Appointment scheduling for health professionals

Massage therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, dentists, GPs, psychologists, veterinarians, nutritionists, and other health professionals are using Appointfix to reduce client no-shows with SMS reminders and to easily keep track of appointments. Spend less time on managing appointments and more on keeping your clients healthy!

“I run a clinic that helps young children manage extreme anxiety, I am also involved in a charity ( that helps children. I have been doing this for over 25 years and I have always struggled with efficient diary management, patients cancelling or forgetting appointments.

Your software is AMAZING, simple , efficient it is a game changer, and has transformed the way I work. Its wonderfully crafted, I love the attention to detail, that you can open the app whilst on a call and that it will switch to speaker. I cannot begin to thank you enough.”

Dr. Mike Stylianou

Senior Operating Department Practitioner and Assistant Practice Educator at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children

“My company is and we do nutrition and weight loss. I love your program. It was easy to setup and do reminder text messaging. I have not find any other program like yours. I am very happy with it.”

Dr. Jacklin Meshkanian

Owner of Melt That Fat Away

“We started using the Appointfix App at the beginning of this year 2016. I have a Remedial Massage Therapy business with my partner. For the past 8 years we have used the traditional diary and write in our appointments. As our business has grown. We started to have issues with many “no shows”. These are clients who book and don’t show up. Being a services based business we only get paid for the work we do. So “no shows” literally mean no work and no pay.

One of the most time consuming aspects of our day was texting clients the day before to remind them about appointments. It took a long time and was a tedious part of the day, individually writing messages to each client. I shopped around for a least 2 months. I downloaded pretty much every diary app there is but I found many too hard to use and over complicated. Appointfix was the best app for us. The major points for us are that it is compatible with Android. As all our mobile phones and tablets are Samsung. It is a great fit.

It also uses contacts straight from your mobile phone contacts. We had already changed our business number to a mobile to make texting clients easier. You don’t have to upload contacts or add them to the app. Just add to your mobile phone as you normally would. Very simply and easy, as we add new client phone numbers every day. It also makes booking clients in much faster and easier. It does it all for you. We use the app on a mini tablet in our clinic and then sync it to the calendar on our phones. So we can both check our appointments at any time we are not at work.

The automated txt reminder is great too. It has saved us hours of time and we no longer have issues with no shows. Being a small business this FREE APP has helped us a lot. We can’t afford to pay high monthly subscription fees like many of the other diary systems out there.It took a little while to “let go” of the old pen and paper but now we have there’s no going back.”

Tessa Fagan

Massage Therapist and Co-owner of Ridge Clinic Airlie Beach

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