Which of your dreams did COVID-19 try to crush?

When it comes to coronavirus, people tend to look at it from a couple of different perspectives. On one side, there are those very careful with any social interaction, scared of touching any surfaces outside their own home, and are extremely concerned about catching the virus. They take all possible precautions, wearing masks and gloves all the time, using a lot of hand sanitizer, and staying at home as much as possible. Limiting the trips to the store for groceries, they pretty much cancel any other kind of trip out of the safety of their own house. 

Some of them are in the vulnerable category, and their concerns are very rational and understandable. Some others, though, are just scared and buying all the media junk thrown at them. (No offense, but the cure for the last ones is to turn off the TV. Take it as being what the doctor recommends, and you’ll see improvements in a matter of a couple of days:).  

At the other extreme are those who are not worried at all and think that all this virus thing is a political conspiracy to control the population. The people at this extreme don’t wear any masks and are not scared of catching the virus in the most minimal way. They don’t live in fear, which is a good thing. Being wise is also essential, though, and showing respect for those who are more vulnerable indicates good character. 

In between these two extremes, there’s the majority of us, trying to do our best by social distancing and respecting the official rules and regulations. We probably won’t wear a mask when going for a walk in the forest though, but we’d wear one if having a meeting or let’s say going to the supermarket. Plus, we’re obviously washing hands frequently. We choose not to live under the tyranny of fear though. 

What is worse, being sick or living in fear? 

During the lockdown, I told my husband that I’d rather get COVID-19 than the “fear virus”. So I chose to make the most out of the lockdown by being wise and social distancing, while on smart devices crying with friends who lost dear ones to the virus; and as well as celebrating love with friends who chose to move on with their wedding plans. Despite not having hundreds of guests as planned, but only their parents or a couple of witnesses being allowed to attend their wedding ceremony, these couples moved on, and they got married during the pandemic. They were the living proof that LOVE conquers it all! 

What did COVID-19 steal from you, and what to do about it? 

These past months have been hard for so many people. We’ve seen tragedy and tears as people lost dear family members and friends. 

One of the things that affected me the most was seeing a dear friend losing her father to COVID-19. He was in his early sixties. Strong man. A wonderful human being. Nobody thought that after just one day in the hospital (with what seemed to be bad pneumonia), he would leave this earth and go singing with the angels. It was so hard and heartbreaking. He was a very loved and well-respected man in his community, an individual who helped so many people and only did well to others. 

Many cried when hearing about his passing. I included. I was friends with his daughters. One of them couldn’t make it to the funeral, as there was an ocean in between and no flights because of the virus. My friend had to say goodbye online, seeing and touching her father’s coffin on a computer screen. It was heartbreaking, and we cried with her. Coronavirus stole her father. A wonderful man so loved and appreciated. 

When great people leave

Another thing coronavirus had stolen from them was a big funeral. There would have been so many people attending this sweet man’s funeral. He was a minister, so loved by his large congregation. COVID-19 has stolen not only their beloved preacher but also their chance to say a last goodbye to him at the funeral, and this was taken from them too. They were heartbroken and devastated. 

The small funeral was held in the graveyard a few short hours after his death. That was the procedure there for COVID-19 deaths. Shocking and devastating… But that’s what the regulations in the area ordered. Only a handful of family members were allowed at the funeral of a wonderful man who married, baptized and counseled so many people. Thousands loved him both in his local community, as well as around the state. 

They managed to have the short funeral transmitted live as a little ray of comfort for the grieving family, friends, and the loving church congregation. We watched it with many tears rolling down our eyes, and we continue to keep the family in our prayers. Why do the best people leave? You’d probably say that now was his time to go meet Jesus, whom he loved so much. Even if I don’t fully understand the timing, I couldn’t contradict you. There must be a time for everyone to fly towards the stars on wings of angels, and only the good God in heavens knows it when it’s our time. Until that day though, we won’t stop believing, hoping, smiling, singing, and working hard. That’s our privilege and joyful responsibility until there’s breath in our lungs, right? I heard a loud YES!, and I’m thrilled. 

COVID-19 stealing businesses

COVID-19 had stolen precious people’s lives and has taken dear people’s businesses. CEOs had to close their businesses and let go of their employees. Hopefully, most of those employees get unemployment benefits and their companies will get back up and need them all back.

Appointfix caters to small business owners, that is why it was so sad to us to see some of our clients going out of business. Several hairstylists and cosmeticians left their beautiful salons as they couldn’t afford to pay the high cost of rent without having any income for months. 

We believe it is only a temporary thing before they go back in business, though. Something that brought us joy these days was to see how some of these clients are announcing they have decided to go back in business next month. Yuhuuu! You can do this, guys! Let’s keep the dream alive! 

How a virus can steal moral principles

Ridiculous things happened during the COVID-19 outbreak. To mention just a few examples, according to BBC News in a district of Hong Kong, two armed robbers disappeared with hundreds of toilet paper rolls worth about $150 in total. Due to the shortage caused by the panic-buying during the coronavirus outbreak, the toilet paper was in short supply in most places of the world. From there to stealing, though, there’s a long and sad way. The thieves were caught and arrested, but how sad that coronavirus has stolen their senses. Their lack of character was revealed. 

Another example, doctors in different states started signaling how people were stealing hand sanitizer, surgical masks, and gloves from their clinics and offices. Some doctors’ offices had to remove supplies from common areas, as they were disappearing. They had to take this measure to make sure there’s enough sanitizer for their medical staff to use. “I’ve been in medicine for two decades and I interact with a lot of sick people, but gosh I haven’t encountered the level of fear you’re seeing now.” said Dr. Oliver, family medicine doctor in Kentucky. 

When COVID-19 steals the joy of family celebrations

My husband’s grandmother is in her late nineties. A very sweet woman whom we love a lot. At the beginning of March, it was her birthday. The birthday party was postponed for a couple of weeks so that some family members from out of town could attend. The party was set for a Sunday in mid-March. The concerns of COVID-19 were starting to rise, but the rules weren’t in place yet. We were very excited and very much looking forward to celebrating our sweet grandma that coming Sunday. Would she like the little sweater in her favorite color we got her? 

One day before the party though, on Saturday morning, we received an email from a friend about a potential COVID-19 case in our immediate community. We were in the same large room with the potentially infected person a few days before. At the time of the meeting, the person was asymptomatic, but then the virus symptoms started to appear. The person was tested for COVID-19, but the results were taking several days to get back. They informed everyone who has been at that meeting about the risk of being exposed to coronavirus. 

That was like rain on our party! The person wanted to remain anonymous, informing only the leader of the meeting, which made things more complicated for us. Without knowing who the exact person was, we couldn’t see if we stayed right next to the person or far enough not to be too worried about catching anything. Were we close to that person at the meeting? Concerned enough, we started making some phone calls to find out how close we could have been to the potentially infected person and see if we directly interacted with that person. Obviously, we couldn’t take any risks of exposing our elderly grandparents the next day at the birthday party. 

The right and most loving thing to do

Fear, frustration and sadness started to blurry our perspective. We might have been exposed to COVID-19, but we didn’t know if the person had coronavirus or something else. The lab tests were taking almost a week to be back in mid-March. Later they got much quicker, but that wasn’t the case yet. So what should we do about sweet grandma’s birthday party? 

We asked the medical people in our family about the best course of action. They thought that if the person was asymptomatic, and we didn’t get close to the person, the exposure risk might be minimal, but they still wanted to think about it before getting back to us. We didn’t want them to be burdened with a decision, so we decided to do the most loving thing for our elderly grandparents. To avoid even the very minimum risk of exposure, we decided to quarantine ourselves at home for 14 days, or until we would find out the lab results of the potentially infected person in our proximity. 

It was a sad Sunday as COVID-19 has stolen from us the much-awaited grandma’s party and fun celebration time with the family. On the positive side though, our family was very sweet (and sad we couldn’t join them), so they facetimed us from the birthday party. 

When fear wants to take over

Those days I could feel the fear creeping in. What if we got COVID-19? People around the world were dying of it. What was going to happen? We had enough groceries for a while as we did stock up the day before. But there were still questions and too many worries in my mind. Thank God my husband is a very wise, loving, and strong man. He was bringing an encouraging and peaceful perspective amid my concerns. 

Thankfully, about a week after that, we found out that the person did not have COVID-19. We have been quarantined inside during that whole time, so it was a huge relief to find that out. We were happy about that person and their family. Fear aside, we started taking some little walks outside. For that week though, when not knowing if we were infected (and a few more weeks after), this nasty COVID-19 tried to bring lots of fear and steal my joy. 

Did that happen to you too? If yes, I hope you’re out of the fear trap now, and you decided to choose joy. You and I are stronger than anything trying to steal our peace, joy, resources, work, etc. 

Dreams which cannot be crushed

COVID-19 tried to crush our hopes and dreams, but we’re stronger than any virus. There are a few essential and precious lessons that the pandemic taught us. More about that soon on the blog. Be on the lookout for an article here on “Lessons from the pandemic” these coming days. 

Now think for a moment which are those dreams that COVID-19 tried to crush? After identifying them, ponder on this. How hard are you going to fight for them? Don’t let them be crushed on the floor. Lift them up, shake the dust off of them! They might be delicate and beautiful as a flower. A rose should be put in a nice vase and looked at, not allowed to be crushed on the ground under the shoes of the people (or an epidemic!) passing by. Pick up those great dreams that the pandemic tried to smash and dust them off! Plan anew, dream anew and see how far you can get when you don’t lose hope in conquering the impossible! 

What the doctor recommends for your memory, time and productivity 

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Enough said. If you don’t have Appointfix, you can get it from the App Store or Google Play. If you’re an Appointfix user already, remember about Mass Messages! And keep playing with the app to make the most out of its useful features for your business. It’ll make you more productive and professional. 

Thank you for your business, and keep those great dreams of yours alive! 


Emilia is Content Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at emilia.pustan@appointfix.com.