know that scheduling could be so easy. Since I’ve been using this I’ve not had any “no show” clients!”

“Very user friendly! recommend purchasing the full app because it just lets you do so much more and it really makes running your business easier!” 👍👍

“Es realmente fácil de usar y funciona muy bien.”

“I love this app, so do my clients. It’s easy to use, helps both me and my clients double check the appointment and saves me time with automatic reminders! Thank you for developing this app!”

“So easy to use and customize. Perfect for my small biz.”

“Love the app, also whenever I have had an issue the staff always works very quickly to resolve it. It has made my job so much easier and my clients love the reminder text for their appointments.”

“Best appointment app hands down! I was running this app along with two similar ones for a few weeks for comparison: Appointfix is not only the least expensive one, but also the one with best and most useful features. the customer service is amazing: their answer was extremely prompt and professional and they went out of their way to help me. Great team! I can’t recommend them enough!”

“This app is a life saver. Never had a problem. 100% reliable.”

“Beautiful and helpful app recommended, I hope Google reconsider to restrict the use of sms and call log on applications in the coming months taking into account this is one of the pros in Appointfix, wishing the best for all parts enjoy it as long as we have it with us. Thanks to all team of APPOINTFIX APP, GREAT WORK.”

“Love this app. So do my clients. It helps to keep me booked and consistent with way less no shows and late cancellations. The calendar is literally my virtual assistant!!”

Emilia is Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at emilia.pustan@appointfix.com.