Your Appointment with the Oscars

The appointment book confirms that red carpet weekend is here with the 91st Academy Awards ceremony honoring the best films of 2018. Acclaimed celebrities wearing the most lavish designer dresses, extravagant hairstyles and flawlessly-fabulous makeup, will take those glamorous pictures in front of the many cameras this Sunday, February 24, 2019 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The place has a seating capacity of 3,332 people (which is honestly less than what I would have thought, giving the size and grandeur of the event). 

The movie industry biggest celebration will be attended by the greatest Hollywood actors, actresses, designers, directors, producers, screenwriters, song writers, composers, singers and famous celebrities of all kind. All gathered in one place to celebrate the best of the movie industry in 2018.

“And the Oscar goes to…” our dear Appointfix users too.

Among you there’s a major number of hair stylists using our app to offer their clients a better experience. A number of you dear hairstylists, makeup artists and beauticians are working with celebrities, either local celebrities and some even with Oscar celebrities. If that’s you make sure to signal it to us, so that we can check your work. We’re proud of our Appointfix users work and talents.

It takes a lot of skill, ambition, and hard work to enter the good grace of a celebrity. And it goes without saying that also being up to date to the latest trends in hair style, colors, cuts, makeup trends, etc. What can you do to make sure you’re always updated on the very latest regarding celebrity hairstyles?

Well, I’m glad you asked. 🙂 You can follow many beauty blogs which is great, but sometimes you may not have enough time to scroll through and read loads of information. So you can take a little shortcut and get professional inspiration by following some celebrities hair stylists’ Instagram accounts.

Three celebrity hair stylists that have created a nice portfolio on Instagram:

Justine Marjan has the Kardashians (either if you like them or not, you gotta admit their hair is gorgeous:), Haley Baldwin and Ashley Tisdale among her clients. You can follow her on Instagram here. If you’d like to get to know her a little, read this Q&A with Justine. And if you’re curious about her proudest hair moment, you should know that it was Olivia Culpo at this year’s Golden Globes.

Anh Co Tran has worked with Anne Hathaway, Pink, Abigail Spencer, Uma Thurman and many other celebrities. Here’s his red carpet portofolio. Either as a hairstylist, salon owner, cosmetology student or simply a hair enthusiast you’ll want to follow Anh Co Tran on Instagram to see some amazing beach wave hair styles. Checking out his blog is surely a good idea too.

Kiyah Wright works with celebrities like Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson and Laverne Cox. She’s a two time Emmy award-winning celebrity hair stylist. Follow her Instagram to get the “Wright Tips”. According to her website, Kiyah’s innovations over the years have been featured on television shows like Black-ish, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Celebrity Apprentice, Jimmy Kimmel Live, America’s Next Top Model and America’s Got Talent.

For more celebrity hair stylists inspiration check this out. It will give you a few more interesting celebrity hair stylists to get some fresh ideas from.

Now who’s the winner?

Getting back to our Oscars night now, which movie do you predict to be the winner from the nominations for this year? BlacKkKlansman, Black Panther, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Favourite, Green Book, Roma, A Star Is Born or Vice? Feel free to share your predictions and favorite 2018 movie in the comment section below.

Here’s a little cheat sheet to give you a bit more details. If you’re right, you deserve a symbolic little Oscar too. Though we won’t be able to give you a real 8.5-pounds heavy and 13.5-inches tall Oscar statuette, we congratulate your intuition. You reward will be as you tune in to watch the Oscars on Sunday night, that you’ll admire your favorite actors being honored by the Academy with that most precious bronze statuette plated with 24-karat gold.

As a little detail about how the Oscars work, it’s good to know that not only your favorite Actors will be honored with the Oscar statuettes. Together with them will also be honored the other Academy branches such as: Casting Directors, Cinematographers, Costume Designers, Designers, Directors, Documentary, Executives, Film Editors, Makeup Artists and Hairstylists, Music, Producers, Public Relations, Short Films and Feature Animation, Sound, Visual Effects and Writers. 17 branches in total, covering the entire spectrum of film making.

The Oscars is a night of honoring big budget entertainment. The most dazzling, colorful, high-profile celebration of Hollywood. At Appointfix we do things a little different. Here we honor daily the hard working small business owners and independent professionals from many industries: beauty, fitness, healthcare, entertainment, etc.

Appointfix makes sure you have the modern appointment book with on your phone, your appointments are well managed and automated appointment message reminders are sent out to your clients 24h and 1h, etc. before their appointments with you. So no more no-shows. We’re here to make your life a little easier. Because for us, YOU are the winner! Independent of who wins the Academy awards these weekend, we’re working daily at Appointfix to make sure your scheduling app runs smoothly. We’re also developing new features all the time, for you to always be the winner. Because your victory and satisfaction, is our symbolic Oscar statuette, for which we humbly and wholeheartedly say THANK YOU. 

Emilia is Marketing Director at Appointfix, an app helping professionals and small businesses easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text reminders. Feel free to drop her an email at